New York Coastlines, Late Spring 2023
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Late Spring 2023
NY Coastlines / Currents; Vol. 51, No. 1 & 2  / Vol. 11, No.1

Sunset on Lake Ontario aboard the USGS Great Lakes Science Center’s Research Vehicle Kaho. Credit: Thomas SanFilippo, USGS

NYSG Director's Letter: Becky Shuford

With the arrival of Memorial Day, we welcome the (unofficial) arrival of summer, and a season where we spend even more time enjoying our shores and waterways – appreciating all New York’s coastal environments and resources have to share.

The current edition of NY Coastlines is jam-packed with great beach reading, including news items that will bring you up to speed on all of the great activities and programming that NYSG has been implementing with partners across the State.

It has been a busy and impactful year – with significant new investments in projects that will help to clean, protect, and conserve our coasts so that communities have access to healthy ecosystems, abundant resources, and the services they provide for years to come.

NYSG is excited to have been awarded funding for, and honored to collaborate with partners on, innovative and community-based projects designed to address marine debris issues in both our salt and freshwater environments as well as on several new efforts for community engagement to bolster coastal resilience. In partnership with our sister program, Connecticut Sea Grant, and the EPA Long Island Sound Office, we also have recently announced 9 projects – 5 in New York – that will support research that is responsive to priorities of the Long Island Sound Study’s Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan.

Also on the menu is programming for Seafood – both wild caught and aquaculture – that continues to engage and support New York’s diverse seafood industry partners and consumers. The 7th annual Seafood Summit was held this spring, with three events across the State. Recordings of each of those is now available. Also highlighted below are guides for seafood professionals as well as the New York Aquaculture Industry report.

Speaking of aquaculture, NYSG is excited to announce our newest team member, Barry Udelson. Barry joined us in February as NYSG’s Aquaculture Specialist and has hit the water swimming! On other staff matters, following 37 amazing years with NYSG, this past fall we wished Dave White, NYSG’s Great Lakes Tourism and Recreation Specialist, ‘Fair Winds and Following Seas” as he embarks on his next adventures in safe and clean boating. We look forward to seeing him on the water, which is no doubt where he will continue to be.

It is also that time of year that, while we look forward to the future, we also reflect on New York Sea Grant’s past year of activities and success. Visit the section “Spotlight: How Sea Grant Benefits You” and the Research, Extension, and Education sub-sections that follow to dive in.

So as you ease into summer, kick back and enjoy this issue of NY Coastlines that celebrates another year of great partnerships and successful, impactful programming.

— Becky Shuford, NYSG's Director

What's Trending

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Sea Grant-funded investigators are seeking an understanding of how marsh restoration efforts (such as in Great Meadows Marsh) impact the functioning of these ecosystems and their value for wildlife. Credit: Courtesy of the town of Stratford, CT

Over $5.2M in Federal Funding Awarded to NYSG to Address Marine Debris

Funding, part of a larger $27M funding effort by NOAA, supports four projects focusing on ways to reduce plastic and other types of pollution in NYS’s coastal and river waterways. Read on >> 

Great Meadows Marsh, a protected salt marsh in Stratford, CT. Credit: Courtesy of the town of Stratford

More Than $6.3 Million in Funds for New Long Island Sound Research

These new projects — focusing on Long Island Sound marshes, water quality, public beaches and seeking information that can be used to improve the conditions of the estuary for humans and wildlife — are supported by more than $6.3 million in total funds. Read on >>

New funding will support efforts to further extend knowledge about natural and nature-based features and resilient shorelines in New York. The project will build upon existing networks to bring applicable research and experiences to practitioners and foster conversations among investigators and professionals that will ensure shoreline monitoring, data analysis, visualization and research extension products are accessible and useful for the widest range of interested parties. Credit: Katie Graziano, New York Sea Grant

Coastal Resilience and Climate

$8.1M in New National Sea Grant Funding to Shore Up More Statewide Community Engagement in Coastal Resilience

A handful of New York Sea Grant (NYSG) projects will receive support from a $8.1 million national investment to strengthen resilient coastal communities. The coastal science program's ongoing efforts such as Community Flood Watch in NYC as well as ones statewide focusing on MyCoast NY and natural and nature-based shorelines will be bolstered and expanded. Read on >> 

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An inundated street lies between a city block and the shore in Far Rockaway, Queens. This photo was also taken on January 4, 2022 during a “sunny day” high tide flood event. Credit: Giles Ashford, NYC Community Flood Watch Project

Download: MyCoast NY App

 MyCoast NY, as a downloadable app and web portal, can provide you with a way to locally document increasing flood risk and uncertainty

Download: Erosion and Recession of New York’s Coastal Bluffs Guide

In addition to perusing a new guide on NY’s Coastal Bluffs, property owners throughout New York State who are seeing damage to their shoreline can request either  virtual or in-person assistance. Read on >> 

Attend: NYSG Hosts 2023 Workshops and Waterfront Walks — June 29 and 30

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation NYSG will co-host two workshops to help shoreline property owners, contractors, and land managers interested in applying natural and nature-based features to protect waterfront areas. Read on >> 

Apply: Long Island Sound Resilience Grant Writing Assistance Program

Applications will be accepted for the Long Island Sound Resilience Grant Writing Assistance Program on a rolling basis until all available funding is allocated, which may be no later than September 30th, 2023. 

The intent of the program is to reduce staffing and capacity barriers that municipalities and community organizations may face when applying for competitive funding opportunities, help communities develop successful sustainable and resilience focused project grant applications, and for municipalities and community organizations to develop capacity for navigating the funding landscape. Learn More >> 

Sea Grant and LISS's 2023 Long Island Sound Coastal Erosion Forums

Two early May forums brought together a total of 90 attendees (including state and local decision makers, municipal state, and other stakeholders) working to address coastal erosion along the Long Island Sound shoreline. Read on >> 

Long Island Sound Environmental Justice Needs Assessment Underway

Long Island Sound Study is working with natural resources consulting group Responsive Management to assess the needs, concerns, and challenges facing underserved populations and vulnerable communities related to their coastal environments. Read on >> 

Envisioning Community Flood Resilience

A team of researchers published a journal article on the concept of resilience and how to define the term in a way that it can be measured, assessed and promoted in design and policy. Read on >>

Living with Water: Social and Emotional Impacts of Tidal Flooding

A team of researchers published a paper about the social and emotional impacts of sunny day flooding. Their goal is to better engage local knowledge into adaptation planning. Read on >>

On YouTube: New York Sea Grant Brings Strategies to COP27 Climate Summit

This past November, Kathy Bunting-Howarth, associate director of NYSG, was one of 23 Cornell University delegates in attendance at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Egypt. Watch the panel discussions she participated in and learn more about some of NYSG’s climate-related projects, including MyCoastNY, NYC Community Flood Watch, and Assessing Climate-Driven Migration in the U.S. Read on >>

Net pens allow constant flow-through of surrounding water for cultured fish. As of 2021, New York does not have any near-shore or off-shore aquaculture farms. Credit: 2022 NYS Aquaculture Report, pg. 35

Seafood and Aquaculture

2023 Seafood Summit

Stream videos and look through presentations from March 2023’s 7th Annual Summit, which focused on Seafood and Health and included panel discussions on aquaculture, seafood production, and fishing and marketing. Each year, New York Sea Grant and its partners try to highlight some of the State's bountiful seafood supply and introduce participants to the delicious, diverse, and versatile seafood available locally. Read on >>

Guides Help Seafood Professionals Build Resilience

NYSG, in collaboration with the National Aquaculture Association (NAA), has developed resources to help chefs—and budding entrepreneurs—better understand and take advantage of locally-farmed seafood. Read on >>

New York Aquaculture Industry Report

The report — covering the breadth of New York State, including lake, river, and marine environments — spotlights not only the historical roots of the up-and-coming industry of safe, farm-raised fish and seafood, but also an analysis of the current market situation. Read on >>

A Natural Defense for Cold-Smoked Salmon

Nisin is an antimicrobial that can be used for controlling Listeria, a harmful bacterium that can contaminate cold-smoked salmon. NYSG-funded investigators have looked at factors that can influence nisin efficacy. Read on >>

Spotlight: How Sea Grant Benefits You

In the New York Coastlines spotlight feature below, we are pleased to share with you our annual review of impactful NYSG programming and research. Included are nearly 30 summaries of select work conducted by our program's extension specialists and funded researchers to develop and provide stakeholder-driven, science-based information, tools, and other resources to support local communities, businesses, and individuals achieve objectives related to coastal community, environmental, and economic resilience and sustainability. Read on >>

Also, check out our visually-driven story map version of this past year’s successes … Individual summaries are also provided in the #Research, #Extension and #Education sections below.

On the national front, check out the by-the-numbers one-pager "Sea Grant: A Smart Investment in Our Economy" or search impacts of Sea Grant's work, browse current projects, and explore any of the Sea Grant Colleges at


Nine day-old oyster larvae at 100x magnification. These larvae are free swimming for approximately 14 days. They form a transparent shell within 24 hours of fertilization. Credit: Gregg Rivara

Successes and Current Projects: 2022-2023

For over five decades, New York Sea Grant (NYSG) has been supporting university-based research related to a variety of marine, Hudson estuary, and Great Lakes topics and issues. 

Some recently-completed investigations address topics including: early detection of aquatic invasive species; impacts of marine debris on coastal environments; effectiveness of sugar kelp against  harmful algal blooms; aiding communities needing to apply for flood assistance through The New York Climate Smart Communities Program.  Read on >>

A sampling of ongoing research is focusing on: examining effective options to yield benefits at shellfish hatcheries; establishing a summer seaweed product for NY marine aquaculturists; identifying factors limiting recovery of certain fisheries, detailing genetic traits in shellfish that provide improved survival under stresses, and assessing the value of other key cultural and economic species; addressing the impacts of ocean acidification; helping to increase spawning success and assist native fish restoration efforts in Lake Ontario; and improving public understanding of rip currents. Read on >>


Coastal Ecosystems, Fisheries

2022 New York Statewide Celebration of Sturgeon
NYSG and DEC, alongside many partners, coordinated a seven-event series to celebrate the continuing recovery of three of New York’s unique sturgeon species Read on >>

Long Island Sound Marine Debris Plan Completed
NYSG in partnership with CT Sea Grant identified and prioritized goals, objectives, strategies, and actions and completed an Action Plan to reduce marine debris in their shared coastal region of Long Island Sound Read on >>

Progress to Improve NY’s Hard Clam Resiliency
NYSG partnership is helping hard clam growers who operate under harsh environmental conditions Read on >>

On YouTube: Hard Clam Selective Breeding Project — An Introduction
Check out this first in a series of videos for the Sea Grant Hard Clam Selective Breeding Collaborative, which aims to improve the aquaculture industry on the Atlantic coast, by finding and establishing more resilient lines of clams. Read on >>

Understanding & Managing Floodplains for Healthy Watersheds and Resilient Communities
NYSG’s healthy floodplains workshops empower localized watershed decision makers to reduce risks and improve water quality. Read on >>

NYSG’s 2022 CEI Intern Hewi Palmiotti, with Natural Areas Conservancy Interns (orange vests) at natural and nature-based monitoring site, Soundview Park, The Bronx. Credit: Lillit Genovesi/NYSG

Coastal Communities, Climate Resilience

Assessing Climate-Driven Migration in the Great Lakes
NYSG is part of a national research collaboration consortium focused on climate-induced human migration. Read on >>

Community Engaged Internship Comes to The Bronx
NYSG participation in National Sea Grant’s Community Engaged Internships program provides professional development to undergraduate students from underrepresented and Indigenous communities as well as benefiting local communities. Read on >>

First Annual Long Island Sound Sustainable & Resilient Communities Workshop
NYSG Sustainable and Resilient Communities Extension Professionals have created a new foundation for focusing shared interest in building the resilience of Long Island Sound communities. Read on >>

Flushing Climate Meeting: Preparing Communities for Future Flooding
NYSG and partners’ outreach to local communities includes access to science-based expertise and resources to better address potentially deadly climate-related challenges. Read on >>

Public Participation Guide From NYSG Helps Communities Engage in the Offshore Wind Development Process
NYSG’s public participation guide helps reduce barriers to public participation in the offshore wind energy development process. Read on >>

Regional Needs Assessment: Building a Sustainable & Resilient Long Island Sound
NYSG Sustainable and Resilient Communities Extension Professionals facilitated a needs assessment to understand climate-related environmental challenges and barriers to action in Long Island Sound communities. Read on >>

Training Extension Educators to Develop Climate Stewards to Establish Local Climate Programming
NYSG’s Climate Stewards program is providing science-based training to equip volunteers to organize climate mitigation and resilience projects in New York. Read on >>

Bluff erosion along New York’s Great Lakes shoreline. Credit: Roy Widrig/NYSG

Coastal Processes, Recreation

2022 New York Shoreline Site Visits
NYSG provides New York’s freshwater and marine shoreline stakeholders with expertise on natural and nature-based shoreline management methods. Read on >>

2022 Working with Nature Workshops
NYSG provides New York’s freshwater and marine shoreline stakeholders with expertise on natural and nature-based shoreline management methods. Read on >>

Informing Stakeholders about Erosion and Recession of New York’s Coastal Bluffs
NYSG works with research partners to ensure information about coastal bluff erosion and recession is reaching stakeholders most impacted by these processes. Read on >>

Lake Ontario Shoreline Resident Information Folders for Wayne County
NYSG-developed resource folders empower waterfront property owners with tools and information for shoreline management and hazards preparedness. Read on >>

MyCoast New York: Engaging Communities to Document Floods & Storm Damage
NYSG is piloting a statewide community science tool that engages New Yorkers in documenting and sharing their experiences with floods, storm damage, and coastal changes through photos. Read on >>

Seeking Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary Designation
NYSG is collaborating with NOAA and diverse local partners to support designation of a Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary. Read on >>

Example drawing of sugar kelp lines growing in open water.  Credit: 2022 NYS Aquaculture Report, pg. 40

Sustainable Seafood

6th Annual Seafood Summit Hosted By New York Sea Grant
NYSG fosters growth and resilience in NY’s seafood industry through active and positive engagement among the industry’s diverse sectors statewide. Read on >>

2022 Great Lakes Aquaculture Days
NYSG is engaging stakeholders with educational and experiential learning opportunities through its participation in the Great Lakes Aquaculture Collaborative. Read on >>

Guide to Seaweed Processing & Marketing Supports New York’s Emerging Industry
NYSG helps coastal producers adapt to changing environmental, social and political climates through updated practices and novel technologies and products. Read on >>

New York State Aquaculture Report Updated
NYSG’s updating of the New York Aquaculture Industry status report supports New York’s opportunity to become an industry leader. Read on >>


Students participate in a sea level marking RiSC project learning activity along Coney Island Creek in Brooklyn in October 2022. Credit: Heather Sioux

A “Day in the Life” Student Experience Debuts in Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Watershed
NYSG, in partnership with NYS DEC, engaged middle schools with “A Day in the Life” experiential learning focused on the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River watershed. Read on >>

Adapted Curriculum Helps Students in NYC Explore Sea Level Rise Past and Future
NYSG provided scientific expertise to update and enhance a climate-focused curriculum to help NYC area students envision and plan for climate resilience. Read on >>

Community Science LI Educational Webinars Year Two
NYSG’s successful Community Science LI webinar series of 2021 continued in 2022, connecting the public with the local environment through participatory science. Read on >>

Great Lakes Basin Small Grants Projects Engage Youth
NYSG, in partnership with NYS DEC, administers New York’s Great Lakes Basin Small Grants Program to benefit diverse coastal stakeholders, including youth. Read on >>

Great Lakes Coastal Resilience & Climate Change Curriculum Workshop
NYSG professional development training for teachers is increasing their awareness, knowledge, and capacity to teach on Great Lakes topics, including climate change. Read on >>

Long Island Sound Mentor Teacher Program Returns
The Long Island Sound (LIS) Mentor Teacher program supported by NYSG and the LIS Study estuary program connects educators with local resources. Read on >>

Marine Camp Classes From NYSG Resume After COVID Hiatus
NYSG Marine Camp partnership creates an interactive learning environment for students from underserved and underrepresented communities. Read on >>

Plastic Pollution and You: An Interdisciplinary Curriculum
NYSG-developed curricula focus teacher and student attention on today’s pressing environmental issues, including plastic pollution and marine debris. Read on >>


National Weather Service: Spring Safety, Hurricane Preparedness Campaigns Ramp Up

As NOAA announced over the  Memorial Day weekend, “NOAA predicts a near-normal 2023 Atlantic hurricane season”. 

With that, underway now is NOAA U.S. National Weather Service's #WeatherReady Spring campaign, which features a variety of tips to help you better be prepared for seasonal weather hazards. Learn more: English; Spanish.

If you live in hurricane-prone areas, be ready for hurricane season, which begins on June 1st. Understand your risk from hurricanes, and begin pre-season preparations now. Make sure you understand how to interpret forecasts and alerts, and know what to do before, during, and after a storm:

Keep tabs on weather watches and warnings this season:

• Bookmark and
• Follow NOAA’s National Hurricane Center on Twitter at @NHC_Atlantic and NOAA's U.S. National Weather Service at @NWS
• Visit (or for tips on how to prepare for hurricane season

NYSG's Currents News Archives (Vol. 11, No. 1)

Keep tabs on NYSG's news in between issues of NY Coastlines / Currents via our Web site ( and blog (

Here's a sampling of other stories that have made waves these past few months on our social media platforms (,, and via our site's News ( and topic-based News Archives ( sections ...

NYSG Research > Research > Long Island Sound

On YouTube: ABC 7's 'Kickoff to a Long Island Summer' — Sea Grant Projects Examine the Health of Long Island Sound (May 2023) Read on >>

In Media: Free Shuttle to Offer Trips to Long Island Sound Beaches For Those Lacking Rides (April 2023) Read on >>

In Media: Two SBU Long Island Sound Research Projects Receive NYSG Funding from $6.3M Suite (March 2023) Read on >>

On Air: Nine Long Island Sound Research Studies Receive Federal Funding (March 2023) Read on >>

In Media: Research Projects on Protecting Long Island Sound to Be Funded With $6.3M in Grants (March 2023) Read on >>

In Media: Aquarium-Led Project Focuses on Salt Marshes (March 2023) Read on >>

In Media: Long Island Sound Research Projects Land $6.3M (March 2023) Read on >>

NYSG Research > Research > Marine Debris

On Air: New York Sea Grant to Look at Ways to Reduce Pollution in Waterways (May 2023) Read on >>

In Media: NY Sea Grant Awarded $5.2M To Fight Waterway Pollution (May 2023) Read on >>

In Media: $5.2+M Awarded to NY Sea Grant to Address Marine Debris (May 2023) Read on >>

On YouTube: RIT and Seneca Park Zoo Society Host Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup (April 2023) Read on >>

NYSG Research > Research > Coastal Resilience

On Air: Keeping Track of Coastal Flooding Data? There's an App For That (April 2023) Read on >>

In Media: New Sea Grant Funding to Shore Up More Statewide Community Engagement in Coastal Resilience (April 2023) Read on >>

In Media: Community Engagement a Focus of Sea Grant’s Coastal Resilience Funding (April 2023) Read on >>

In Media: Community Engagement a Focus of Sea Grant’s New Statewide Coastal Resilience Funding (April 2023) Read on >>

NYSG Extension and Education > Statewide > Partnerships

In Photos: Lazy Point Farms Concludes Its Third Seaweed Harvest Season (May 2023) Read on >>

Press Release: National Wildlife Federation’s Resilient Schools Consortium Program Presented with FEMA Award (May 2023) Read on >>

2023 Cooperative Science and Monitoring Initiative for Lake Ontario — Field Year Prospectus Report (May 2023) Read on >>

In Photos: NYC's Youth Volunteers Help Sea Grant and Its Partners Celebrate #EarthMonth2023 (April 2023) Read on >>

In Media: Canarsie Street Team Marks Earth Day with Community Cleanup (April 2023) Read on >>

In Media: A Real-Time Flood Tracker is Expanding to Help New Yorkers During Major Storms (February 2023) Read on >>

In Media: NYSG Featured in NYSDEC's 2020-2022 Great Lakes Program Progress Report (January 2023) Read on >>

On YouTube: Spotlight on Environmental Justice Stewards Pilot Program (December 2022) Read on >>

NYSG Extension and Education > Marine Waters

In Media: Legislator Anker Supports Our Local Seafood Industry (April 2023) Read on >>

In Media: Legislator Anker Recognizes New York Sea Grant Specialists (February 2023) Read on >>

On Air: Peconic Bay Scallop Die-Offs Are “A Cautionary Tale” for New England (January 2023) Read on >>

In Media: Stopping the Surge — Patchogue to Try New Way to Stem Shoreline Flooding (January 2023) Read on >> 

NYSG Extension and Education > Great Lakes Waters

On YouTube: Learn About Great Lakes Literacy With NY Sea Grant (May 2023) Read on >>

On Air: Sea Grant Offers Opportunities For Teachers (May 2023) Read on >>

On Air: NY Grant Can Assist Lake Erie Property Owners (May 2023) Read on >>

In Media: New York Sea Grant Counsels Lakefront Property Owners (May 2023) Read on >>

Press Release: Celebrate 2023 Black History Month With NYSG Recommended Reading Lists (January 2023) Read on >>
An Environmental Justice Comic Book, Biographies of Notable Black Scientists, Freedom Seekers Curriculum are among 2023 Black History Month reading suggestions from New York Sea Grant.

Post-Event Resources: Great Lakes 101 Trainings — Shoreline Permitting For Contractors (January 2023) Read on >> 
View recordings and presentations from these December 2022 workshops, which were intended for Lake Ontario and Lake Erie shoreline contractors, residents and property managers. Offered at the workshops were the details of shoreline permitting through Federal, state and local jurisdiction. This information was also provided in the context of regional shoreline types and the coastal processes working along the shorelines that inform these coastal permitting decisions.

On YouTube: Ice Fishing Tips — WPBS Weekly Inside the Stories (January 2023) Read on >>

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