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08/02/201909/19/2019 New York Coastlines, Early Summer 2019 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: Check out stories from the early summer issue of our flagship publication, NY Coastlines, and be sure you're on our e-list to receive our next issue, slated for release to our subscribers in late September / early October.
05/08/201908/23/2019 Currents Clips | News: This is a new series of one to two minute video summaries that immerse NYSG's Web site visitors, social media followers and NY Coastlines subscribers into the program's coastal research, extension and education stories.
02/25/201908/20/2019 On YouTube: Climate Masters: Supporting Climate Literacy, Adaptation, Resiliency in NY Communities | Publications: Success Stories - Extension (2019): NYSG supports evidence-based education program development for local communities vulnerable to climate change impacts
03/22/201908/02/2019 New York Coastlines, Late Winter 2019 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: In June, NYSG will release the late Spring / early Summer '19 issue of its flagship publication, New York Coastlines. E-subscribers will receive it first, so be sure to sign up ... and, in the meantime, check out our late Winter '19 edition.
02/25/201908/01/2019 On YouTube: “Climate to Go” Science Education for New York City Teachers | Publications: Success Stories - Extension (2019): NYSG expertise is helping New York City teachers, schools and communities proactively address climate change and resiliency
06/20/201906/20/2019 On YouTube: Debate ensues into how to best protect NY-NJ Harbor from future disaster | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: Stony Brook University professor Malcolm J Bowman, who has more than four decades of study and research on coastal front and storm surges, says, "Millions of people at risk, billions of dollars of infrastructure at risk and the problems can only get worse."
02/28/201905/31/2019 In Media: Historic building is hub for Cornell in NYC | NYC - News: Sea Grant is one of a handful of Cornell colleges, units and programs now with operations in one of the city's landmark skyscraper.
03/02/201905/18/2019 In Media: Summit addresses climate change response for New York communities | Climate - News: The event included updates from researchers on community impacts and needs, and a session generating stakeholder input on an Extension Volunteer Climate Stewards Program.
08/12/201805/09/2019 On YouTube: Students Collaborate with Resilience Professionals at first RiSC Summit | NYC - News: The multi-year project builds on local resilience plans such as OneNYC and fosters new partnerships among K-12 schools, informal education institutions, government and non-profit organizations working on resilience planning and implementation.
12/08/201805/09/2019 On YouTube: Coastal Storm Warnings and Your Tipping Point | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: How do you evacuate from a hurricane? Investigators of a study funded through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Sea Grant’s Coastal Storm Awareness Program examine why residents in danger do not always evacuate before storms.
08/16/201805/09/2019 In Media, On YouTube: Campaign aims to bring climate science to every US high school | NYC - News: The Cornell-affiliated Paleontological Research Institution (PRI) has launched a new partnership with the NYSG program and is in the second phase of a crowdfunding campaign in its quest to bring climate change science to every U.S. high school.
12/09/201805/09/2019 In Media, On YouTube: New York Sea Grant Introduces “Climate to Go” Bags at STEM Forum | NYC - News: At the three-day “Climate To-Go” workshop 20 teachers from K-12 public schools across New York City were introduced to climate change issues, extreme weather preparedness, and teaching methods for sharing climate science with their students.
12/18/201805/09/2019 On YouTube: Helping New York City Communities Address the Impacts of Climate Change | Jamaica Bay / NYC - Press Release: “Living in coastal cities presents unique hazards from water—from storm surge to extreme storms to storm water, ” said Kathy Bunting-Howarth, Interim Director of New York Sea Grant.
06/09/201404/18/2019 On YouTube: Geospatial Literacy: Examining Coastal Change Over Time With New York City Teachers | NYC - News: A number of invited elementary school teachers in and around NYC took part in hands-on "Visualizing Coastal Change" workshops, funded through a NOAA Environmental Literacy Grant.
07/03/201304/18/2019 Currents E-Newsletter to Feature Update on Coastal Change Education Materials for Metro NY Area | NYC - News: Liberty and Ellis Islands were both closed indefinitely after Sandy while the National Park Service (NPS) assessed post-storm damage. NPS re-opened the Statue of Liberty on July 4, 2013.
12/17/201204/18/2019 Sea Grant Helps Cornell Document Change, Develop Educational Curricula for NYC Sites | New York Coastlines, Fall 2012: Since 2008, Cornell IRIS and NYSG have been developing stewardship education materials to help educators better understand and teach students about Metro NY's coastal change.
03/24/201903/24/2019 Variations in Tiny Undersea Habitats Greater than Previously Thought | Research - News: In a recent article published in PLoS ONE by NYSG-funded investigators, the authors ask how well marine scientists, statistically, describe reality. If samples are drawn from very geographically distant locations, what do they tell us?
12/19/201803/07/2019 New York Coastlines, Early Winter 2018 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: NYSG's latest e-newsletter, New York Coastlines, has come ashore. Check out the Winter '18 edition, which features our latest fellowship as well as stories on coastal tourism, flood resiliency, stewardship, climate challenges and more ...
12/03/201802/26/2019 2019 New York Seafood Summit | Seafood Science & Technology - News: The goal of the summit will be to convene a group of enthusiastic professionals with vested interest in seafood, in order to build active communications between the various sectors of the NY Seafood Industry.
10/09/201302/12/2019 Visualizing Coastal Change in Metro NY - Resources | NYC - News: Educator Resources for Teachers Maps, Air photos, Exercises, Presentation, Instructions ...
09/13/201801/16/2019 New York Coastlines, Late Summer - Early Fall 2018 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: NY Coastlines—NYSG's flagship publication—and its news archive, Currents, highlight news, events and other activities from our coastal program's various research, extension and education endeavors throughout NY's marine and Great Lakes waters.
12/14/201312/10/2018 On Blog, On YouTube: Superstorm Sandy: One Year Later - Long Island Breach | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: NYSG-funded scientists explain why monitoring the breach is important, as its evolution will affect the tidal dynamics and the ecosystem of the Long Island's eastern Great South Bay.
08/21/201810/19/2018 Helen Cheng’s Jamaica Bay Podcast Series Tells Listeners About Life in the Bay | Jamaica Bay / NYC - News: This collection of stories, each hosted by NYSG's Coastal Resilience Extension Specialist Helen Cheng, features the people that work, live, and play in Jamaica Bay, New York City.
08/21/201810/05/2018 Climate Forum Presentations Inform Flooding Preparedness | Jamaica Bay / NYC - News: The Climate Forum series seeks to create a dialogue between the community and agencies and researchers, and share information, resources, and perspectives.
04/01/201810/05/2018 New York Sea Grant’s Seafood Summit Guides Action Points | Seafood Safety and Technology - News: The second-of-its-kind New York City-based event was held in collaboration with industry, academic and other professional seafood stakeholders.
03/07/201810/05/2018 NYSG Aids in Launch of Storm-Resilient Schools Consortium, Plans for Springtime NYC Summit | NYC - Press Release: Funded through a 2016 NOAA grant, RiSC project's partners provide K-12 environmental literacy and climate resiliency plans for NYC’s schools that help students, faculty and districts prepare for a warming world.
02/13/201810/05/2018 New York Sea Grant Hosts Second Seafood Summit in New York City | Seafood Safety and Technology - News: Discussions at this year’s summit include a variety of relevant topics regarding seafood in New York State, such as regulatory hurdles, productive and resilient systems, and seafood safety and quality.
09/12/201209/18/2018 Coastal Flooding Concerns in NYC Continues Discussion on Storm Surge Barriers | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: With a 520-mile-long coast lined largely by teeming roads and fragile infrastructure, New York City is gingerly facing up to the intertwined threats posed by rising seas and ever-more-severe storm flooding. So began a mid-September 2012 New York Times feature article, "New York Is Lagging as Seas and Risks Rise, Critics Warn," which examines some of the climate change research being done in Metro NY.
05/28/201409/18/2018 Communications is Key to Hurricane Preparedness | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: NYSG's Web Content Manager Paul C. Focazio discusses what everyone needs to know about preparing for a hurricane as well as how he got hooked on science communications and sharpened his skills.
09/23/201309/18/2018 EPA, LISS and NYSG Encourage Thousands to 'Toast the Coast' for National Estuaries Day | NYC - News: Celebrate the 25th annual National Estuaries Day with a nationwide “Toast the Coast” via social media and at Alley Pond Environmental Center's Little Neck Bay Festival.
06/30/201609/18/2018 Get On The Water with NYC's City of Water Day | NYC - News: The Waterfront Alliance once again emphasizes the importance of public access to New York City and New Jersey's waterways via its City of Water Day celebration on Saturday, July 16, 2016.
08/29/201209/18/2018 Hurricane Isaac: NOAA Updates, Reflections on Irene and Katrina | Hurricane Education - News: Hurricane Isaac, which made a second landfall near Port Fourchon, LA earlier today (August 29, 2012) and is moving inland over southeast Louisiana, has many concerned about storm surge and flooding. The hurricane comes about seven years after Katrina hit the United States and a year since Irene.
11/15/201209/18/2018 In the News: Superstorm Sandy and the Discussion from SBU Experts that Followed | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: New York Sea Grant-funded Stony Brook University (SBU) School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) researchers who tracked superstorm Sandy before, during and after landfall made the rounds in media discussions, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NBC News, ABC News, the Associated Press and Newsday, among others. One of those researchers, Malcolm Bowman, will discuss "Storm Surge from Superstorm Sandy: Causes and Impacts" at SBU Southampton on Friday, November 16, 2012.
03/30/201709/18/2018 Jamaica Bay | Podcasts: Jamaica Bay has been presented with environmental and social challenges, especially in the wake o...
12/18/201409/18/2018 Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance's City of Water Day: Making Urban Waterways Accessible to All | NYC - News: "City of Water Day is all about fun and recognizing the potential of the untapped resource that is our harbor," said MWA President and CEO Roland Lewis.
06/13/201409/18/2018 MWA's Annual Conference: Rebuilding NYC's Waterfront in the Wake of Severe Storms | NYC - News: Urban waterfront plans have been created and "ratcheted up" post-Superstorm Sandy , but are we doing enough to get the job done? Also: A preview of July's City of Water Day
11/03/201309/18/2018 National Geographic: Rising Seas | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: In September 2013, National Geographic placed a spotlight on climate change in its extensive feature story, "Rising Seas," which focused on a central series of concepts: As the planet warms, the sea rises. Coastlines flood. What will we protect? What will we abandon? How will we face the danger of rising seas?
08/28/201209/18/2018 New York Sea Grant in New York City | NYC - News: New York Sea Grant launched a new resource site in Spring 2012 to document our research, extension and education efforts in and around New York City -
05/30/201309/18/2018 New York Sea Grant is a Force of Nature | Hurricane Education - Press Release: With hurricane season underway, NYSG offers a news archives and other hurricane-related resources, as well as YouTube clips with the NOAA's 2013 Atlantic hurricane season predictions as well as a Hurricane Preparedness PSA series.
04/24/201209/18/2018 NOAA and FEMA's National Severe Weather Preparedness Week | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: The NSWP Week initiative (April 22-28, 2002) – a joint effort between NOAA and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), along with a host of federal, state and local partners – is calling on you to “Be a Force of Nature” in your community to help people be prepared should a severe weather event strike.
05/21/201409/18/2018 NOAA and Sea Grant Issue 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook in NYC | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a near-normal or below-normal season. The main driver of this year’s outlook is the anticipated development of El Niño this summer. Also: Sea Grant's Social Science Researchers Help Evaluate More Effective Weather Warnings
01/15/201409/18/2018 NOAA and Sea Grant's Coastal Storm Awareness Program: Publications & Media | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: Publications and media for NOAA and Sea Grant's Coastal Storm Awareness Program
05/27/201609/18/2018 NOAA Predicts Near-normal 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season | Coastal Processes & Hazards - Press Release: Near-normal prediction for 2016 Hurricane Season suggests more activity in Atlantic possible than last three below-normal years; Sea Grant programs in NY, NJ, CT produce video on Coastal Storm Awareness.
03/25/201409/18/2018 NOAA Provides Future Flood Zones for New York City | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: If mid-century projections of sea level rise prove true for NYC, NOAA reports that 4X as many people may be living in the 100-year floodplain than were previously estimated based only on observed changes.
04/17/201309/18/2018 NYSG 'Greens Up' 2013 Earth Day Fests in NYC, on Long Island | Education - News: There are plenty of stewardship and green-friendly activities and events to go around, from Stony Brook University on Long Island to Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn. NYSG will be in attendance at Earth Day festivals on both campuses, with resources and news on current stewardship activities and initiatives.
07/04/201309/18/2018 NYSG Brings Boating Safety to NYC's City of Water Day | NYC - News: New York Sea Grant's Discover Clean & Safe Boating Campaign Expands in 2013, Reaching NYC for the first-time on the heels of being at Hudson River's Clearwater Festival in late Spring.
04/07/201309/18/2018 NYSG Networks at Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance Conference, Talks Post-Sandy Efforts | NYC - News: New York Sea Grant staff will be in attendance at the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance's (MWA) 2013 Waterfront Conference. The emphasis for the all-day event, which takes place on Tuesday in New York City, is on "Leadership for Our City of Water." Features of the conference include a mayoral forum and prominent speakers from around the region.
03/06/201309/18/2018 NYSG Responds to Superstorm Sandy: Storm Surge Research | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, New York Sea Grant (NYSG) has played a role in providing sound information to managers and stakeholders in a timely way. This is a sampling of how we're responding.
05/23/201209/18/2018 NYSG Sets Sail at Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance Conference, Reports on NYC Efforts | NYC - News: New York Sea Grant was well represented at this year's Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, held on May 18-19 at Chelsea Piers and other points along the Hudson River.
09/26/201209/18/2018 NYSG Shares Resources, Offers Educational Opportunities at NY Metro Fall Festivals | NYC - News: NYSG will be at several festivals in the New York metro area this fall, providing attendees with kid-friendly Color Your Catch brochures, news on NYSG's education and research efforts in and around New York City and information on the health of Long Island Sound.

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