Why Donate to New York Sea Grant

  • Clean water for drinking, for habitat, for recreation

  • A safe and sustainable seafood supply

  • Protecting our coasts from erosion, storm surge and other hazards

  • Working with our communities to restore habitat and ensure the quality of New York’s bays and beaches

  • Educating the next generation of informed citizens

  • A healthy ecosystem supporting a healthy economy

Who doesn’t want all this for our future and our children’s future? If you’ve clicked on the DONATE button, then you probably already know that for over 40 years, New York Sea Grant, through its research, education and extension, has been BRINGING SCIENCE TO THE SHORE. Click on to some of our research and extension Success Stories. And if you’re unsure about who we are, click back to What is New York Sea Grant?

But as less and less of our funds come from the federal government, state and local funding is becoming paramount to our success.

Every gift matters.

To donate to NYSG now, through the SB Foundation, please Click Here.

Regardless of the amount, each and every contribution to New York Sea Grant is important to the future of our mission of research and outreach regarding our state’ most vital coastal issues.  Whether your passion is fishing or boating, funding student scholarships or finding answers to environmental challenges, a gift to New York Sea Grant is a meaningful investment in creating a better future.  Your gift may be designated for a specific use or to help us sponsor a research project. Either way, you can trust that your gift will be used most effectively and in a manner consistent with your wishes.
The Stony Brook Foundation, a separately governed, 501(c)(3) charitable organization, exists to accept and manage private contributions for the benefit New York Sea Grant.

Thank you for considering a donation to New York Sea Grant.

Here are some of the overarching goals from our Strategic Plan:

  • New York Sea Grant supports coastal communities in protecting and promoting their economic vitality consistent with their use of coastal resources in a sustainable manner. This encompasses many aspects of coastal economic activities including tourism, fisheries, and other waterfront businesses, as well minimizing environmental hazards to business activity.

  • New York Sea Grant assists coastal communities in ensuring the long-term health and sustainability of coastal environments. This includes limiting the long-term impacts of many different human interactions with the coastal environment, including recreational, commercial, and watershed impacts.

  • New York Sea Grant engages many sectors of coastal communities through education and training programs to improve coastal awareness and literacy, as well as the understanding of sustainable coastal environments and economies.

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