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03/14/202003/14/2020 Resilience Forums Inform Long Island Communities | Publications: Success Stories - Extension (2020): Helping Long Island communities increase resilience to flooding via resources, forum opportunities and information provided by NYSG
12/06/201902/22/2020 New York Coastlines, Fall 2019 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: Check out stories from the fall 2019 issue of our flagship publication, NY Coastlines, and be sure you're on our e-list to receive our latest issue, which was released in mid-February 2020 to our e-subscribers. We'll send you the issue before it's online in early March.
02/09/202002/14/2020 A Chemical Clock to Study Coastal Water Quality | Research - News: While we cannot see submarine groundwater discharge (SGD), it's important for researchers to analyze photographic evidence of it. SGD is a hydrogeologic mechanism whereby water is pushed in different ways underground toward the sea, and vice versa. This mixing zone between groundwater and seawater in the coastal aquifer is critically important for controlling a variety of chemical reactions.
03/01/201201/24/2020 Nearly $2.4 Million for New York Sea Grant in 2012-2013 | Research - Press Release: NYSG has received a grant totaling $2.4 million for fiscal years 2012-2013 to fund its research, extension and education efforts on important coastal issues related to storm surges and flooding, seafood safety, wetland habitats, fisheries, and harmful algal blooms, among others.
08/29/201101/24/2020 New York Times Blogs on NYSG-Funded SBU Researchers Tracking Hurricane Irene | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: As Hurricane Irene headed up the U.S. East Coast in late August 2011, New York Times environmental/climate-change reporter Andrew Revkin kept his Web visitors apprised of this force of nature via his interactive blog, Dot Earth.
06/13/201101/16/2020 NOAA's Dr. Jane Lubchenco Visits NYSG | : Meet and Greet for Dr. Jane Lubchenco with New York Sea Grant and Partners at Stony Brook Universit...
11/13/201912/18/2019 RISE 2019: NYSG Climate and Resiliency Extension, Outreach and Education | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: NYSG provides multiple platforms for climate and resilience extension, outreach and education along New York’s marine and Great Lakes coastlines.
08/02/201912/06/2019 New York Coastlines, Early Summer 2019 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: Check out stories from the early summer issue of our flagship publication, NY Coastlines, and be sure you're on our e-list to receive our next issue, slated for release to our subscribers in November.
11/22/201911/23/2019 On YouTube: Living Shorelines - What Are They and Are More NY Communities Embracing Them? | New York Shorelines - News: Living Shorelines include natural features that work to absorb (lessen) some wave action and flooding. They not only protect shorelines, but conserve, create, or restore natural shoreline functions.
11/20/201911/21/2019 On YouTube: Using Virtual Reality to Learn How to Escape a Rip Current | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: This Hofstra University rip currents study, which uses virtual reality as its platform to educate beachgoers, is funded by New York Sea Grant.
11/19/201911/19/2019 On The Water to Celebrate NYC's City of Water Day ... and More | NYC - News: SRIJB provided dockside tours of the R/V CUNY 1, a 65-foot hybrid propulsion aluminum catamaran that is the latest technology in maritime and boating.
12/19/201811/14/2019 New York Coastlines, Early Winter 2018 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: NYSG's latest e-newsletter, New York Coastlines, has come ashore. Check out the Winter '18 edition, which features our latest fellowship as well as stories on coastal tourism, flood resiliency, stewardship, climate challenges and more ...
09/07/201911/14/2019 NOAA Sea Grant's Coastal Storm Awareness Program Findings Welcomed by National Weather Service | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: Sea Grant-supported research has led to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service adopting Eastern Region’s new storm briefing template nationwide.
06/09/201911/14/2019 On Air, On YouTube: NOAA Announces its 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Outlook | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: With the 2019 hurricane season upon us, NOAA and Sea Grant are leveraging cutting-edge tools to help secure Americans against the threat posed by hurricanes and tropical cyclones across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
03/30/201911/14/2019 On YouTube, On Air: Coastal Residents Wary of Storms and Preparing | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: In the years since Superstorm Sandy's impact, the aim of the NOAA Sea Grant’s Coastal Storm Awareness Program was to help better understand through social science how people react to storm warnings and make the decision to stay or to go.
12/08/201811/14/2019 On YouTube: Coastal Storm Warnings and Your Tipping Point | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: How do you evacuate from a hurricane? Investigators of a study funded through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Sea Grant’s Coastal Storm Awareness Program examine why residents in danger do not always evacuate before storms.
08/14/201811/14/2019 Before a Severe Storm Hits, Learning to Communicate about the Risks | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: “Is Storm Surge Scary?” an article describing research results, has been published in the September 2018 issue of the International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction.
06/08/201911/14/2019 Coastal Resilience Forums Provide Information for Town of Babylon ... and Beyond | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: Being resilient before a coastal storm is key, which is why NYSG has produced several new fact sheets and hosts a series of resilience forums for Long Island residents.
05/08/201911/14/2019 Currents Clips | News: This is a new series of one to two minute video summaries that immerse NYSG's Web site visitors, social media followers and NY Coastlines subscribers into the program's coastal research, extension and education stories.
08/26/201111/14/2019 Hurricane Education | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: We're in the midst of hurricane season. Prepare yourself, your family, business, property in the event of a hurricane with our tips, links to resources and news on related NYSG-funded research.
12/16/201811/14/2019 In Media, On YouTube: Hurricane of '38 | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: On Sept. 21, 1938, the Category 3 storm took Long Islanders by surprise, claiming dozens of lives and turning the East End on its end. 80 years later, survivors recall vivid memories of the historic Long Island Express hurricane.
04/01/201811/14/2019 Kathleen Fallon Shares Coastal Erosion Information with Long Islanders | Marine Coastal Processes & Facilities / Marinas - Press Release: As detailed in a four-page NYSG fact sheet, erosion affects coastal communities on all across Long Island, from the Hamptons on the South Fork to North Shore communities along the Long Island Sound.
09/03/201811/14/2019 Legislature Fights to Preserve County Waters | Marine Coastal Processes & Facilities / Marinas - News: Sea Grant Specialist Says Youth Education is Key. Microplastics ending up in local waters are among the most pressing issues on Long Island.
09/13/201811/14/2019 New York Coastlines, Late Summer - Early Fall 2018 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: NY Coastlines—NYSG's flagship publication—and its news archive, Currents, highlight news, events and other activities from our coastal program's various research, extension and education endeavors throughout NY's marine and Great Lakes waters.
05/11/201811/14/2019 New York Coastlines, Spring 2018 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: NY Coastlines—NYSG's flagship publication—and its news archive, Currents, highlight news, events and other activities from our coastal program's various research, extension and education endeavors throughout NY's marine and Great Lakes waters.
12/11/201811/14/2019 New York Sea Grant Attends NYC Climate Action Summit | Climate - News: The Local Climate Action Summit, held in New York City during Climate Week NYC in late September, focused on the challenges and opportunities facing local communities in the Northeastern United States because of climate change.
06/15/201811/14/2019 New York Sea Grant Provides Resources to Avoid Rip Current Dangers | Coastal Processes & Hazards - Press Release: In addition to Sea Grant's online resources, including a new fact sheet, NOAA National Weather Service provides beachgoers with real-time surf zone forecasts.
10/30/201711/14/2019 On the Fifth Anniversary of Sandy, a Big Question Remains | Coastal Processes & Hazards / Research - News: Sea Grant investigators show that the superstorm was not a worst-case catastrophe.
12/16/201811/14/2019 On YouTube: A Forecasting Fulcrum: Insights From Dr. Louis W. Uccellini on the 1938 Hurricane | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: On October 3, 2018, Hofstra commemorated the 80th anniversary with a symposium, "Long Island Hurricanes on the 80th Anniversary of the 1938 Storm: Past, Present, and Future," at which Sea Grant tabled and provided its funded research on past hurricanes, and shared resources for hurricane preparedness.
06/20/201911/14/2019 On YouTube: Debate ensues into how to best protect NY-NJ Harbor from future disaster | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: Stony Brook University professor Malcolm J Bowman, who has more than four decades of study and research on coastal front and storm surges, says, "Millions of people at risk, billions of dollars of infrastructure at risk and the problems can only get worse."
12/16/201811/14/2019 On YouTube: Destructive 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Draws to an End | Coastal Processes & Hazards - Press Release: According to NOAA, the season will be remembered most for hurricanes Florence and Michael, which caused significant damage in the southeastern U.S. In total, the season produced 15 named storms, including eight hurricanes of which two were “major” (Category 3, 4 or 5).
02/25/201911/14/2019 On YouTube: Hurricanes: Forecasting, Communication, Response & Preparedness | Publications: Success Stories - Extension (2019): NYSG's efforts are increasing community awareness and preparedness for storms like 2012's Sandy and the 1938 Hurricane, both of which destroyed thousands of homes and resulted in loss of life and hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.
12/15/201811/14/2019 On YouTube: Kathleen Fallon Shares Hurricane Information with Long Islanders | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: Speaking to an audience seated below the historic flood level, NYSG's Kathleen Fallon shared information about forecasting, communications, and preparedness at the Hurricane Forum at the end of September.
06/20/201911/14/2019 On YouTube: NYSG Offers Interactive Coastal-Themed Activities at Stony Brook University's Earthstock | Education - News: In addition to offering some interactive activities, NYSG provided festival-goers with fact sheets on rip currents safety and newsletters like Sound Update, which provides a snapshot of efforts being undertaken by Long Island Sound Study, a NYSG partner organization.
12/10/201811/14/2019 On YouTube: On Long Island, Post-Superstorm Sandy, an Upside | Marine Coastal Processes & Hazards / Research - News: NYSG-funded research Charlie Flagg discovered an unexpected side effect of October 2012's Sandy: a breach opened in Long Island's Fire Island region after the superstorm increased circulation and flushing, which has led to better water quality, and reduced incidence of harmful algal blooms.
04/19/201811/14/2019 Photographs Influence Perceptions of Hurricane Risk | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: Recently-published research suggests that certain visuals, such as infographics, can make messages related to environmental issues more compelling, such as bolstering or depressing feelings of self-efficacy in adapting behaviors to climate change.
04/27/201811/14/2019 Sea Grant’s Bill Wise Speaks to Congress about Disaster Preparedness | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: New York Sea Grant Director Bill Wise participated in a legislative briefing, “Using Science and Outreach to Assist State and Local Decision Makers in Disaster Preparedness and Public Safety,” on November 8 in Washington, DC, which was sponsored by Congressmen Lee Zeldin (NY) and Joe Courtney (CT).
09/10/201811/14/2019 Should I Stay or Should I Go? | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: Investigators examine public responses to severe storm threats in NOAA Sea Grant-funded studies. Sea Grant also provides tips to empower preparedness.
04/19/201811/14/2019 When Hurricane Nears, Memory and Responsibility Play Role in Decisions to Evacuate | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: In a recent paper published in Risk Analysis, Laura Rickard and colleagues are thinking about risk judgment and risk communication in connection to natural hazards like hurricanes.
06/27/201611/14/2019 “Should I stay or should I go?”: Communicating Risk when the Storm Comes | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: A new video by Sea Grant summarizing research from 10 NOAA-funded social science projects will be screened during the day and evening on Thursday, July 14, 2016 at the Long Beach Library on Long Island, NY.
04/29/201511/14/2019 Are We Ready For The Next Hurricane? | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: Several NOAA and Sea Grant-funded Hofstra professors outline on-going research about cultural and language barriers that may have hindered Superstorm Sandy evacuation efforts in Long Beach, N.Y.
05/28/201411/14/2019 Communications is Key to Hurricane Preparedness | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: NYSG's Web Content Manager Paul C. Focazio discusses what everyone needs to know about preparing for a hurricane as well as how he got hooked on science communications and sharpened his skills.
10/08/201711/14/2019 Effects of a Superstorm Linger: Four Years after Sandy | Marine Coastal Processes & Hazards / Research - News: Graduate student Tyler Abruzzo and research technician Josh Zacharias picking through a heavily...
03/30/201411/14/2019 ESF social scientists improving storm-warning communications - Syracuse Post Standard | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: Researchers from State University College of Environmental Science and Forestry are joining other scientists in developing ways to improve communications between emergency officials and residents.
08/29/201211/14/2019 Hurricane Isaac: NOAA Updates, Reflections on Irene and Katrina | Hurricane Education - News: Hurricane Isaac, which made a second landfall near Port Fourchon, LA earlier today (August 29, 2012) and is moving inland over southeast Louisiana, has many concerned about storm surge and flooding. The hurricane comes about seven years after Katrina hit the United States and a year since Irene.
12/05/201211/14/2019 Impacts of Barrier Island Breaches | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: When Superstorm Sandy made landfall on October 29, 2012, with its damaging winds and storm surge, it took a toll especially on Long Island’s populous south shore where lives, properties and infrastructure were devastated. One of New York’s well-known barrier islands, Fire Island, was also hard hit. A NYSG publication explores the impacts of when these barrier islands are breached.
04/14/201511/14/2019 Long Island Coastal Resiliency Summit at Touro Law to Be Held April 16 | Marine Coastal Processes & Facilities / Marinas - News: New York Sea Grant to present Living Shorelines to Control Coastal Erosion
10/19/201211/14/2019 Long Island’s Dynamic South Shore (2012 Reprint) | Coastal Processes & Hazards - News: This popular New York Sea Grant publication was revised and reprinted in Fall 2012. From the 28-page booklet’s introduction we learn that LI’s south shore is home to a wide variety of habitats which support a vast array of plants and animals, some threatened or endangered. It is also the place where millions of people live, work, and play.
09/25/201711/14/2019 Model Reproduces Recent Changes in Ocean Climate around New York City and the Mid-Atlantic | Climate / Research - News: Professor Nickitas Georgas surveying Hudson River conditions on the coastal ice cutter Sturgeon...
03/22/201911/14/2019 New York Coastlines, Late Winter 2019 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: In June, NYSG will release the late Spring / early Summer '19 issue of its flagship publication, New York Coastlines. E-subscribers will receive it first, so be sure to sign up ... and, in the meantime, check out our late Winter '19 edition.

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