Publications: New York Coastlines, Winter 2012

NYSG’s Winter 2012 New York Coastlines is available as a pdf, both in its full print version (see sidebar at right) and as individual articles. For individual articles and back issues of New York Coastlines, click here.

From the Director

This issue describes many of our recent 2011 40th Anniversary activities-- seminars, discussions and receptions—both upstate and down. We used this milestone as an opportunity to highlight New York Sea Grant’s many accomplishments over the last 40 years as we look forward to the next 40. I encourage you to follow the links to the video highlights of these events and those from prior anniversary events especially the reception for NOAA Administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco detailed in the Summer/Fall 2011 New York Coastlines.

One of the most important components of New York Sea Grant (NYSG) has always been its Program Advisory Council or PAC. This diverse group of stakeholders provides advice and suggests direction to NYSG, although they have no specific decision-making power. They also participate in the NYSG research review process, primarily through evaluation of pre-proposals. In the last few years the PAC lost several members through attrition, so NYSG recently added 10 new members. These include people from groups not recently represented on the PAC, such as the energy industry, upstate media and public radio, and coastal business owners and local officials.

NYSG is just starting a new round of nine funded research projects, totaling about $2M over the next two years. The projects include the Contribution of Marina Activities to the Algal Growth of Sodus Bay, Lake Ontario; the Effect of Salinity Intrusion on Hudson River Wetland Nitrogen Cycling; and an Integrated Multi-model Storm Surge Prediction System for Coastal (Marine) New York to spotlight just three from diverse regions of the state.

NYSG is also currently developing a new strategic plan, which provides us opportunities to reach out to our stakeholder groups, including the PAC, our Board, and the many other researchers and stakeholders with whom we interact. If you would like to provide input to this process, please contact me (631-632-6905, or any of our technical staff. Copy any emails to so we are sure to collect your input. Thanks!

— James Ammerman

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Photo courtesy of Eileen Keenan

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