NYMPP: Section 3 - Hauling & Storing Boats
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Section 3:
Hauling and Storing Boats - Winterizing Vessels

Potential Environmental Impacts

The activity of preparing a vessel for winter storage may contribute to nonpoint source pollution through the use of heavy equipment (fork lifts, cranes and travel lifts) as well as through various storage procedures (use of antifreeze and battery storage).

Best Management Practices

Use propylene glycol antifreeze (usually pink) which is less toxic than ethylene glycol (usually green) to winterize all systems except "closed" or freshwater cooling systems. See "Antifreeze, click here" fact sheet for more information.

Inspect and clean bilges prior to extended vessel storage. Clean all water, oil, or foreign materials from the bilge using absorbent material. See "Bilge Cleaning,"click here fact sheet for more information.

Promote reusable or recyclable boat covers. See "Shrink Wrap" click here fact sheet for more information.

See also "Pressure Washing," click here, "Decommissioning Engines," click here, "Oil Changes" click here, and "Battery Replacement" click here fact sheets for more information on these activities.

Regulatory Issues

Please see referenced fact sheets for legal requirements for specific winterizing activities.