NYMPP: Section 1 - Mechanical Activities
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Section 1:
Mechanical Activities
- Oil Changes:
Heater Compliance

If one of the above methods has been performed, these used oil filters can be disposed of as nonhazardous solid waste, subject to town and county requirements. However, the most environmentally preferred method of disposal is to recycle these filters. Opportunities exist for recycling properly drained filters and the Department encourages the recycling of used oil filters wherever possible. Check with your local scrap metal yard for more recycling information.

Best Management Practices

  • Crush or puncture the dome or anti-drain valve and hot drain the filter.

  • Collect oil from filter crushing and manage it the same way as engine used oils.

  • Store drained and crushed filters in a leak-proof container until recycled or disposed.

  • Recycle drained or crushed filters with your scrap metals.

Regulatory Requirements

Operations can burn their own used oil and used oil from do-it-yourself oil changers in specially designed used oil-fired space heaters as long as the following requirements are met:

  • The used oil originates from vehicles, including used oil generated from boats, at your facility or by accepting it from individuals (non-commercial) who generate the used oil by draining the lubricating oil out of their own motorized equipment.

The heater is designed to have a maximum capacity of no more than 0.5 million BTU per hour (Note: You can use a higher capacity heater, but you will need a permit).
Exhaust gases from the heater are vented to the outside air.
The used oil has not been mixed with any hazardous waste.
You comply with 6 NYCRR Subpart 225-2 (Fuel Composition and Use Waste Fuel). Also, the tanks and/or containers used to store used oil must comply with the NYSDEC "Used Oil Requirements." Many maintenance operations purchase
used oil-fired space heaters and then find out that they don't generate enough used oil to keep the space heater operating throughout the winter. Although it may seem desirable to receive used oil from other sites that generate used oil, both the used oil and air regulations impose significant restrictions, such as record keeping and analytical testing, on this practice. If you wish to explore the possibility of burning used oil from other than your own or do-it yourself oil changers, please contact the DEC's Technical Determination and Analysis Section of the Division of Solid and Hazardous Materials at (518) 402-8612, or call your DEC's regional office.

Due to the harmful effects of used oil on the environment, do not burn used oil in an unapproved boiler, space heater or furnace.

Environmental Compliance, Pollution Prevention, and March 2003 Self-Assessment Guide for the Marina Industry 65