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New York has more than 3,000 miles of widely varied coastlines, and it is the only state in the nation bordering both the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. With the advent of online digital globes such as Google Earth, the general public has unprecedented access to images of our planet collected from satellite and aircraft sensors, enabling people to visualize and better understand human impacts to coastal areas over time.
Cornell Institute for Resource Information Sciences and New York Sea Grant have teamed up to design educational materials to help formal and non-formal educators use low or no-cost, public-accessible materials to engage their audiences in coastal stewardship. Featured here are some examples from the Hudson River Estuary and New York Metropolitan areas. Exploring changes to New York estuarine environments over the last century, these materials include lessons designed to help teachers and students use imagery, air photos, and maps as resources for learning about these important coastal environments.

Note for Teachers: Workshop Exercise files can be found via the links for each of the individual sites below.

Metro NY Sites of Focus ...

Other Sites of Focus ...
  • Saugerties Lighthouse More>

More Info on this Project: News, Presentations, Videos


June 2014
On YouTube: Geospatial Literacy: Examining Coastal Change Over Time With New York City Teachers More>
A number of invited elementary school teachers in and around NYC took part in hands-on "Visualizing Coastal Change" workshops, funded through a NOAA Environmental Literacy Grant

July 2013
Currents E-Newsletter to Feature Update on Coastal Change Education Materials for Metro NY Area More>
Includes: picture gallery from data collection day at Liberty State Park (one of the sites of focus)

April 2013
NYSG Develops Coastal Sea Change Education Materials for New York’s Hudson/NYC Estuary Region | PDF

November 2012
Sea Grant Helps Cornell Document Change, Develop Educational Curricula for NYC Sites More>
Includes: video clips documenting the data collection process for each of these sites


Visualizing Coastal Change In New York (2013) (pdf)
New York Sea Grant, Cornell Institute for Resource Information Sciences

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