Seaweed Processing and Marketing Task Force
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New York Sea Grant created the Seaweed Processing and Marketing Task Force in January of 2021 to develop a series of resources to assist NY seaweed producers in understanding the regulations governing the sale and marketing of seaweed products in New York. 

The task force was made up of various industry, academic, and regulatory agency representatives with control over seaweed production, processing, and sales. 

All resources created are meant to assist in getting seaweed products to market. 


Seaweed Guide 1: Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Preventative Controls for Human Foods | PDF

Seaweed Guide 2: Best Practices for Maintaining Quality in Seaweed | PDF

Seaweed Guide 3: Harvesting Food-Grade Seaweed in New York | PDF

Regulatory Guides

Regulatory Guide to Processing and Marketing Seaweed in New York | PDF

Seaweed Food Safety: Comparing Compliance with Preventive Controls for Human Foods and Seafood HACCP | PDF

Additional Resources

More information and resources on seaweed can be found on the National Seaweed HUB website at

New York Sea Grant Kelp Value Added Processing Report (April 2024) | PDF

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