Project Information
# R/CE-32-CTNY
Status: Ended
Started: 3/1/2011
Ended: 2/28/2014
Comparative Analysis of Eutrophic Condition and Habitat Status in Connecticut and New York Embayments of Long Island Sound
1. Survey the habitat characteristics in 16 embayments of Long Island Sound. 2. Utilize standard indicators of estuarine water quality and eutrophication status (EPA, NOAA) to assess the relative "health" of these estuaries, comparing within Long Island
1. Sample 16 embayments for core ecological indicators: water column profiles of O2, salinity, temperature, pH, light; nutrients; chlorophyll a; total suspended solids; sediment organic matter; macrophyte biomass and CHN; characterize the bottom habitat.
For the majority of the more than 60 embayments of LIS, very little is known about their current eutrophic condition, dominant habitat type, potential to support submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV), or changes in community structure due to climate change
Summary or Results
While nitrogen loading and eutrophication and resulting negative impacts on estuarine life have been extensively studied in Long Island Sound, little is known about the impacts on more than 60 small embayments that surround Long Island Sound. A collabora

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