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Stony Brook University Storm Surge Research Group has been funded for their research over the last decade in which they created a composite storm surge model that tracks and predicts storm surge in the metro New York area with greater accuracy than other models.

Some of the Group’s work on storm surge prediction and wave forecasting has been picked up by the popular press and the concept of storm surge barriers at several “choke points” around New York City (as done in some places in Europe vulnerable to flooding) has regained some attention by New York City officials. NYSG funded the original modeling research that suggested that storm surge barriers or flood gates could be feasible. As part of developing a resilience strategy for New York Harbor, as called for by the NYS 2100 report, the report suggests “Conduct(ing) a comprehensive storm surge barrier assessment for New York Harbor.”

Team members Drs. Malcolm Bowman and Brian Colle kept close watch before, during and after landfall of Sandy in late October. They provided their results via email, the Group’s website, and NYSG’s website. During the height of the storm, NYSG’s Twitter and Facebook feeds were the primary avenues for providing information as many (including the University) lost power and network connections. In some cases, the groups was able to correct some of the storm-related inaccuracies reported about coastal flooding in lower Manhattan.

This is a NOAA GOES-13 satellite-produced image of Sandy descending on the U.S. Northeast on Monday, October 29, 2012. This image shows the storm as it is centered off of Maryland and Virginia, is heading in a northwestern direction towards the Delaware and southern New Jersey coasts.

Some of the Sandy-Related Video, Audio and Transcripts from Stony Brook University SoMAS Researchers (November-December 2012) are below. For NYSG's full year-to-year topical news archive, see www.nyseagrant.org/hurricane

December 3, 2012: On YouTube: SoMAS Lecture - Storm Surge From Superstorm Sandy: Causes and Impacts

November 20, 2012: On YouTube: PBS News Hour - "Protecting NY From Future Superstorms as Sea Levels Rise"
November 12, 2012:  On YouTube: Regional News Network - "After the Storm - Could All The Flooding Have Been Avoided?"

SBU Researcher To Appear in PBS/Nova Superstorm Sandy Documentary (November 2012)

In the News: Superstorm Sandy and the Discussion from SBU Experts that Followed (November 2012)
Transcripts, with video/audio, are available for the following media segments:

October 30, 2012: NBC News/Cosmic Blog - "NYC flood was foreseen: Now what?"

November 1, 2012: NBC News/Rock Center with Brian Williams - "Hurricane Sandy provides 'wake-up call' for cities at risk of flooding"

November 1, 2012: National Public Radio - "Protecting New York From Future Flooding"

November 2, 2012: ABC News - "Superstorm Sandy Spurs Talk of Sea Barrier for New York"

November 8, 2012: NPR On Point - "In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, New York looks at sea walls"

Also, check out May 2011's SBU Provost Lecture - Malcolm Bowman: Tsunami: Could It Happen To Us?

Stony Brook University Storm Surge Research Group Track Superstorm Sandy, Correct Inaccuracies (November 2012)

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