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05/18/2022 Offshore Renewable Energy | Offshore Renewable Energy - Home: Offshore Renewable Energy: Home
05/18/2022 Northeast Ocean Renewable Energy — Sea Grant, DOE, NOAA Fisheries Fund Six New Projects | Ocean Renewable Energy: Regional (Northeast) - Press Release: The half dozen projects selected are led by principal investigators in three northeast U.S. states — Maine, New York and Rhode Island.
05/16/2022 Northeast Ocean Renewable Energy — Six New Projects Announced | Offshore Ocean Energy: Regional (Northeast) - News: In NYSG's project, led by a PI from Cornell University, the development of a tool is proposed that would empower stakeholders to make more informed decisions that could substantially increase economic efficiencies in the long term, thereby increasing economic resiliency.
05/09/2022 NYSG Staff Named to New York State’s Climate Impacts Assessment Team | Climate - News: New York Governor Kathy Hochul has appointed two from NYSG to the State’s Climate Impacts Assessments technical working group teams, who along with other members, will ultimately suggest science-based strategies to prepare for and adapt to climate change.
04/05/2022 New Coastal Climate Specialist Focuses on Renewable Energy, Blue Economy | Climate - Press Release: In addition to offshore energy work, NYSG's new Coastal Climate Specialist will extend cutting-edge research related to climate-change mitigation, which ultimately will help with local resilience and ocean literacy.
03/10/2022 New York Stewards Trained to Work on Local Climate Change Projects | Climate - News: The objective of Cornell's Climate Stewards program is to provide research-based, hands-on training to community members who are motivated to work on climate change at the local level.
03/03/2022 People on the Move in a Changing Climate Great Lakes Workshop — June 2022 | Climate - News: During this virtual workshop, experts and stakeholders will discuss the identification of the scientific infrastructure that is required to conduct place-based, use-inspired collaborative research on climate-induced human mobility, and regionally tailored educational and engagement strategies.
02/01/2022 $1.4 Million Awarded for Sea Grant Research on NY’s Coastal Environment, Economies and Communities | Research - Press Release: "These projects will make valuable contributions to the now 50-year legacy of NYSG-supported, science-based knowledge of benefit to New York State’s coastal communities."
08/07/2021 NYSG a Partner on LI Explorium's NOAA-Funded Citizen Science, Civics, Resilient Communities Grant | Coastal Processes & Hazards - Press Release: "This campaign will contribute to our currently funded two-year grant related to monitoring shoreline flooding," says NYSG Coastal Processes and Hazards Specialist Kathleen Fallon.
04/23/2021 Mayor de Blasio Announces State of Climate Knowledge 2021 Report | NYC - Press Release: First annual report outlines City’s climate research agenda; Will guide future partnerships with academic researchers; NYSG among those commenting.
04/18/2021 On YouTube: Doctoral Student Working to Restore Shellfish Population | Research - News: Stephen Tomasetti, a Sea Grant-supported student on two New York Sea Grant-funded projects, discusses what has happened to the Long Island oyster population and what is being done to bring the population back
04/18/2021 On YouTube: Kelp Could be Silver Bullet in Fighting Climate Change in Our Oceans | Research - News: Stony Brook University researchers discuss why kelp is such an important asset in the fight against climate change.
03/29/2021 2021 Northeast Sea Grant Ocean Energy Research RFP | Ocean Renewable Energy: Regional (Northeast) - Press Release: Approximately $1M available to support projects to improve understanding of the effects of ocean renewable energy development on coastal communities, including the fishing industry. Pre-proposals due May 14; Full proposals due July 16th, by 5 pm on both dates.
01/27/2021 NYSG & LISS Host Teacher Webinar Showcasing New Module on Climate Change Impact on Coastal Marshes | Publications: Success Stories - Extension (2021): New York Sea Grant adapted to the virtual environment to provide research-based educational resources on climate change
01/27/2021 Empowering Communities Through a Justice-Oriented Online Mapping Tools Guide | Publications: Success Stories - Extension (2021): New York Sea Grant has developed an online mapping tools guide that will serve as a data-driven support for community interest in environmental justice
01/27/2021 New York Coastal Resilience Law and Policy Fellows Assemble Resources to Help Communities | Publications: Success Stories - Extension (2021): NYSG led the creation of a New York Coastal Resilience Law and Policy Program, providing communities with legal information to help increase local resilience while enhancing the educational experience of law students
01/27/2021 New York Sea Grant Research: 2020 Results and Impacts | Research - News: For nearly 50 years, New York Sea Grant has been supporting university-based research related to a variety of marine, Hudson estuary, and Great Lakes topics and issues.
10/27/2020 On Air: Community Flood Watch Project Engages Residents in Reporting and Mitigation | Jamaica Bay / NYC - News: This October 2020 episode explores a NYSG-led community science project aimed at mitigating the impacts of flooding in Jamaica Bay, NY.
10/23/2020 New York Sea Grant Welcomes Katie Graziano as Jamaica Bay Coastal Resilience Specialist | Jamaica Bay / NYC - Press Release: “Flood Watch” Project, an community science-driven initiative in collaboration with NYC Mayor’s Office of Resilience, is a focus in Oct. 27th Cornell “Extension Out Loud” Podcast
10/04/2020 On Air: New York City Residents Document Sea-level rise in Coastal Neighborhoods | Jamaica Bay / NYC - News: Tidal flooding is getting worse as sea levels rise, and it’s important to know how people are affected. So, as part of the Community Flood Watch Project, residents document and report flooding.
10/04/2020 In Media: Environmental Group Speaks with CB 10 about Community Flood Watch Project | Jamaica Bay / NYC - News: The Community Flood Watch Project uses citizen science to report flooding events in the Jamaica Bay watershed.
10/03/2020 On YouTube: RiSC Program Helps NYC Students Learn How to Build a Climate Resilient Future | NYC - News: “In a world where extreme weather events, hurricanes and wildfires are ravaging communities and disproportionately threatening already vulnerable populations, programs like RiSC are urgently needed.”
09/22/2020 NYSG's “Currents Clips” Wins 2020 Folio Award for ‘Best Social Media Public Awareness Campaign’ | Currents Clips - News: Launched in mid-2019 as a limited series, this collection of one- to two-minute videos immerses NYSG's subscribers and followers into the program's coastal research, extension and education work.
04/07/2020 New York Coastlines, Spring 2020 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: Check out stories from the spring 2020 issue of our flagship publication, NY Coastlines, and be sure you're on our e-list to receive our latest issue, which was released in mid-July to our e-subscribers. Sign up and we'll send you issues weeks before it's online.
04/02/2020 NYSG, Cornell Climate Smart Solutions Program Develop Climate Stewards Volunteer Program | Hudson River Estuary - Press Release: Efforts are underway to develop the Climate Stewards curriculum with continued input from relevant stakeholders.
04/02/2020 In Media: The Canaries Along the Coast | Jamaica Bay / NYC - News: By overlaying data from the FloodWatch program with 3-1-1 complaints, Waze reports and other reports, NYC has been able to build a more comprehensive picture of sunny day tidal flooding.
04/02/2020 In Media: Flooding Discussed at City Island Rising Meeting | Jamaica Bay / NYC - News: The project, a partnership of the Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay and New York Sea Grant, uses citizen science to report flooding events in the Jamaica Bay watershed.
03/31/2020 On Air: NYSG's new Hudson Estuary Specialist Talks with CCE Podcasters | Hudson River Estuary - News: New York Sea Grant is helping to develop curriculum fro the Climate Stewards Volunteer program that teaches the basics of climate science
02/22/2020 New York Coastlines, Winter 2020 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: Check out stories from the winter 2020 issue of our flagship publication, NY Coastlines, and be sure you're on our e-list to receive our latest issue, which was released in early April to our e-subscribers. We'll send you the issue before it's online in mid-late April.
02/14/2020 In Media: RiSC - Students Become School Boiler-Room Sleuths to Assess Climate Change Risks | NYC - News: The Resilient Schools Consortium program provides an opportunity for students to not only learn about coastal resilience, but create projects and policy recommendations to directly address the challenges that lie ahead.
02/14/2020 On YouTube: CUNY TV's Simply Science Spotlights Jamaica Bay Flood Watch | Jamaica Bay / NYC - News: On the early November 2019 edition of Simply Science, correspondent Andrew Falzon examines the Jamaica Bay Community Flood Watch Project Helen Cheng, NYSG's Coastal Resilience Specialist at CUNY Brooklyn's Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay.
02/09/2020 Refuge Areas Could Protect Prized Fisheries in a Changing Climate | Research - News: How climate change might impact some aquatic organisms in New York’s waters was the focus of a recently-completed NYSG-funded study led by SBU SoMAS researcher Christopher Gobler.
11/19/2019 On The Water to Celebrate NYC's City of Water Day ... and More | NYC - News: SRIJB provided dockside tours of the R/V CUNY 1, a 65-foot hybrid propulsion aluminum catamaran that is the latest technology in maritime and boating.
11/16/2019 Students Present Resiliency Guidelines at Final Resilient Schools Consortium Summit | NYC - News: The Resilient Schools Consortium program provides an opportunity for students to not only learn about coastal resilience, but create projects and policy recommendations to directly address the challenges that lie ahead.
11/14/2019 In Photos: Resilience Professionals and Citizens Help Build Community Resilience at Flood Forum | Jamaica Bay / NYC - News: Flooding poses significant risks to coastal communities in south Brooklyn and Queens, but it is just one of several challenges facing New York City’s coastal communities. Professionals from a variety of resilience-focused agencies offer insights on how homeowners can be prepared.
11/13/2019 RISE 2019: NYSG Climate and Resiliency Extension, Outreach and Education | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: NYSG provides multiple platforms for climate and resilience extension, outreach and education along New York’s marine and Great Lakes coastlines.
05/08/2019 Currents Clips | News: This is a new series of one to two minute video summaries that immerse NYSG's Web site visitors, social media followers and NY Coastlines subscribers into the program's coastal research, extension and education stories.
04/18/2019 Visualizing Coastal Change | NYC - News: NY Sea Grant’s mapping efforts provide educational resources across the Hudson Valley and Metro New York
04/02/2019 NYSG Featured in NYSDEC's 2016-2018 Great Lakes Program Progress Report | New York's Great Lakes - News: People and communities are benefiting from collaborative projects, including a number of them with Sea Grant, to restore New York's Great Lakes resources
03/29/2019 On YouTube: Jamaica Bay Community Flood Watch Project | Jamaica Bay / NYC - News: The program trains residents how to document flood data from places around Jamaica Bay. Information is then shared with scientists and city officials who address flooding concerns.
03/22/2019 New York Coastlines, Late Winter 2019 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: In June, NYSG will release the late Spring / early Summer '19 issue of its flagship publication, New York Coastlines. E-subscribers will receive it first, so be sure to sign up ... and, in the meantime, check out our late Winter '19 edition.
03/02/2019 In Media: Summit addresses climate change response for New York communities | Climate - News: The event included updates from researchers on community impacts and needs, and a session generating stakeholder input on an Extension Volunteer Climate Stewards Program.
02/25/2019 On YouTube: “Climate to Go” Science Education for New York City Teachers | Publications: Success Stories - Extension (2019): NYSG expertise is helping New York City teachers, schools and communities proactively address climate change and resiliency
02/25/2019 On YouTube: Climate Masters: Supporting Climate Literacy, Adaptation, Resiliency in NY Communities | Publications: Success Stories - Extension (2019): NYSG supports evidence-based education program development for local communities vulnerable to climate change impacts
02/23/2019 In Media: Two SBU Teams Awarded Ocean Research Grants to Study Waters off NY | NY Ocean Action Plan - Press Release: Nearly $570,000 in ocean research grants have been awarded to three investigative teams, two of which are from Stony Brook University. The teams will work to identify the biodiversity of the offshore ecosystem of the New York Bight and investigate the species and uses of New York’s ocean environment.
02/03/2019 NYSG and DEC Announce Nearly $570,000 in New York Ocean Research Grants | NY Ocean Action Plan - Press Release: Funded research grants— awarded to three investigative teams including Stony Brook University, CUNY York College, and the Wildlife Conservation Society—support New York’s Ocean Action Plan.
12/19/2018 New York Coastlines, Early Winter 2018 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: NYSG's latest e-newsletter, New York Coastlines, has come ashore. Check out the Winter '18 edition, which features our latest fellowship as well as stories on coastal tourism, flood resiliency, stewardship, climate challenges and more ...
12/18/2018 On YouTube: Helping New York City Communities Address the Impacts of Climate Change | Jamaica Bay / NYC - Press Release: “Living in coastal cities presents unique hazards from water—from storm surge to extreme storms to storm water, ” said Kathy Bunting-Howarth, Interim Director of New York Sea Grant.
12/11/2018 New York Sea Grant Attends NYC Climate Action Summit | Climate - News: The Local Climate Action Summit, held in New York City during Climate Week NYC in late September, focused on the challenges and opportunities facing local communities in the Northeastern United States because of climate change.
12/09/2018 In Media, On YouTube: New York Sea Grant Introduces “Climate to Go” Bags at STEM Forum | NYC - News: At the three-day “Climate To-Go” workshop 20 teachers from K-12 public schools across New York City were introduced to climate change issues, extreme weather preparedness, and teaching methods for sharing climate science with their students.

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