NYMPP: Section 7 - Boater Education
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New York Sea Grant's
Marina Pollution Prevention Web Site

Section 7:
Boater Education & Signage

Potential Environmental Impacts:

The environmental choices that marina customers make can improve the water quality in your marina basin, and the appearance of your facility.

Best Management Practices:

Print and distribute Clean Boater Fact Sheets to your customers, click here. The Clean Boater Fact Sheets are included as pdf files that can be downloaded and printed and Microsoft Word files that can be modified to suit your needs. Click here to view and download the files.

Provide clear signage at your marina. Sample signs can be viewed by clicking here.

Train employees about clean boating practices. Let them know what information is available to distribute to customers.

Host an environmental workshop for customers.

Include environmental information in facility newsletters.

Include environmental boating practices in slip contracts.

Provide a list of "yard rules" to your customers who do their own boat maintenance and include them in your contracts.

Regulatory Issues:

There are no legal requirements to educate customers about clean boating practices.