Coastlines, Fall 2008 - Articles / Web Extras

Some feature stories from this issue include:

Breaking the Waves: Breakwater research More >

Researchers find ways to improve storm surge forecasts for metro NY More >

COSSE cruise for teachers and researchers studying Lake Ontario aboard the USEPA's Lake Guardian. More >

NYS steps up battle against invasive species  More >

NYSG's Dale Baker wins prestigious Extension Award  More >

Scholar Di Liberto wins Mattice Travel Award  More >

Land Use Planning CD for communities More >

Lake Ontario: Stakeholders prioritizing the future More >

Web Extras for this issue include:

Breaking the Waves

Improving Storm Surge Forecasts

  • Web Site: NYSG Storm Surge Team’s web site (click here)

  • Photos: Shows observation stations in the NY metro area (click here)

Coast Watch: We’re All Residents of the Great Lakes

  • Web Site: COSEE Great Lakes' Blog - "Shipboard and Shoreline Science on Lake Ontario" (click here)

New York State Steps Up Battle Against Invasive Species

  • Web Site: Finger Lakes PRISM (click here)

  • Document: Chuck O’Neill’s testimony before Congress related to NYSG’s invasive species  (click here)

Last Wave

  • Lauber, T.B., Brown, T.L. 2008. Information Needs for Lake Ontario: The Great Lakes Regional Research and Information Network Search Conferences. 61 pages.  (click here)

  • Kent, R. 2008. Native Plants and Pollinators. New York Sea Grant Fact Sheet. New York Sea Grant Extension Program, Riverhead, NY. 2pp. (pdf)

    NYSG On YouTube: Bee Fight! (click here)

Seafood Corner

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