Seafood Corner: Recipes and Fish Species Information
Seafood Safety and Technology - Publications
Eat Up! Enjoy these recipes and learn some fish species information while you cook ...

Two Cousins' Seafood Stew (with Golden Tilefish, or other firm, white fish) (pdf)

Steamed Skate with Lemongrass, Ginger and Lime (pdf)

Poached Striped Bass with Gewurztraminer (pdf)

Monkfish Oreganata (pdf)

Long Island Fisherman Stew (Blackfish) (pdf)

Manhattan Clam Chowder (pdf)

Maxime's Moules-Frites (Mussels with Fried Potatoes) (pdf)

Spicy Blackfish (pdf)

Sauteed Mackerel with Tomatoes and Onions (pdf)

Grilled Squid with Black Sesame & Marinated Grilled Squid (pdf)

Black Sea Bass Stir-fry (pdf)

Mackerel Puttanesca (pdf)

Baked Porgy with Basil (pdf)

Weakfish on the Grill (pdf)

Poached Summer Flounder Turbans with Asparagus, Plum Tomato and Mustard Chutney (pdf)

Broiled Shad with Herbs and Onions (pdf)

German New Year's Herring (pdf)

Lobster - Hot 'n Cold (pdf)

Billy Captree's Bouillabaisse (Monkfish, Seabass or Striped Bass) (pdf)

Clambake on the Grill (pdf)

Hearty Fish Stew (Cod) (pdf)

Monkfish with Zucchini and Yogurt (pdf)

Walleye Parmesan (pdf)

Winter Warmth (Pan-seared Hake over Manhattan Chowder-style Vegetables and Clams) (pdf)

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