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NY CoastlinesNew York Sea Grant (NYSG)'s flagship publication—and its news archive, Currents, highlight news, events and other activities from our coastal program's various research, extension and education endeavors throughout New York's marine and Great Lakes waters

Fall 2019
NY Coastlines / Currents; Vol. 47, No. 4 & 5  / Vol. 7, No. 4 & 5

Credit: Jan Porinchak

NYSG Director's Letter: Becky Shuford

Greetings New York Sea Grant (NYSG) NY Coastlines subscribers! And welcome to the Fall 2019 issue, the first since I started with NYSG in June.

It has been an incredible five months. Among many experiences so far, I have had the opportunity to visit staff and partners in the Great Lakes, attend my first Management Committee Meetings for the Long Island Sound Study and Peconic Estuary Program, participate in our biennial funding cycle's technical review panel, congratulate three new New York Sea Grant Knauss Marine Policy Fellows (see feature article and application for the 2021 cycle, both of which are below), and welcome three new New York Sea Grant staff to the family.

Monica Miles has joined us as our Great Lakes Literacy Specialist, Jimena Perez-Viscasillas is our new Long Island Sound Study Outreach Coordinator, and Jessica Kuonen is our Hudson Coastal Resilience Specialist (more to come on them in the next issue of NY Coastlines). Please join me in welcoming them.

As always there is a lot of great news to share. Select highlights from this issue of NY Coastlines include:

- stories on ongoing harmful algal bloom research
- announcement of the 2019 Great Lakes Small Grants

- impact statement from the National Weather Service on the Coastal Storm Awareness Program

- updates on the Lake Sturgeon Restoration Project and Jamaica Bay Flood Watch Program
- photos and videos from the New York State Fair
- summary of the second RiSC Summit

... and so much more. Enjoy!

What's Trending: Fellowship Opportunities

NYSG Congratulates Three 2020 National Knauss Marine Policy Program Finalists

The Knauss program, which is sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Sea Grant College Program (NSGCP), matches highly qualified graduate students with "hosts" in the legislative branch, executive branch, or appropriate associations / institutions located in the Washington, DC area, for a one year paid fellowship.

NY's awardees for the 2020 fellowships are graduate students at Stony Brook University, Cornell University and Brooklyn College. Read on >>

Apply: 2021 National Sea Grant College Program Dean John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship

Who can apply? Eligible students who have an interest in ocean, coastal and Great Lakes resources and in the national policy decisions affecting those resources.

Graduate students at New York institutions should submit through February 21, 2020 via NYSG at

For more, see:

NYSG/NSGO Knauss Fellowship overview one-pager: PDF
National Sea Grant: Knauss overview;
Prospective Knauss fellows 

Read entries from current & past fellows:

Apply: 2020 National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)Sea Grant Fellowships

Who can apply? PhD students studying in one of two priority areasPopulation and Ecosystem Dynamics and Marine Resource Economicsare welcome to inquire about these three year research-based fellowships.

The program is designed to fulfill workforce development needs identified by the NOAA's NMFS and since 1990 has provided opportunities for 126 PhD students.

Graduate students at New York institutions should submit through January 30, 2020 via the New York Sea Grant program at

For more, see:

National Sea Grant:

What's Trending: Upcoming Events & Deadlines

NYSG to Co-Host Fourth Seafood Summit in New York City

Each year at the New York Seafood Summit we highlight some of the State's bountiful seafood supply and introduce participants to the delicious, diverse, and versatile seafood available locally. Read on >>

The next summit will be held on February 3, 2020 at Project Farmhouse (76 East 13th Street / New York, NY 10003).

Register by January 18th at

Seafood HACCP Course

NYSG offers this Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) segment two training on December 10th.
This courseideal for seafood processors, wholesalers, packing docks, and shellfish shipperswill be held at the U.S. Food and Drug Admin's Office of Regulatory Affairs in Queens, NY.

Register ($100, which includes lunch and a Seafood HACCP certificate issued by the Association of Food and Drug Officials) at:

Listeria Control Workshop

New methods for Listeria control in seafood facilities will be showcased at this NYSG-led February 3, 2020 workshop, for which registration ($75) closes on January 18th.

Foods implicated in Listeria outbreaks and sporadic cases almost always are refrigerated products that can support the growth of this organism.

Seafood processors can reserve a space for this Long Island City-based training at:

Solutions for Pollution

Now through April 1, 2020, Long Island high school students can submit concepts for reducing trash in NY's waterways and on our beaches with a focus on the Long Island Sound and its associated harbors. Top three winning entries will receive cash awards. For more info and to enter, visit

What's Trending: National / Regional News

Photo Credit: Peter Essick

Great Lakes Areas of Concern in the Spotlight

When much of the industry moved from the Great Lakes to other parts of the world, waterways were left with a legacy of pollution. And the communities that sit on their shores had to cope with environmental, health, and economic setbacks.

This sets the stage for " Great Lakes Resurgence: Clean-up Efforts Bring Life to Local Waterfronts," a visually-driven essay compiled by the various Great Lakes Sea Grant programs, including New York Sea Grant. Read on >>

National Sea Grant Awards $16M to Advance U.S. Aquaculture

Sea Grant announces $16 million in federal funding awards to fill important gaps in aquaculture knowledge, advancement of existing efforts and development of new possibilities. Read on >>

New York Sea Grant is leading and/or partnering in a handful of these projects, both in NY's marine and Great Lakes waters ...

East Coast Aquaculture Read on >>
In NY's marine waters, NYSG is leading a three-year, $1.2 million collaborative effort to develop a hard clam selective breeding program to benefit clam farmers. NYSG is also partnering on a $1.1 million National Sea Grant Seawood Hub collaborative effort led by Connecticut Sea Grant.
Great Lakes Aquaculture Read on >>
This $1 million, multi-state project is designed to help Great Lakes states respond to consumer demand for freshwater fish and a $14 billion national seafood trade deficit identified by NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service.

National Sea Grant Awards $2M to Advance Understanding of American Lobster, Support Industry

A new Sea Grant regional lobster extension program will amplify the voices of stakeholders and learn from those who have knowledge from living the life of the lobster industry.

The aim of this new research is to understanding physical and chemical changes affecting American lobster  (Homarus americanus) in the Gulf of Maine as well as a regional lobster extension program.

For its part, New York Sea Grant (along with other Northeast Sea Grant programs) will lead extension activities that both serve local needs and contribute to the collective goal and objectives of the Regional Lobster Extension Program. Read on >>

Spotlight on Sea Grant Podcasts

In honor of #InternationalPodcastDay this past September 30th, NOAA's National Sea Grant office took a virtual tour around the many Sea Grant programs that host or support podcasts highlighting ocean, coastal & Great Lakes topics. Some offer a quick science overview while others, like the Jamaica Bay podcast that we partner on with the Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay, feature conversations with coastal residents or experts:

What's Trending: On YouTube: NYSG's Second Wave of "Currents Clips" Comes Ashore

The second wave of "Currents Clips" has come ashore. This sophomore series of one to two minute video summaries focuses on NYSG's most recent success stories, which were released in printed form this past spring.

"Currents Clips" immerses NYSG's Web site visitors, social media followers and NY Coastlines subscribers into the program's coastal research, extension and education stories.

Experience the first and second waves at


NOAA Sea Grant's Coastal Storm Awareness Program Findings Welcomed by National Weather Service

Sea Grant-supported research has led to NOAA's National Weather Service adopting Eastern Region's new storm briefing template nationwide. Read on >>

State of the Bays: "But There Is Hope"

"Continued efforts are needed to restore Long Island's coastal waters," says Stony Brook University investigator Chris Gobler. "It's up to us to leave the environment in better shape than when we found it." Read on >>


NYSG Extension Educators Receive National, Great Lakes Network Honors

Mary Austerman received an "Outstanding Outreach Programming Award" for assisting Lake Ontario coastal communities with record high water and flooding; Helen Domske was bestowed both a Distinguished Service Award and the William Q. Wick Visionary Career Leadership Award, the highest honor available for a Sea Grant Extension Specialist. Read on >>

2019 Marine Small Grant Projects

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and NYSG award over $74,000 in grants for Marine and Coastal District conservation, education and research projects. Read on >>

2019 Great Lakes Small Grant Projects

As part of a press conference and visit to the greater eastern Lake Ontario region in early August, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new $200+K suite of projects being funded via a partnership between NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and NYSG. The objective of the nine community-based efforts is to enhance ecological and economic resiliency throughout the Great Lakes watershed. Read on >>

On YouTube, In Photos: Cleaning Up and Surveying Balloon Debris on Jones Beach

NYSG's Ocean and Marine Outreach Coordinator,  Krista Stegemann Haas, is part of a Mid-Atlantic effort to study the extent of the balloon debris issue throughout the region, clean up debris, and provide outreach and alternatives to releasing balloons into the environment. Read on >>

In Photos: Resilience Professionals and Citizens Help Build Community Resilience at Flood Forum

Flooding poses significant risks to coastal communities in south Brooklyn and Queens, but it is just one of several challenges facing New York City's coastal communities. Professionals from a variety of resilience-focused agencies offer insights on how homeowners can be prepared.

Also highlighted is " Flood Watch," a pilot initiative that uses citizen science to report flooding events in the Jamaica Bay watershed. Read on >>

More NYSG #Extension news ...

Erosion Management

Presentations are available from a late August shoreline erosion management workshop for Lake Ontario.

A related guide offers details on managing shoreline properties for better drainage and bluff stabilization, nature-based erosion management features and traditional hard or gray structures. Read on >>

Great Lakes Shoreline Contractors

Updated in early November, this list is for shoreline property owners wanting to identify potential contractors for their shoreline work in New York State's Great Lakes region.

There's also an opportunity for shoreline contractors working in the region to get themselves added to the list. Read on >>

Lake Sturgeon Restoration

Sea Grant provides a spawning season update in September on its Disney Conservation Fund-supported project, which began in March.

Photos and a video illustrate NYSG's lake sturgeon recovery efforts in New York as well as its lead outreach and education programs to inspire appreciation for this prehistoric freshwater fish and state Threatened Species. Read on >>

Seafood / Aquaculture

Participation at the American Culinary Federation Conference provided National Aquaculture Association and Sea Grant an opportunity to talk directly with chefs and chef educators to: (a) better understand their perceptions of U.S. aquaculture and discover new ways to work with the culinary community; (b) invite them to participate in a survey to better understand their attitudes and perceptions about U.S. farm-raised fish. Read on >>


Students Present Resiliency Guidelines at Final Resilient Schools Consortium Summit

The Resilient Schools Consortium (RiSC) program provides an opportunity for students to not only learn about coastal resilience, but create projects and policy recommendations to directly address the challenges that lie ahead. The first implementation of the RiSC program provided a platform for students' voices, experiences, and ideas that were then heard at the final Student Summit at Brooklyn College early this past June. Read on >>

More NYSG #Education news ...

On YouTube, Air: NYS Fair

Video and audio clips from various media outlets, including radio and TV stations, highlight activities from the NYSG-organized and co-sponsored "Cruising through the Ages" exhibit at late August-early September's 2019 Great New York State Fair. The maritime heritage showcase featured a century-long snapshot of recreational boating, from a 1913 runabout with original equipment to country singer Alan Jackson's 1955 cruiser "Flat Top," which is pictured above. Read on >>

Invasive Species Website

A newly-redesigned invasive species Web site,, now includes iMapInvasive maps that allow for real-time information, watercraft inspection, and more user-friendly navigation.

The recent e-update by NYSG provides programming and training templates, best practices material, start-up resources for watercraft inspection program leaders, and K-12 aquatic invasive species education materials. Read on >>

Second Annual Estuary Day Helps Keep Microplastic and Marine Debris out of Long Island Sound

Estuary Day, a kick off to National Estuary Week in mid-September, was honored in Oyster Bay, NY with an educational day that celebrated the three estuaries of Long Island ---The Long Island Sound, Peconic Estuary, and the South Shore Estuary. The event was hosted by the Long Island Sound Study, Peconic Estuary Program, and South Shore Estuary Reserve, in partnership with The WaterFront Center and Friends of the Bay. Read on >>


This past summer, local environmental groups, municipalities, and the Long Island Sound Study asked local residents to "break the single use plastic habit" via a 7-week social media campaign. Posts and tweets highlighted the plastic problem, the progress that's been made thanks to the work of local communities, and the work that still needs to be done. Read on >>

Long Island Oyster Fest

Attendees of the fall festival stopped by to test their knowledge of local beaches for a chance to win goodies. Also offered: "Becoming an Aquacuturist," where participants were challenged to build a "functional" fish farm; and "Go Fish," from which participants learned more about the various seafood items (un)commonly found on their plate. Read on >>

Fall 2019
NYSG's Currents News Archives (Vol. 8, No. 4 & 5)
Keep tabs on NYSG's news in between issues of NY Coastlines / Currents via our Web site ( and blog (

Here's a sampling of other stories that have made waves these past few months on our social media platforms ( and via our site's News ( and topic-based News Archives ( sections ...

In Media: Rebecca L. Shuford Named Director of New York Sea Grant (June 2019) Read on >>

NYSG Extension and Education

On YouTube: Time to Start Planning For the Next Boating Season (November 2019) Read on >>
Participation in Drug Take Back Day Helps Protect New York's Waterways (October 2019) Read on >>
On YouTube: As Season Winds Down, You Still Have to Think About Boater Safety (September 2019) Read on >>
In Media, On YouTube: Protect Your Dog From Harmful Algal Blooms (September 2019) Read on >>
On YouTube: New York offering assistance for flood victims; Is it enough? (August 2019) Read on >>
On Air: New York Sea Grant Wants to Help Homeowners Build Back Shoreline (August 2019) Read on >>
On YouTube: Wayne Leaders Want REDI Funds That'll Impact Homeowners (July 2019) Read on >>
On YouTube: Living Shorelines---What Are They and Are More NY Communities Embracing Them? (July 2019) Read on >>
In Media: Boaters---Clean, Drain, Dry Helps Slow Aquatic Invasive Species (July 2019) Read on >>
In Media: Prehistoric Fish Receiving Help to Return to the River (June 2019) Read on >>

NYSG Funded Projects

In Media: St. Lawrence County Chamber Gathering Tourism Ideas for Lake St. Lawrence (August 2019) Read on >>
In Media: CCNY's Maria Tzortziou Leads Vital Long Island Sound Ecological Study (July 2019) Read on >> 
On YouTube: Using Virtual Reality to Learn How to Escape a Rip Current (July 2019) Read on >>
In Media: Professor's Research Warns of Potential Mercury Release in Upper St. Lawrence River (March 2019) Read on >>

Partner News

NOAA National Weather Service:
Fall Safety Campaign and National Hurricane Preparedness
On Blog: Thriving Shellfisheries in Long Island Sound Depend Upon Our Actions (September 2019) Read on >>
NYSG's Director, Becky Shuford, briefly discusses with The Nature Conservancy how in an effort to help agencies, businesses, and communities to take a proactive approach to manage the impacts of ocean acidification, the program has funded several applied research projects in recent years to better understand the mechanisms that can contribute to local acidification in our coastal waters, including the potential effect on shellfish.
On YouTube, In Photos: Visitors at Empire Farm Days Find Water Safety Education, Try-Out Equipment on the Pond (August 2019) Read on >>
In Photos: On The Water to Celebrate NYC's City of Water Day ... and More (July 2019) Read on >>
In addition to a summary of this past spring and summer's events with Waterfront Alliance, links are provided for a number of Sea Grant's recent efforts in and around New York City.
Great Lakes Research Consortium Awards Funding to Five Projects (July 2019) Read on >>
On YouTube: Exploring the Great Lakes with a New York Sea Grant Basin Bin (June 2019) Read on >>

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