Seafood Processing and Marketing Task Force—Resource Guides
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New York Sea Grant has been coordinating a Seafood Processing and Marketing Task Force with Federal, State, and Local agencies, industry groups and extension personnel to address hurdles and opportunities for alternative marketing strategies for seafood in NY State. 

While a variety of resources exist outlining best practices and alternative strategies for marketing seafood products, the specifics of marketing within every state varies significantly due to differences in infrastructure and regulations. Using existing resources and reviewing current regulatory requirements and guidelines the task force has created a series of resource guides that outline the requirements for processing and marketing seafood in New York.

The resources developed include 3 regulatory guides and 9 supplementary resources that provide more detail on the strategies and requirements outlined in the regulatory guides.  

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Guides 1-8

Seafood Guide 1: New York Food Labeling Requirements | PDF

Seafood Guide 2: Enhancing Seafood Safety and Marketability | PDF

Seafood Guide 3: Seafood HACCP | PDF

Seafood Guide 4: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) | PDF

Seafood Guide 5: Sanitation | PDF

Seafood Guide 6: Allergens and Cross-Contact | PDF

Seafood Guide 7: Marketing Seafood | PDF

Seafood Guide 8: Best Practices for Seafood Delivery and Mailing | PDF

Regulatory Guides

Regulatory Guide to Marketing Farmed Seafood in New York | PDF

Regulatory Guide to Bivalve Molluscan Shellfish Marketing in New York | PDF

Regulatory Guide to Marketing Wild Caught Seafood in New York | PDF

Other Guides

Opportunities for Seafood Marketing and Sales on Long Island | PDF

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