Great Lakes Aquatic Invasive Species - Watercraft Inspection
Watercraft Inspection Webinar Series

This 2015 - 2019 series, for which presentations and video is available, focuses on the logistics of starting and managing the watercraft inspection component of a water-based stewardship program. More in the links to the left

Also, two informative videos were released in summer 2019, one on aquatic invasive species tips for boaters and another dispelling common myths.

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Launch Stewards

College students were hired as Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Launch Stewards during the summer months from 2011 - 2014 to teach boaters to inspect their watercraft in an effort to limit/prevent the spread of AIS; collect boater usage data; record AIS observations; and provide program-related educational programs.

Reports, Brochures, Rack Cards

New York State Watercraft Inspection Steward Program Handbook More>

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Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers. Brochure. 2012. Mary Penney, New York Sea Grant Extension Program, Oswego, NY. (pdf)
This brochure provides boaters with how-to tips for slowing the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) and profiles for some AIS of concern (Hydrilla, round goby, didymo and Eurasian watermilfoil). Included is a convenient checklist, schematic, and inspection and disposal tips that can be used to guide boaters through watercraft inspection for AIS.

Clean Boats, Clean Waters. Rack Card. 2013. Mary Penney, New York Sea Grant Extension Program, Oswego, NY; Brittney Rogers, NYSG Launch Steward (pdf) [1.5 MB file]

2013 NYSG Launch Steward Program Final Report. 2013. Mary Penney, New York Sea Grant Extension Program, Oswego, NY. | PDF
The main goal of this program is to prevent/slow down the spread of aquatic hitchhikers as well as educate boaters and the general public about aquatic invasive species and the detrimental effects they have on the ecosystems they are introduced to. For a period of 16 weeks beginning around Memorial Day, the seven launch stewards worked at boat launches in New York's Wayne, Oswego, Jefferson, Oneida Onondaga and Madison counties. They also also attended eight additional background training events and contributed to 18 outreach events.

The highest trafficking seen was during July and August as the temperatures were most ideal for boating. Optional surveys were performed at the launches with boaters, collecting data on subjects including, but not limited to, invasive species awareness, previous water bodies and preventative methods. The data collected is used to help determine awareness of invasive species and this program. It is also used to determine how the invasive species are currently being spread.



On YouTube: Sea Grant's Launch Stewards and Related Programs Help Prevent Invasive Species' Spread More>
We're just getting underway with 2014's Launch Stewards program. As in previous years, this year's student-stewards will provide watercraft inspection training and public outreach to boaters at select launch ramps along Lake Ontario between Henderson Harbor and Sodus Bay and on Oneida Lake. For more, check out some of last year's steward-written publications on reducing the spread of aquatic invasive species. You can find these stories under "NYSG 2013 Launch Stewards Program News" on this page.

On YouTube: NYSG's Watercraft Inspection How-To Video More>
In this nearly 7 minute video, NYSG's launch stewards illustrate how you can prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species while enjoying your recreational time on New York's waters.

2014 NYSG Waterfront Launch Stewards Educating Boaters on Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention More>

Waterfront Launch Steward Program Needs College Students in 7-County Area More>
NYSG is looking to hire college and graduate students to serve as 2014 Launch Stewards at waterfront venues in Cayuga, Jefferson, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga, Oswego, and Wayne counties.


NYSG Specialists and Sea Grant Network Campaigns Lauded for Their Successes More>
From a Visionary Career Leadership Award to Two Top 100 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Success Stories, New York Sea Grant specialists were acknowledged this year for their work in maintaining seafood safety standards and keeping pharmaceuticals, personal care products and invasive species out of New York's waterways.

What is That on My Line & How Do I Report It? More>
By New York Sea Grant Launch Steward Britney Rogers

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Help Prevent AIS Spread BEFORE We Pay for Their Management More>
By New York Sea Grant Launch Steward Ryan Thompson
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Can We Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers? Here’s How More>
By New York Sea Grant Launch Steward Clinton Whittaker
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Water Chestnut Control: Start Early and Continue;
Pull Set for July 13 at Port Ontario More>
By New York Sea Grant Launch Steward Nicholas Spera
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A Glance at the Aquatic Profile of Sodus Bay:
Learn More at June 22, 2013 Citizen Science Expo in Sodus Point More>
By New York Sea Grant Launch Steward Sophia Oliveira
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Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers: New Launch Steward Program More>
By New York Sea Grant Launch Steward Matt Brincka
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Non-Motorized Boaters: Raise Your Paddle Free of Debris More>
By New York Sea Grant Launch Steward Kyle L. Teufel
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Is Oneida Lake Safe from Water Chestnuts? More>
By New York Sea Grant Launch Steward Nick Spera
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NOT WANTED HERE! Hydrilla More>
By New York Sea Grant Launch Steward Shelby Persons
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Controlling Sea Lamprey in Lake Ontario Tributaries: A First for New York State More>
By New York Sea Grant Launch Steward Julia Gilbert
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Compost Invasive Plants into Organic Fertilizer More>
By New York Sea Grant Launch Steward Ashley Regan
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Publication Series: Native or Invasive? More>

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