NYMPP: Section 3 - Hauling & Storing Boats
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Section 3:
Hauling and Storing Boats - Shrink Wrap

Potential Environmental Impacts

Shrink wrap is a low-density polyethylene plastic used to protect boats during the winter storage and when shipping. Shrink wrap is not biodegradable, and can become a disposal problem at landfills and/or trash to energy plants.

Best Management Practices

Use and encourage customers to use reusable or recyclable boat covers when possible.

Recycle used plastic covers. Check if your shrink wrap manufacturer will recycle their used product. For examples of some companies that recycle used shrink wrap, click here.

Explore the feasibility of developing a regional recycling pickup of used shrink wrap with your waste hauler and neighboring marinas and/trade associations.

Regulatory Issues

Used shrink wrap must be managed as solid waste.