Project Information
# R/CE-33-NYCT
Status: Ended
Started: 3/1/2013
Ended: 10/31/2015
Analyzing history to project and manage the future: Simulating the effects of climate on Long Island Sound's physical environment and living marine resources.
1. To address the paucity of physical environmental data during Long Island Sound's (LIS) observed warming trend and accompanying fisheries shift since the 1970s. 2. To explore climate-forced links between the physical and ecological environment of the S
1. Conduct a multi-decadal, three-dimensional, regional hindcast simulation of Long Island Sound's waters by running NYHOPS (Georgas and Blumberg 2010, Orton et al 2012), a comprehensive, regional, high-resolution, skill-assessed, operational numerical m
Over the last few decades, the LIS ecosystem has undergone profound changes. Sparse long-term water temperature observations within LIS have recorded a warming trend (DRS 2011), consistent with Northeast shelf waters warming (NFSC 2012). Large-scale temp
Summary or Results
As a populated urban coastal water body the Long Island Sound (LIS) has been heavily impacted by human activities. This includes impacts to both physical processes and living marine resources. One important change has been a warming trend that has impact

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