New York Coastlines, Spring/Summer 2016
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Along with Currents—New York Sea Grant (NYSG)'s e-supplement to the once all-print-based NY Coastlinesour flagship publication highlights news, events and other activities from our program's various research, extension and education endeavors throughout New York's marine and Great Lakes waters.

In this issue, we spotlight our new wave of research projects, take a peek at what's new with some of our extension specialists and focus in on oyster restoration efforts in the Hudson River.

In our Currents section, we'll highlight some of the stories and blog posts related to the #SeaGrant50 campaign, "Celebrating 50 Years of Putting Science to Work for America’s Coastal Communities 1966-2016."

Spring - Summer 2016
NY Coastlines / Currents; Vol. 44, No. 1 / Vol. 4, No. 1 & 2

From the Director
If you were the sitting Director of New York Sea Grant, where would you focus the program’s energies, and why? Offer up your suggestions through the end of July 2016.

Spotlight: Opportunities & Upcoming Events

Event: Second Annual Ferry 2 Two Roads Event to Benefit NYSG's Long Island Sound Outreach Efforts More>>
This summertime celebratory event is slated for a 10:15 AM start at the Port Jeff- Bridgeport Ferry Terminal in Port Jefferson, NY on Saturday, July 9, 2016.

Event: “Should I stay or should I go?”: Communicating Risk when the Storm Comes More>>
A new video by Sea Grant summarizing research from 10 NOAA-funded social science projects will be screened during the day and evening on Thursday, July 14th at the Long Beach Library on Long Island, NY.

Funding: New York’s Great Lakes Basin Small Grants Program - 2016 Request for Proposals
Grants of up to $25,000 will be awarded for projects that: conserve and restore native fish and wildlife biodiversity and habitats or enhance community resiliency and ecosystem integrity. Proposals will be due by September 23, 2016. Grants will be announced the week of October 31, 2016. See for the full request for proposals and application guidelines.


  • NYSDEC and NY Sea Grant Announce $89K in Grants for Great Lakes Basin Projects (January 2015) More>>

Training Courses: Seafood Safety
Registration is available for several food safety training courses through New York Sea Grant's newly-revised Seafood and Technology Web site, Offerings include online courses on U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA)-required Good Manufacturing Practices and Seafood HACCP. In addition to the HACCP (Segment One) online course, NYSG will now be offering a quarterly in-person Seafood HACCP Segment Two class, the next of which is slated for July 21, 2016. You can register online here.

Newsletter Feature Stories

NYSG’s Knauss Fellow Spreads Ocean Optimism Internationally More>>
Our current Knauss Fellow Erin Eastwood is bringing her international experience to NOAA's Climate Program Office.

On Blog:

  • By The Numbers - Four Decades of Knauss Fellows More>>

  • Remembering John A. Knauss More>>

New York Sea Grant Announces New Omnibus Research Projects
Mitigating the impacts of climate change and human activities on coastal community resilience, water quality and fisheries restoration are themes that connect our newly funded 2016-2017 Omnibus research projects funded through the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

What’s New in Extension? More>
New York Sea Grant's extension program welcomed four new specialists in the last year, two each focusing on the state's Great Lakes and marine waters.


The Hudson is His Oyster: Matt Hare looks at restoring oysters in the Hudson More>>
Oysters were once so plentiful in New York City that oyster shuckers worked nearly ‘round the clock, feeding rich and poor alike, discarding mountains of shells. NYSG-funded Cornell University researcher Matthew Hare examines why that isn't the case now.

Sound Scholars and Stewards More>>
Summertime brings many greener views and bluer skies, but it also presents environmental challenges, like low-oxygen water conditions, which pose threats to the organisms that live in those waters. NYSG has funded many research studies on hypoxia, especially in Long Island Sound, where we also engage students and teachers in the process of examining the estuary's water quality.


  • A Report Card for Long Island Sound More>>

  • $843,424 Awarded for Long Island Sound Research (April 2015) More>>

Currents—News Archive
In case you missed any of NYSG's news that we've been posting on our Web site between issues of NY Coastlines / Currents, below is a sampling of some of those stories.

You can come ashore anytime for the latest at And for even more Currents, check out the topics in the archives section of NYSG's Web site,

Hurricane / Severe Storm Awareness & Preparedness

  • On YouTube: NOAA Predicts Near-normal 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season; Sea Grant Produces Video on Coastal Storm Awareness More>>

  • NOAA Sea Grant Coastal Storm Awareness Program Comes Ashore: Programs release short documentary and trailer to accompany final report More>>

  • On Blog: 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season is Here: Be Aware, Be Strong, Be Prepared More>>

  • On Air, On YouTube: NYC Installs New Signs to Raise Awareness at Start of 2016's Atlantic Hurricane Season More>>

  • On Air, On YouTube: Sea Grant Shows How We Can Best Prepare For the Next Severe Storm More>>

  • Tracking ‘Great Lakes Nor’easters,’ New Eastern Lake Ontario Project More>>

    • On YouTube: NYSG Specialists, Investigators Track & Monitor Storms in Central New York More>>

  • Living with Ever-Changing Lake Ontario Dunes Public Workshop (June 2015) More>>

    • Storm Stories of Eastern Lake Ontario, North Sandy Pond Needed More>>

On Blog: #SeaGrant50

This online series, which began in April 2016 and will run through April 2017, celebrates the National Sea Grant College Program's 50th Anniversary. Below are some of the first entries. Additional ones can be found throughout this time frame at

  • Sustainable Coastal Tourism More>>

  • Community Resilience: Sea Grant Helps Communities Plan, Adapt and Recover More>>
    Zeroing in on preparing for severe storms, educating on rip currents and many points in-between.

  • NOAA Launches New Site, Celebrates Sea Grant's 50th Anniversary More>>
    New Web Sea Grant feature on focuses on Coastal Storm Awareness, Harmful Algal Blooms and more.

  • By The Numbers—Four Decades of Knauss Fellows More>>

  • Remembering John A. Knauss More>>

  • By The Numbers—Impacts on Coastlines in New York and Throughout the Country More>>

  • On YouTube: Video Illustrates Sea Grant's 50 Years of Science Serving America's Coast More>>

  • The Dazzling Dr. Spilhaus More>>

  • Sea Grant Announces 50th Anniversary More>>

Activities, Awards, Seasonal & Recent Events

Historic Round Boat Highlights Clean and Safe Boating Tips for 2016 Boating Season More>>
Is it a spaceship? An amusement park ride? No, it is an historic 7-foot round boat and it is the New York Sea Grant Discover Clean and Safe Boating educational vessel for 2016.

  • New York State Legislature Applauds Sea Grant’s David White More>>

  • Great Shipwrecks of NY’s ‘Great’ Lakes Exhibit Visits Albany More>>

  • On YouTube: NYSG Offers Young Boater Safety Course, ROV Demos and More at 2016 Central NY Boat Show More>>

  • On Air, On YouTube: Sea Grant At State Fair More>>

  • NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo Visits With Sea Grant at 2015 Great NY State Fair Lakes More>>

More on Clean and Safe Boating (2016) ...

On YouTube: NYSG Offers Young Boater Safety Course, ROV Demos and More at 2016 Central NY Boat Show More>>

Diving deeper into the 2016 Central New York Boat Show ...

  • Register for February 20th Young Boater Safety Training More>>
  • Round Boat is Centerpiece of Boating Information Center More>>
  • In-Water Boating Safety Programs Add Hands-On ROV Demos More>>

More on Great Lakes Shipwrecks (2015-2016) ...

Great Shipwrecks of NY’s ‘Great’ Lakes Exhibit to Visit Albany May 4-27 More>>

  • NYSG Partners with PA Sea Grant on Traveling Lake Erie Shipwrecks Exhibit More>>
  • Lake Erie Seaway Trail Center Hosts Great Shipwrecks Traveling Exhibit More>>
  • On YouTube: Great Shipwrecks Traveling Exhibit at SUNY Oswego Through January 22, 2015 More>

    • Watertown Daily Times Spotlights NYSG's Great Lakes Shipwrecks Exhibit More>

Get On The Water with NYC's City of Water Day in Mid-July More>>
The Waterfront Alliance once again emphasizes the importance of public access to New York City and New Jersey's waterways via its City of Water Day celebration on Saturday, July 16, 2016.

  • On YouTube: TWA's Annual NYC Conference - Defining and Delivering Equity at the Waterfront More>>

NY Sea Grant Educator Helen Domske Receives Distinguished Scientist Award More>>
"Being recognized by other scientists is extremely rewarding and following in the footsteps of acclaimed scientists is a true honor,“ says NYSG Coastal Education Specialist Helen Domske.

  • Sea Grant Reminds You to "Take Back" Your Unwanted Medicines More>>

  • Great Lakes Learning: From Algae to Zooplankton More>>

  • NYSG Offers Green Tips for Coastal Living More>>

Seasonal & Recent Publications

Fact Sheet/Brochure: Dogs and HABs—Harmful Algal Blooms: NY Sea Grant Shares Risk Reminder for Pet Owners More>>
As air and water temperatures warm, New York Sea Grant reminds people with dogs that enjoy waterfront areas about the health risk posed by harmful algal blooms.

  • On YouTube: Sometimes Beaches and Lakes Aren't Completely Safe for Your Pets More>>

  • SUNY ESF Investigators Monitor NY Waters of Sodus Bay, Helping to Predict Toxic Algal Blooms More>

  • Feature Article: To HAB or Not to HAB: Harmful Algae Are Blooming in NY's Waters More>>

Booklet: Sea Grant's Colorful Guide Helps Home Gardeners Be More Water-Wise More>>
This recently-revised 20-page guide, which marks its 15 year anniversary in 2016, reviews everyday practices that can help reduce threats to water quality.

Fact Sheet:
Coastal Processes and Causes of Shoreline Erosion and Accretion More>>
The processes and causes of erosion and accretion (build up of sediment) affecting New York’s shorelines are the focus of this New York Sea Grant four-page fact sheet.

Fact Sheet: Effects of Erosion and Accretion on Coastal Landforms More>>
Coastal landforms found along New York’s Great Lakes shorelines are the focus of this NYSG six-page fact sheet, which features colorful diagrams of how different ecosystems—including wetlands, bluffs and dunes, beaches and off-shore bars—can be impacted by erosion and accretion.

Brochure: Invasive Herring More>>
Examined in this brochure from New York Sea Grant are several Great Lakes invasive fish species, including Skipjack and blueback herring.

Fact Sheet: Will These Fish Invade North America? More>>
A team of investigators at Buffalo State College worked with NYSG's Fisheries Specialist to determine what we know about nearly a dozen potentially invasive Great Lakes fish species.

Fact Sheet: Classroom Plants and Animals More>>
Although useful as teaching tools, living plants and animals that are no longer wanted, have outgrown their tanks or enclosures, or become a burden to care for, can become invasive species if released into the wild.

  • Bad News for Aquatic Invasive Species in the Great Lakes Region More>>

Booklets: New York State Prohibited and Regulated Invasive Plants & Animals More>>
Two revised full-color publications - produced by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation with assistance from NYSG, among others - list all the State's banned and regulated plants and animals.

Poster: Great Lakes Basin More>>
This comprehensive publication takes a look at The Great Lakes — Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario — which contain 20% of the world’s fresh surface water. Examined is the Lakes' geology, early and modern history and stressors, including invasive species, harmful algal blooms and more.

Workshops & Related Resources

Second Annual Watercraft Inspection Steward Program Workshop More>>
Watercraft inspection engages boaters in learning how they can help slow and stop the spread of aquatic invasive species by checking their boats and trailers for debris that may contain AIS.

Workshops Address Future Lake Ontario Weather Extremes in NY
Public stakeholders in the region invited to share thoughts on actions needed through lake and watershed planning to prepare for possible future extreme climate conditions and population changes.

Workshop Resources: Old Inlet Barrier Island Breach More>>
This NYSG-hosted workshop focused on the changes and responses of selected resources associated with the barrier island breach in the Fire Island Seashore's Wilderness Area caused by "Superstorm" Sandy.

Workshop Resources: Living Shorelines for Coastal Erosion Protection in a Changing World More>>
Attendees of this NYSG workshop were provided with practical information on the use of living shorelines as an erosion control alternative, focusing on smaller scale projects that have erosion protection as the primary objective.


  • Long Island Coastal Resiliency Summit Held at Touro Law (April 2015) More>>

Ordering Publications

Go to and click “Fill Out Our Publications Form” or email requests to: Information provided to NYSG will not be shared with any third party.

Journal Reprints

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Bunting-Howarth, K., D. MacNeill, J. Spaccio, R. Schneider, B. Weidel and A. DeGaetano. 2016. Using Future Scenarios to Identify Potential LAMP and Watershed Planning Measures for Climate Change Adaptation along Lake Ontario: Stakeholder Generated Recommendations — A Report for Lake and Watershed Planners. NYSGI-W-15-001. 29 pages.

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