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New York’s Great Lakes Coastal Resilience Index (CRI) and Interacting Mapping Tools | Click Here to access the CRI and Map Tools

The New York’s Great Lakes Coastal Resilience Index is a self-assessment checklist to help communities investigate their vulnerabilities to coastal flooding and weather disasters such as blizzard, flash flooding and windstorm. The associated map tools overlay inundation at different lake levels to bring awareness to infrastructure and services that may be at risk.

2017 Lake Ontario Water Level Impact Survey Story Map Click Here

This interactive story map showcases data collected during the 2017 survey. See where the water came from, county breakdowns on impacts from inundation and erosion as well as learn what respondents experienced in other areas of their lives and see links to other helpful Lake Ontario water level resources.

City of Rochester & Monroe County Green Infrastructure Retrofit Manual
2018. Mary Austerman, New York Sea Grant Extension Program, Newark, NY.

New York Sea Grant, with the City of Rochester, Monroe County and the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration, has developed a Green Infrastructure (GI) Retrofit Manual designed to provide guidance to planners, municipal staff, design engineers, and maintenance personnel to successfully incorporate green infrastructure (GI) practices in retrofits and redevelopment projects within the City of Rochester and Monroe County.

Implementing the GI planning & design recommendations, construction and operation best practices, and maintenance and monitoring protocols within the manual will lead to the benefits below, as well as others:

  • Increased resiliency to nuisance flooding
  • Water quality improvements
  • Improved community design

Download the manual and its appendices:

  • Green Infrastructure Retrofit Manual (pdf) (189 pp., 22 MB)
    Developed by Barton and Loguidice, DPC; Addresses planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and monitoring.

  • Green Infrastructure Retrofit Manual Appendices (pdf) (109 pp., 7 MB)
    Included: The pollutant removal efficiencies of GI practices; construction inspection, operation and maintenance forms; a cost calculator; infiltration and soil testing protocols; a sample maintenance agreement; recommended plants for green infrastructure installations; and case studies.

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