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New York Sea Grant, in collaboration with industry, academic and other professional seafood stakeholders, offers its annual "NY Seafood Summit." 

The goal of the summit is to convene a group of enthusiastic professionals with vested interest in seafood to build active communications between the various sectors of New York's seafood industry. 

Each year at the summit we try to highlight some of New York’s bountiful seafood supply and introduce participants to the delicious, diverse, and versatile seafood’s available locally. 

Seafood Summit 2023

Innovation in New York Seafood

During the 7th Annual “NY Seafood Summit” a group of seafood professionals with vested interest in New York’s seafood industry met to foster active communications and build productive relationships and collaboration throughout the state. This year’s summit focused on innovations in seafood.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Innovations in Fish Feed for Aquaculture — Cornell University Department of Food Science
Ithaca, NY


Alternative Feed in Aquaculture Research at Cornell – Dr. Eugene Won, Cornell University

• Sustainability constraints for insect protein meal production  – Dr. Radu Popa, River Road Research

• Plant and Larvae Based Feed Alternatives – Dr. Mohammad (Mo) Arshadi, Clean Label Solutions

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Innovations in Value-added Seafood Production — Culinary Institute of America
Hyde Park, NY


Smoking Seafood – Mike Sellitti, Skytop Springs

• Hurdles to New York Micro canneriesStephanie Fels, Blue Cove

• Cell Based Seafoods – Chef Gerard Viverito, Blu Nalu

• Restaurateurs and Tinned Fish – Chef Brandon Dillon, Hamlet and Ghost

Friday, March 10, 2023

Innovations in New York Fishing and Marketing — Cornell Cooperative Extension
Riverhead, NY


Bycatch Reduction Innovations and Research: Large Mesh Belly Panels – Scott Curatolo-Wagemann, Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE)

• Bycatch Reduction Innovations and Research: Excluder Device – Mike Bowen, CCE

• Bycatch Reduction Innovations and Research: Pingers – Tara McClintock, CCE

• NY Seafood Sales and Marketing – Jermaine Owens,  North Fork Seafood

• "The Golden Goose-Fish" Monkfish Marketing Project – Amanda Dauman, CCE

Seafood Harvesting Innovations – Tara McClintock and Alex Mercado, CCE


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You can check out a news archive that highlights previous seafood summits.

Also, there's a story map highlighting the New York Seafood Summit, which began in 2016 as a means of highlighting seafood efforts across New York and provide an opportunity for cross sector collaboration.

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