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Traditional food safety programs have been based on industry compliance with specified requirements and random spot checks by regulatory agencies. A new widely accepted approach to food safety control requires food processors to identify all food safety hazards associated with their products and process, and to apply science based controls to prevent, eliminate or reduce these hazards to an acceptable level. Seafood was the first commodity required to use this new system, called HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). Since December 18, 1997, a U.S. FDA regulation has required all seafood processors, including firms that handle, pack, store, or label seafood, to develop and implement a HACCP Plan to control all food safety hazards. Thousands of seafood processors, wholesalers, packing docks, and shellfish shippers in New York and across the U.S. must comply with this regulation. 

Training Requirement and National Training Format

Understanding and implementing the FDA seafood HACCP regulations represents a significant challenge for many seafood businesses. Training is essential to help them understand the food safety hazards that could affect their products, the new HACCP system, and how to develop a HACCP plan for their operation. NY Sea Grant’s Seafood Specialist, Mike Ciaramella provides leadership for HACCP training programs in NY and across the U.S. The training program has two formats: a 3 day “live” course (used in NY through 2002); and a format that consists of an Internet course + a 1 day “live” course (introduced in NY in 2003).

National Seafood HACCP Alliance Internet Training Course
The online course consists of 12 training modules on HACCP principles and the FDA Seafood HACCP regulation. Completion of this Internet based distance education course enables students to attend a 1-day Segment Two “live” training course leading to a Certificate of Course Completion from the National Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO). This certificate demonstrates compliance with the training requirements of the FDA’s seafood HACCP regulation. This training program was launched in 2001.  As of September 2015, over 10,000 people from all 50 U.S. states and 63 foreign countries have completed this Internet based distance education course. Ken also routinely conducted at least 4 “live” one-day courses each year in NY. In the coming years his predecessor Mike Ciaramella will be initiating the “live” one-day courses to enable individuals from industry and regulatory agencies to complete the Alliance training.

For additional Seafood HACCP courses offered  by Seafood HACCP Alliance trainers visit the AFDO Web site.



Corrective Action Report (MS Word)

Monitoring Record Forms (Examples)
  • Daily Cooker Temperature Log (MS Word)

  • Weigh/Pack/Label Log (MS Word)

Verification Record Forms (Examples)
  • Quarterly Thermometer Calibration Log (MS Word)

  • Daily Thermometer Accuracy Log (MS Word)

  • Finished Product Microbial Evaluation Report (MS Word)

  • Raw Product Chemical Evaluation Report (MS Word)

  • Annual HACCP Plan Verification Report (MS Word)

National Seafood HACCP Alliance
The Seafood HACCP Alliance was devised to promote uniform and current education, training and technical assistance programs for the seafood industry and regulatory agencies. The Alliance develops educational materials and programs to disperse the wealth of seafood safety information it has compiled and train individuals to effectively educate students on HACCP regulations, guidelines and resources. The National Steering Committee for this Alliance is made up of  representatives from universities across the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration, the National Marine Fisheries Service, state regulatory agencies, the National Association of Food and Drug Officials, and national seafood industry organizations.

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