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03/15/2018 NY Experts Contribute to Great Lakes Sea Grant Network Comprehensive Report on Asian Carp | Aquatic Invasive Species - Press Release: Modeling by the US Fish and Wildlife Service shows the Great Lakes are at risk of invasion from all four non-native species of carp from Asia currently found in North America. 246
11/18/2013 On Air: Asian Carp Could Pose Real Threat to Great Lakes Ecosystem | Aquatic Invasive Species - News: Big head and silver carp have been detected very close to the Great Lakes, so the risk of a flood introducing them into the lakes is always present. 237
11/10/2011 NYSG Coastal Youth Educator on Great Lakes Invasives | Great Lakes Coastal Youth Education - News: As the battle to keep invasive asian carp out of the Great Lakes continues, NYSG's Helen Domske says the lakes’ past experience with zebra and quagga mussels demonstrates the danger of letting foreign species in. 49
03/01/2012 New Fact Sheet on Asian Carp | New York Coastlines, Winter 2012: A possible invasion into the Great Lakes of several of the seven species of carp found in North America, but not in the Great Lakes – the silver and bighead carp (known collectively as asian carp) – has raised concerns. 192
03/31/2014 On YouTube: Study Proposes Ways To Keep Asian Carp Out Of Great Lakes | Aquatic Invasive Species - News: In January 2014, a report was released outlining eight options for keeping asian carp out of the Great Lakes. 190
08/22/2012 On YouTube: NYSG Educator on Danger of Invasive Asian Carp in Great Lakes | Great Lakes Coastal Youth Education - News: As seen in this Your News Now clip from mid-July, there is concern over an invasive fish species that could have a strong impact the Great Lakes ecosystems. 177
02/03/2011 2011 Boating Campaign | Great Lakes Boating & Marine Trades - Press Release (Central NY Boat Show Seminars, Feb '11): 2011's Central NY Boat Show includes info on invasives, from asian carp to Zebra mussels; Also, NYS boater safety certification. 30
04/25/2012 On YouTube: Sea Grant Has New Info On Invasive Species | Aquatic Invasive Species - News: As seen in this clip from Watertown, NY-based WWNY TV 7,Dave White, NYSG's Great Lakes program coordinator and recreation/tourism specialist, discusses how important it is to be aware of the problems invasive species like the asian carp and aquatic plant Hydrilla can cause. NYSG recently produced educational materials on both. 29
06/13/2008 Great Lakes Coastal Youth Education | News/Resources: Great Lakes Coastal Youth Education: News and Resources 26
12/15/2014 NYSG Aquatic Invasive Species Education: By The Numbers | Aquatic Invasive Species - News: New York Sea Grant-ers reach more than 335,000 New Yorkers, Restore more than 335 Acres in New York State. 22
06/14/2011 Invasives to Watch | New York Coastlines, Spring 2011: Back in 2001 for New York Sea Grant’s 30th anniversary, we asked Chuck O’Neill to compile a list of “30 Invasive Species to Watch.” Now, ten years later, we asked him what new invasive species are the ones to watch now? 20
08/07/2012 Currents, a NY Coastlines E-supplement - Late Summer 2012 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: The first issue of Currents - NYSG's e-supplement to NY Coastlines that features additional program news and events - is now online! Keep up with us by joining our E-mail list for New York Coastlines, our flagship coastal science newsletter, and/or Currents. Both NY Coastlines and Currents will be e-distributed 3-4 times a year. 18
06/02/2014 On YouTube: Boating Season Underway, More Risk of Invasive Species Being Spread | Great Lakes Boating & Marine Trades - News: For this edition of "Going Green," Time Warner Cable News talks with NYSG's Dave White about the launch of boating season in New York, which brings with it the risk of invasive species being spread into rivers and lakes. 16
06/13/2008 Aquatic Invasive Species | Aquatic Invasive Animals: Educational Materials: [insert] 16
12/09/2013 Currents, a NY Coastlines E-supplement - Late Fall/Early Winter 2013 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: The Late Fall/Early Winter 2013 issue of Currents - NYSG's e-supplement to NY Coastlines that features additional program news and events - is now online. 15
06/29/2017 In Photos: For Helen Domske, the Hunt Goes On | Great Lakes Coastal Youth Education - News: Take a dive with New York Sea Grant Coastal Education Specialist Helen Domske in the waters off Cozumel, an island just off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Domske, an avid scuba diver for over 25 years, is in search of a whale shark, which she has never seen up-close. 15
11/18/2013 On YouTube: Comment Sought On Invasive Species Proposals | Aquatic Invasive Species - News: As New York Sea Grant's Recreation/Tourism Specialist Dave White tells the newscasters at Watertown's WWNY-TV 7 News This Morning studios, New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation is proposing regulations to help control invasive species. 14
11/25/2013 On YouTube: NYSDEC to Host Hearings on Invasive Species Regulations | Aquatic Invasive Species - News: YNN talks with NYSG's Dave White, who has more on a proposed NYSDEC regulation and how you can make your voice heard. 12
07/13/2011 NYSG Programs on Slowing Spread of Aquatic Invaders | Aquatic Invasive Species - News: NYSG and now Cornell Cooperative Extension Specialist Chuck O'Neill has kept tabs on these and other invasives for three decades now, currently through the New York Invasive Species Clearinghouse and its Web site, www.NYIS.info. Now, O'Neill's efforts with Sea Grant and its partners have spread into other parts of our program. 12
06/01/2009 Great Lakes educator shares love of water with diverse audiences | Great Lakes Coastal Youth Education - News:

Profile of NYSG Great Lakes Coastal Education Specialist Helen Domske, who focuses on the lower Great Lakes—Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. “The prime concern for people is the safety of the water. People should not be concerned about the quality of the drinking water we have from the lakes. The ecosystem itself is healthy, although there are still contaminants scientists are concerned about.”

03/01/2012 New York Coastlines, Winter 2012 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: This issue describes many of our recent 2011 40th Anniversary activities - seminars, discussions and receptions—both upstate and down. We used this milestone as an opportunity to highlight New York Sea Grant’s many accomplishments over the last 40 years as we look forward to the next 40. Also included is a collection of YouTube video highlights of these events and those from prior anniversary events, including a May 2011 reception for NOAA Administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco. 10
08/22/2018 Helen Domske receives IAGLR’s Vallentyne Award, Among Others, For Her Excellence in Education | Great Lakes Coastal Youth Education - Press Release: Domske’s nearly 40 years of research and outreach are exemplary. The NYSG Coastal Education Specialist has interacted on a highly effective level with a wide variety of audiences. 10
09/05/2012 New E-Currents Now Online for Those Interested in NY’s Coastal Science News | Currents - a NY Coastlines E-supplement: nyone who lives, works or plays along New York's Great Lakes, Long Island, Hudson River or New York City shorelines can now sign up for Currents, a quarterly E-newsletter featuring updates issued by New York Sea Grant. 8
08/02/2010 Small Harbors Initiative Update: $5M Funding Approved | Great Lakes Boating & Marine Trades - Press Release: A $5M Niagara River Navigation Fund to help maintain and dredge harbors across Lake Ontario is a direct result of NYSG-organized meetings and efforts of the Great Lakes Small Harbors Coalition.
05/11/2018 New York Coastlines, Spring 2018 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: NY Coastlines—NYSG's flagship publication—and its news archive, Currents, highlight news, events and other activities from our coastal program's various research, extension and education endeavors throughout NY's marine and Great Lakes waters. 7
04/11/2014 New York Coastlines/Currents, Late Spring-Summer 2014 | Publications - Articles / Web Extras: We've got clean and safe boating, harmful algal blooms, recently-completed extension projects, newly-funded research projects, communicating effectively about severe storms, green tips for coastal living and more ... 7
06/13/2008 Great Lakes Coastal Youth Education | Publications: Great Lakes Coastal Youth Education: Publications 7
07/08/2012 Trawl Workshop an International Exchange | New York Coastlines, Spring/Summer 2012: In November 2011 New York Sea Grant and the US Geological Survey brought acclaimed expertise in the design of marine trawls to the Cornell University Biological Field Station on Oneida Lake. 7
01/27/2012 Free Young Boater Safety Training at NYS Fairgrounds in Mid-February | Great Lakes Boating & Marine Trades - Press Release: The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and New York Sea Grant are offering a free boater safety course for youth ages 10-17 as part of the Feb. 15-19 Central New York Boat Show at the state Fairgrounds in Geddes, NY. NYSG will unveiled its 2012 version of the Discover Clean and Safe Boating campaign at the CNY Boat Show 7
05/07/2014 On YouTube: Beware Invasive Species | Great Lakes Boating & Marine Trades - News: Contact: Dave White, New York Sea Grant, Recreation/Tourism Specialist, P: 315.312.3042, E: dg... 6
03/03/2012 NYSG Official Attends White House Great Lakes Briefing | Press Release: NYSG Great Lakes Coastal Recreation and Tourism Specialist Dave White was among those attending the invitation-only White House Community Leaders Briefing on the Great Lakes Region in late February 2012. 6
03/01/2012 Celebrating 40 Years in the Great Lakes | New York Coastlines, Winter 2012: With so many of its user groups – from anglers and educators to elected officials and researchers – strongly tied to these coastal resources in the Great Lakes, New York Sea Grant hosted and participated in a variety of 40th anniversary lectures and receptions this past fall. 6
06/13/2008 Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries | Publications: Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries: Publications 6
02/07/2012 Trawl Workshop an Award-Winning International Exchange | Great Lakes Sustainable Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - Press Release: The US Geological Survey has awarded an NYSG specialist who co-sponsored November 2011's trawl workshop with a "USGS Great Lakes Science Center Certificate of Appreciation." Collecting fish samples with large underwater nets (trawls) provides essential information for understanding food webs and managing fisheries resources, which is why there was such a focus on bringing acclaimed expertise in marine trawl design to this Central New York workshop. 6
01/26/2012 Registration Open for February Clean Marina Webinar | Great Lakes Boating & Marine Trades - News: NYSG's Recreation/Tourism Specialist Dave White will provide opening remarks as well as discuss invasive species management for marinas and boaters during this Clean Marina Webinar, set for Wednesday, February 1. 6
06/17/2014 On YouTube: Two NY Sea Grant Educators Receive Awards at Great Lakes Network Meeting | Extension - News: The Sea Grant conference is also sharing the latest information on invasive species as well as the harmful algae blooms that cropped up around the Great Lakes in 2013. 5
08/28/2014 Sea Grant and Partners Educate on Boater Safety, Shipwrecks at NY State Fair: Photo Gallery | Great Lakes Shipwrecks - News: Pictures taken over the week-and-a-half-long event, held in Syracuse, NY. 5
08/14/2009 Education | In The News: An archive of NYSG's education activities and initiatives. 3

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