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New York Sea Grant Commemorates its 40th Anniversary in New York Coastlines, YouTube Series

During the last four decades, New York Sea Grant (NYSG) has funded more than 600 research projects and funded more than 600 graduate students. So, in this issue of New York Coastlines, we describe many of our recent 2011 40th Anniversary activities - seminars, discussions and receptions, both upstate and down - to celebrate our program and its many successes.

"We used this milestone as an opportunity to highlight New York Sea Grant’s many accomplishments over the last 40 years as we look forward to the next 40," says NYSG's Director Dr. James Ammerman. Also included is a collection of YouTube video highlights of these events and those from prior anniversary events, including a May 2011 reception for NOAA Administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco.

"It’s an exciting program ... there’s always something new, there’s always something different," says NYSG's Assistant Director, Cornelia Schlenk. "I think the program itself, as well as the researchers that we fund, have been responsive and visionary and have done a lot of good in addressing the coastal problems and opportunities for New York, both in the Marine District and up in the Great Lakes. And our contributions to science, both in terms of information and people, I think, have been pretty phenomenal."

"I am very proud to be a member of New York Sea Grant," said NYSG Associate Director Dr. Kathy Bunting-Howarth. "It’s a great opportunity to be 'Bringing Science to the Shore.' I like to think of Extension as that bridge. We’re there to bring the science from the academic community from our great higher institutions of learning throughout the state of New York to the folks at the coast of Ithaca’s line—whether you’re a government official there, or whether you’re a recreational fisherman or whether you’re just trying to take your family to the beach to go fishing maybe and can’t decide which one to go to."

The New York Sea Grant program - one of 32 designated programs federally funded under the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) within the Department of Commerce - evolved as a cooperative program of the State University of New York (SUNY) and Cornell University, the state’s federally designated Land Grant College, with offices and personnel across the state. Today’s forward-thinking goals revolve around the themes of healthy coastal ecosystems, sustainable coastal development, safe and sustainable seafood, and hazard resilience in coastal communities.

Feature stories (including any Web Extras) in this issue include:

Celebrating 40 Years More>
What better way to celebrate the first 40 years than by organizing events that highlighted how our partners, stakeholders, researchers, educators and elected officials have helped us “bring science to the shore” for our mutual benefit?

  • On YouTube: NYSG@40: 2011 Statewide Highlights (February 2012) More>
  • On YouTube: NYSG@40: A Look at our Extension Program (February 2012) More>

Celebrating 40 Years in the Great Lakes More>
With so many of its user groups – from anglers and educators to elected officials and researchers – strongly tied to these coastal resources in the Great Lakes, New York Sea Grant hosted and participated in a variety of 40th anniversary lectures and receptions this past fall.

Celebrating at the Maritime Museum More>
At the Long Island Maritime Museum celebration on Great South Bay in September 2011, about 100 people
were welcomed by NYSG Director Dr. Jim Ammerman. “We are here with you, our stakeholders and supporters, to celebrate the first 40 today. It’s great to be on the South Shore where much of our important research and extension outreach activities have taken place over the past 40 years.”

  • On YouTube: NYSG@40: LI Maritime Museum Reception - A Celebration (Overview) (February 2012) More>

  • On YouTube: NYSG@40: LI Maritime Museum Reception - A Look Back at the Program (February 2012) More>

  • On YouTube: NYSG@40: LI Maritime Museum Reception - Music Montage (February 2012) More>

  • On YouTube: NYSG@40: LI Maritime Museum Reception - Poet George Wallace on Fish (February 2012) More>
    With the Martin Loyato Trio: Martin Loyato, Eriko Nagai, Ben Brewer

  • On YouTube: NYSG@40: LI Maritime Museum Reception - George Wallace Reads Whitman (February 2012) More>

Four Decades Supporting Scholars, Fellows, Stewards and Youth
Since the 1970s, New York Sea Grant has funded more than 600 research projects, and more than 600 graduate students, many of whom are in a position of influence relative to the marine and Great Lakes districts, whether in government, academia or industry.

  • Graduate students - the foundation of Cornell's future (Cornell University's Ezra, Spring 2012) More>

  • NY Sea Grant names Cornell's Jillian Cohen a 2012 Knauss Fellow (Press Release, December 2011) More>

NYSG’s Safety-At-Sea Workshop Garners US Coast Guard Appreciation
Following two successful Safety-At-Sea training summer partner programs, NYSG was awarded with both a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding support and outreach by the US Coast Guard and the Northeast Sea Grant Consortium Outstanding Outreach Achievement Award.

  • On YouTube: Safety at Sea: An Award-Winning Program (February 2012) More>

New Fact Sheet on Asian Carp More>
A possible invasion into the Great Lakes of several of the seven species of carp found in North America, but not in the Great Lakes – the silver and bighead carp (known collectively as Asian carp) – has raised concerns.

Seafood Health Facts Web site More>
NYSG's seafood specialist is the primary content developer for a new Web site aimed at helping consumers weigh the benefits against possible risks of eating seafood.

Dose of Reality Campaign More>
NYSG's coastal education specialist has been working with other specialists throughout Sea Grant’s Great Lakes programs for the past year on this education-based the campaign funded by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

Also on YouTube ...

  • NYSG Celebrates 40 Years With Lecture and More (November 2011) More>

  • NOAA’S Dr. Jane Lubchenco visits Sea Grant at Stony Brook (May 2011) More>

Web Extras ...

Nearly $2.4 Million for NYSG in 2012-2013 More>

NYSG Impact Statements Show Depth of Programming and Benefit to NY’s Shoreline Regions More>

NYSG @ 40 More>
We celebrating four decades of "Bringing Science to Shore" in 2011 with events, publications, and a look back at our research, extension and education efforts and initiatives

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