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01/22/2021 In Media: Public Reporting Tool Helps Long Island’s Suffolk County Track Harmful Algal Blooms | Harmful Algal Blooms - News: NYSG created a webpage to link users to the NYSDEC's "Suspicious Marine Algae Public Reporting Tool" and used the 2020 HAB season to successfully conduct a test of the new public outreach effort.
12/24/2020 In Media: Stony Brook Faculty Lead Study on the Performance of Local Oysters | Research - News: The projects will explore topics that relate to and benefit New York’s coastal environment, communities and economies, with funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Sea Grant’s federal parent agency.
12/23/2020 An Urban Estuary Ready for an Oyster Comeback | Hudson River Estuary / Research - News: Cornell University researchers investigated an extensive surviving population of eastern oysters recently found in the Hudson/Raritan Estuary. New York City's coastal waters once were the center of a booming oyster fishery, but now we have almost none.
12/20/2020 In Photos: Even on Sunny (and Wintery) Days, Floods in NYC Cause Distress | Jamaica Bay / NYC - News: NYC’s coastal communities are facing more frequent weather disruptions such as floods, which, according to a new research brief on “Flood Watch Social Impacts,” is a hazard that will continue to increase in its severity due to sea level rise.
12/17/2020 In Photos: New Details About Fish Migration Could Help Their Conservation | Marine Fishery Resource Center / Research - News: Scientists from Stony Brook University and Cornell Cooperative Extension tag alewife to get a more nuanced picture of its spawning migration.
11/10/2020 New York Coastlines, Fall 2020 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: Check out stories from the Fall 2020 issue of our flagship publication, NY Coastlines, and be sure you're on our e-list to receive our next issue, which is slated for release in January/February 2021 l to our e-subscribers. We'll send you issues weeks before they're online.
10/16/2020 In Media: $2.1 Million Awarded for Sea Grant Research on NY’s Coastal Environment | Research - News: NYSG has awarded more than $2.1 million to support six coastal science research projects —three of which are being led by Stony Brook University faculty — that explore topics relating to and benefiting New York’s coastal environment, communities and economies.
09/27/2020 In Media: Researchers Explore New Approaches to Decoding Brown Tide in Long Island Estuaries | Harmful Algal Blooms - News: Results from a five-year, NOAA NCCOS-sponsored research project on brown tide in Long Island Estuaries were highlighted this past summer during a New York Sea Grant virtual seminar
09/22/2020 NYSG's “Currents Clips” Wins 2020 Folio Award for ‘Best Social Media Public Awareness Campaign’ | Currents Clips - News: Launched in mid-2019 as a limited series, this collection of one- to two-minute videos immerses NYSG's subscribers and followers into the program's coastal research, extension and education work.
09/16/2020 $2.1 Million Awarded for Sea Grant Research on NY’s Coastal Environment, Communities & Aquaculture | Research - Press Release: “This set of projects will contribute to the long-standing and growing body of NYSG-supported science-based knowledge available to coastal communities in New York State.”
09/08/2020 Rust Tides Do Harm Shellfish ... But Research Offers Promise for Shellfish Farmers | Harmful Algal Blooms - News: While the alga that creates "rust tides" are very harmful to shellfish, those aquatic filter feeders that are cultivated in deeper waters do better than those cultured near the surface.
09/07/2020 Using Oceanography to Track Fish Populations | Marine Fishery Resource Center / Research - News: NYSG-funded researchers have developed models and tools that can help us understand the health of marine fisheries, particularly in future scenarios with a changing climate.
08/25/2020 In Photos, On YouTube: State of the Bays: Noxious Seaweed Among New Threats in 2020 | Harmful Algal Blooms - News: “Two of the newest findings are that wastewater from septic systems stimulates this aggressive seaweed and high nitrate in drinking water causes negative health effects,” said SBU SoMAS' Christopher Gobler.
08/20/2020 Omnibus 2020-21 Research Project Discussion: Erosion and Recession of Coastal Bluffs | Research - News: Results from the project will be useful for resource managers and property owners to be better equipped to predict and respond to future erosion events.
07/28/2020 NY Sea Grant and Cornell Professor Introduce Lake Ontario Parcel-Level Flood Risk Prediction Tool | Coastal Community Development Program - News: Lake Ontario has experienced two record-setting floods over the course of three years: 2017-2019. With funding from NYSG, a Cornell researcher has developed an inundation prediction model for rapid flood forecasting at weekly to monthly timescales.
07/14/2020 New York Coastlines, Summer 2020 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: Check out stories from the summer 2020 issue of our flagship publication, NY Coastlines, and be sure you're on our e-list to receive our next issue, which is slated for release in the fall to our e-subscribers. We'll send you issues weeks before they're online.
06/25/2020 In Media: RIT researchers receive grant to study microplastic pollution in Lake Ontario | Marine Debris / Research - News: An interdisciplinary team is studying (with funding from New York Sea Grant) how microplastics accumulate in the lake's ecosystem
06/20/2020 In Media: SBU Researcher Discusses Clam Genome Project | Marine Fisheries Resource Center - News: A consortium of scientists is on the brink of completing a genomic map of the hard clam in an ongoing offensive against QPX disease and the effects of extreme heat.
04/19/2020 Electronically Monitoring Salmon Could Help Us To Better Understand Them | Research - News: Thanks to data from sensor tags, a team of ecologists led by a pair of Cornell University investigators have collected months-long records of individual fish swimming of king salmon in Lake Ontario from Oswego, NY to distant locations, such as the shores of Canada and several connecting streams and rivers.
04/19/2020 On YouTube: Plastics - "We're The Problem, But We're The Solution. Be The Change" | Research - News: In this video, two students from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Fredonia introduce us to some of the New York Sea Grant-funded researchers studying marine debris and microplastics ... and encourage us to "Be the Change."
04/19/2020 Plastics floating in the water: What are the risks? | Research - News: NYSG-funded researchers sought to answer a few key questions: How long does it take for common plastics to degrade in the water? What pollutants might be hitchhiking on the outer surfaces of these circulating, cast-off polymers?
04/19/2020 Tiny organisms in the water eating plastic: Could it harm us all? | Research - News: Projects like this one, funded by New York Sea Grant, have brought attention to microplastics, small plastic particles that have found their way into our waterways.
04/07/2020 New York Coastlines, Spring 2020 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: Check out stories from the spring 2020 issue of our flagship publication, NY Coastlines, and be sure you're on our e-list to receive our latest issue, which was released in mid-July to our e-subscribers. Sign up and we'll send you issues weeks before it's online.
04/05/2020 How Sea Grant Benefits You in 2020 | Research, Extension, Education - News: Under examination is nearly two dozen impacts made by New York Sea Grant's specialists and funded researchers this past year to use science in order to improve decisions made by a variety of stakeholders.
03/31/2020 In Media: Study Examines How Sewage Plants Can Remove Medicines from Wastewater | Research - News: A NYSG-funded study of seven wastewater treatment plants in the Eastern United States reveals a mixed record when it comes to removing medicines such as antibiotics and antidepressants.
03/30/2020 Staying Connected: NYSG's Related Resources | COVID-19: New York Sea Grant's Rapid Response Support for its Coastal Stakeholders - News: Welcome to "Staying Connected," NYSG's web portal to online resources for a variety of our stakeholders (including educators, the seafood industry, among others) as well as some of our program's partners. We also provide opportunities for researchers and educators, and more.
03/15/2020 New York Sea Grant Research: Results and Impacts | Research - News: For nearly 50 years, New York Sea Grant has been supporting university-based research related to a variety of marine, Hudson estuary, and Great Lakes topics and issues.
02/22/2020 New York Coastlines, Winter 2020 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: Check out stories from the winter 2020 issue of our flagship publication, NY Coastlines, and be sure you're on our e-list to receive our latest issue, which was released in early April to our e-subscribers. We'll send you the issue before it's online in mid-late April.
02/14/2020 In Media: Study Examines Efficiency of Medicine Removal from Wastewater Treatment Plants | Research - News: The study, funded by New York Sea Grant, was published as the cover story in the journal Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology
02/09/2020 In Photos: The Cisco, Perhaps the Biggest Little Fish, Could Make its Comeback | Research - News: Scientists led by Matthew Hare of Cornell University’s Department of Natural Resources are using genetics to locate the spawning grounds of the cisco, a little-known but key fish in the Lake Ontario food chain.
02/09/2020 A Chemical Clock to Study Coastal Water Quality | Research - News: While we cannot see submarine groundwater discharge (SGD), it's important for researchers to analyze photographic evidence of it. SGD is a hydrogeologic mechanism whereby water is pushed in different ways underground toward the sea, and vice versa. This mixing zone between groundwater and seawater in the coastal aquifer is critically important for controlling a variety of chemical reactions.
02/09/2020 Refuge Areas Could Protect Prized Fisheries in a Changing Climate | Research - News: How climate change might impact some aquatic organisms in New York’s waters was the focus of a recently-completed NYSG-funded study led by SBU SoMAS researcher Christopher Gobler.
11/20/2019 In Media: CCNY’s Maria Tzortziou Leads Vital Long Island Sound Ecological Study | Long Island Sound (Research) - Press Release: Over the next two years, Tzortziou and her collaborators will address the challenge of gathering and interpreting data from satellite images of Long Island Sound.
11/13/2019 RISE 2019: NYSG Climate and Resiliency Extension, Outreach and Education | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: NYSG provides multiple platforms for climate and resilience extension, outreach and education along New York’s marine and Great Lakes coastlines.
10/01/2019 State of the Bays: "But There Is Hope" | Harmful Algal Blooms - News: "Continued efforts are needed to restore Long Island's coastal waters," says Stony Brook University investigator Chris Gobler. "It's up to us to leave the environment in better shape than when we found it."
09/07/2019 NOAA Sea Grant's Coastal Storm Awareness Program Findings Welcomed by National Weather Service | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: Sea Grant-supported research has led to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service adopting Eastern Region’s new storm briefing template nationwide.
06/08/2019 New York Sea Grant Hosts the 2019 Long Island Sound Research Conference | Long Island Sound (Research) - News: The conference served as an opportunity for over 100 marine researchers to cross their usual boundaries of interests and learn about science happening in a wide array of subjects and disciplines.
05/08/2019 Currents Clips | News: This is a new series of one to two minute video summaries that immerse NYSG's Web site visitors, social media followers and NY Coastlines subscribers into the program's coastal research, extension and education stories.
04/01/2019 In Media: York Biology Professor, Part of a Team Awarded Over $500,000 for Research | NY Ocean Action Plan - News: York College has become one of three investigative teams to be awarded almost $570,000 for an ocean research grant under a New York Ocean Action Plan partnership between NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and NYSG.
03/30/2019 On YouTube, On Air: Coastal Residents Wary of Storms and Preparing | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: In the years since Superstorm Sandy's impact, the aim of the NOAA Sea Grant’s Coastal Storm Awareness Program was to help better understand through social science how people react to storm warnings and make the decision to stay or to go.
03/24/2019 When Cultivating Oysters, Would High-Tech Food Help? | Research - News: This NYSG-funded study examines the development of small, local shellfish hatcheries and increasing hatchery production methods for existing hatcheries culturing the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica.
03/24/2019 Variations in Tiny Undersea Habitats Greater than Previously Thought | Research - News: In a recent article published in PLoS ONE by NYSG-funded investigators, the authors ask how well marine scientists, statistically, describe reality. If samples are drawn from very geographically distant locations, what do they tell us?
03/22/2019 New York Coastlines, Late Winter 2019 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: In June, NYSG will release the late Spring / early Summer '19 issue of its flagship publication, New York Coastlines. E-subscribers will receive it first, so be sure to sign up ... and, in the meantime, check out our late Winter '19 edition.
02/25/2019 Building Capacity to Assess Economic Impacts in Long Island’s Coastal Communities | Publications: Success Stories - Extension (2019): NYSG’s Impact Calculator enhances capability to assess coastal economic impacts
02/23/2019 In Media: Two SBU Teams Awarded Ocean Research Grants to Study Waters off NY | NY Ocean Action Plan - Press Release: Nearly $570,000 in ocean research grants have been awarded to three investigative teams, two of which are from Stony Brook University. The teams will work to identify the biodiversity of the offshore ecosystem of the New York Bight and investigate the species and uses of New York’s ocean environment.
02/23/2019 In Media: Crucial LI Sound Research Receives Funding | Long Island Sound (Research) - News: More than $1.5 million in funding has been awarded for four research projects looking into ecological issues in the Long Island Sound (LIS) and its watershed.
02/23/2019 On YouTube: New York Sea Grant Research Zooms In On Water Quality, Severe Storms, Seafood Safety | Research - News: Results and resources from these 2018-19 NYSG investigations provide useful information to the public, businesses, coastal communities and managers.
02/06/2019 On YouTube: Over $1.5 Million Funds Four Long Island Sound Research Projects | Long Island Sound (Research) - Press Release: Projects, which were a focus of a March'19 conference, address Sound ecological health topics, like hypoxia, biological parameters for water quality management and the scope and impact of landscaping practices.
02/03/2019 NYSG and DEC Announce Nearly $570,000 in New York Ocean Research Grants | NY Ocean Action Plan - Press Release: Funded research grants— awarded to three investigative teams including Stony Brook University, CUNY York College, and the Wildlife Conservation Society—support New York’s Ocean Action Plan.
01/07/2019 New York Sea Grant to Invest over $1.5 Million for Research Proposals | Research - Press Release: We're now accepting pre-proposal submissions for 2020-22 research projects to help improve understanding and management of New York’s coastal and marine ecosystems.

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