New York Commercial Fishing 2021 Survey Report
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Michael Ciaramella, NYSG Seafood Safety & Technology Specialist, P: 631-632-8730, E:

Stony Brook, NY, February 9, 2022 — The New York Commercial Fishing 2021 Survey offers an up-to-date profile of the Long Island commercial fishing industry that is meant to assist with evaluating the needs of local fishermen and characterize the harvesting and processing capacity of the industry, support businesses, and people engaged in this livelihood. 

Results from the survey can be used to better understand the industry and assist, industry, researchers, policy makers, State and Federal Agencies in providing the resources and support necessary to promote a viable and sustainable fishing industry. 

The survey was developed by Suffolk County Department of Economic Development & Planning in collaboration with New York Sea Grant, Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine Program, and the Long Island Commercial Fishing Association.

Click the report cover below to download the PDF.

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