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08/11/2022 Advancing A Hard Clam Selective Breeding Program | Publications: Success Stories - Extension (2022): Establishing a selective breeding program for hard clams will help to maximize the economic potential of the shellfish industry.
05/06/2022 NYSG Research: Journal Articles Roundup | Research - News: Over a dozen summaries are offered for published journal articles based on Sea Grant research projects funded throughout New York State.
05/06/2022 Molecular Adaptation and Selection in Oysters | Research - News: A group of New York Sea Grant-funded scientists is using the eastern oyster as a model species to measure the importance of rapid evolutionary responses.
05/05/2022 The Hard Clam Selective Breeding Collaborative Offers Support for Stressed Clams | Marine Fisheries Resource Center / Research - News: Hard clams are a socioeconomically important species that are key to the marine food web, which is why a regional collaborative of scientists is focusing on challenges that have been delivering a one-two punch since the 1990s ...
02/01/2022 $1.4 Million Awarded for Sea Grant Research on NY’s Coastal Environment, Economies and Communities | Research - Press Release: "These projects will make valuable contributions to the now 50-year legacy of NYSG-supported, science-based knowledge of benefit to New York State’s coastal communities."
12/23/2021 Hard Clam Selective Breeding Collaborative | Story Maps: A three year project under 2019's National Sea Grant Advanced Aquaculture Collaborative Programs in support of NOAA Sea Grant's 10 year Aquaculture Vision
05/23/2021 Are Shellfish Resilient Against Ocean Acidification? | Marine Fisheries Resource Center / Research - News: The overarching goal of this NYSG-funded research is to better understand resilience to ocean acidification in the eastern oyster and hard clam.
04/18/2021 On YouTube: Doctoral Student Working to Restore Shellfish Population | Research - News: Stephen Tomasetti, a Sea Grant-supported student on two New York Sea Grant-funded projects, discusses what has happened to the Long Island oyster population and what is being done to bring the population back
12/26/2020 Sea Grant ‘StriperHub’ to Boost the East Coast Seafood Industry | Seafood Safety and Technology - News: In addition to the StriperHub, New York Sea Grant is leading and/or involved in three additional aquaculture projects from a recent pot of $16 million in federal funds.
12/19/2020 RNA Reveals Numerous Viruses of Marine Mollusks | Marine Fisheries Resource Center / Research - News: NYSG-funded scientists are using RNA sequencing to identify viruses that are associated with marine mollusks such as hard clams.
09/22/2020 NYSG's “Currents Clips” Wins 2020 Folio Award for ‘Best Social Media Public Awareness Campaign’ | Currents Clips - News: Launched in mid-2019 as a limited series, this collection of one- to two-minute videos immerses NYSG's subscribers and followers into the program's coastal research, extension and education work.
09/08/2020 Rust Tides Do Harm Shellfish ... But Research Offers Promise for Shellfish Farmers | Harmful Algal Blooms - News: While the alga that creates "rust tides" are very harmful to shellfish, those aquatic filter feeders that are cultivated in deeper waters do better than those cultured near the surface.
06/20/2020 In Media: SBU Researcher Discusses Clam Genome Project | Marine Fisheries Resource Center - News: A consortium of scientists is on the brink of completing a genomic map of the hard clam in an ongoing offensive against QPX disease and the effects of extreme heat.
06/11/2020 New York Sea Grant's Virtual Seminar Series | Research - News: This on-going series features NYSG–supported researchers and topics and activities of interest to the New York State coastal community and stakeholders that our program serves.
04/07/2020 New York Coastlines, Spring 2020 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: Check out stories from the spring 2020 issue of our flagship publication, NY Coastlines, and be sure you're on our e-list to receive our latest issue, which was released in mid-July to our e-subscribers. Sign up and we'll send you issues weeks before it's online.
04/01/2020 In Media: Project Seen Transformative for Hard Clam Industry in U.S. East Coast | Marine Fisheries Resource Center - News: This $1.2-million NYSG-funded initiative will enable the breeding of clam stocks that better resist disease and harsh environmental conditions for the benefit of clam farmers in New York State and throughout the region.
03/15/2020 New York Sea Grant Research: Results and Impacts | Research - News: For nearly 50 years, New York Sea Grant has been supporting university-based research related to a variety of marine, Hudson estuary, and Great Lakes topics and issues.
02/14/2020 In Media: NY Sea Grant Contributes to Marine Aquaculture Research Projects | Marine Fisheries Resource Center - News: Two important aquaculture studies on New York’s marine waters being administered at Stony Brook University through NYSG are part of a national suite of 42 research projects and collaborative programs supported by $16 million in federal funding by NOAA to advance sustainable aquaculture in the United States.
02/14/2020 In Media: Funding helps researchers clam up | Seafood Safety and Technology - News: A collaborative effort to shore up East Coast clam populations is one of the Sea Grant projects that will share $16 million in federal funding from NOAA.
10/01/2019 State of the Bays: "But There Is Hope" | Harmful Algal Blooms - News: "Continued efforts are needed to restore Long Island's coastal waters," says Stony Brook University investigator Chris Gobler. "It's up to us to leave the environment in better shape than when we found it."
09/29/2019 Advancing East Coast Aquaculture: NYSG Contributes to Several Marine Aquaculture Research Projects | Marine Fisheries Resource Center - Press Release: In NY's marine waters, NYSG will lead a three-year, $1.2 million collaborative effort to develop a hard clam selective breeding program to benefit clam farmers. We're also partnering on a $1.1 million National Sea Grant Seawood Hub collaborative effort led by Connecticut Sea Grant.
09/28/2019 National Sea Grant Awards $16 million to Advance U.S. Aquaculture | Seafood Safety and Technology - Press Release: New York Sea Grant is leading and/or involved in three of the research suite's projects, which aim to fill important gaps in aquaculture knowledge, advancement of existing efforts and development of new possibilities.
05/08/2019 Currents Clips | News: This is a new series of one to two minute video summaries that immerse NYSG's Web site visitors, social media followers and NY Coastlines subscribers into the program's coastal research, extension and education stories.
03/24/2019 When Cultivating Oysters, Would High-Tech Food Help? | Research - News: This NYSG-funded study examines the development of small, local shellfish hatcheries and increasing hatchery production methods for existing hatcheries culturing the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica.
12/19/2018 New York Coastlines, Early Winter 2018 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: NYSG's latest e-newsletter, New York Coastlines, has come ashore. Check out the Winter '18 edition, which features our latest fellowship as well as stories on coastal tourism, flood resiliency, stewardship, climate challenges and more ...
12/10/2018 On YouTube: Stopping the Disease that has Wracked the New York Hard Clam Fishery | Marine Fisheries Resource Center / Research - News: In the last 16 years, a mysterious disease has devastated the New York hard clam fishery. Scientists call it QPX disease, which stands for “quahog parasite unknown,” referring to the organism that causes the disease.
09/08/2016 NOAA and Sea Grant Fund $800K in Ocean Acidification Research | Research - Press Release: Studies from Maine to New York will help investigators gain a better understanding of effects of ocean changes on iconic Northeast marine life.
04/21/2014 Investigating Hard Clam Resistance Against QPX Infection | Marine Fisheries - News: A spotlight on NYSg-funded research conducted at Stony Brook University's Marine Animal Disease Lab to identify QPX, a parasitic organism, and its effects on the hard clam.
09/02/2011 NOAA’S Lubchenco visits Sea Grant at Stony Brook | New York Coastlines, Summer/Fall 2011: In May 2011, New York Sea Grant held a “meet and greet” event in honor of Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Undersecretary of Commerce for the air and oceans and administrator of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administrator.
06/14/2011 Research | NYSG-Funded Projects: 2011: NYSG received a grant totaling $2.449 million in fiscal year 2011 to fund its research, extension and education efforts on important coastal issues in fisheries, coastal marine habitats, coastal flooding, among others.
12/13/2010 QPX Disease in Hard Clams | Publications: Success Stories (Research): Quahog Parasite Unknown (QPX) is a protistan parasite that causes significant mortalities in hard clams, Mercenaria mercenaria, in the northeastern states of the United States and Canada.
06/10/2010 Jellies with an Appetite for Clams | New York Coastlines, Summer 2010: Stony Brook University researchers are examining the rates at which comb jellies feed on the larvae of bivalves in Long Island estuaries. Could these gelatinous predators negatively impact efforts to restore important commercial bivalve species like hard clams?
07/16/2009 New Report Synthesizes Hard Clam Research | New York Coastlines, Spring 2009:

NYSG's recently-released 43-page technical report summarizes the key results of five research projects funded through NYSG’s Hard Clam Research Initiative, which began in 1999.

11/07/2008 Sea Grant Report Synthesizes Recent Research on LI’s Clams | Hard Clam Research Initiative - Press Release: NYSG announces the release of a 43-page technical report that summarizes the key results of five research projects funded through NYSG’s Hard Clam Research Initiative which began in 1999.
02/19/2008 Taking the 'X' Out of QPX Disease | Coastlines, Fall 2007: NYSG-funded researchers from the Marine Animal Disease Laboratory at Stony Brook University discuss their extensive QPX monitoring program in Raritan Bay, Peconic Bay and other areas of the marine district to determine the extent and distribution of QPX disease.

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