Publications: Success Stories
Extension - 2015

A sampling of results and impacts from recently completed New York Sea Grant's extension and education initiatives.

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2014 Projects Impact New York’s Coastal Resources

Ithaca, NY, February 2, 2015 - New York Sea Grant has issued a series of impact statements for projects completed in 2014. The success of these outreach projects—made possible by collaborating with national, state, regional, and local partners—shows how Sea Grant’s depth of programming can benefit NY’s shoreline regions and have a profound impact on its coastal communities and economies. They include:

  • The New York Sea Grant waterfront stewards program educated the public and prepared students for eco-careers (pdf)

  • New York Sea Grant is helping NY’s Great Lakes communities increase preparedness for the impacts of climate change (pdf)

  • A New York Sea Grant-NOAA partnership is increasing understanding of fisheries collection data to support conservation and management (pdf)

  • New York Sea Grant teach-the-teacher training supports NY’s coastal water quality interests by engaging and educating future Great Lakes citizens (pdf)

  • New York Sea Grant information/education outreach prompts stakeholder and legislative action to reduce chemical threat to the Great Lakes (pdf)

  • New York Sea Grant and its partners provide region-specific educational resources to help teachers and students understand climate change issues (pdf)

  • New York Sea Grant Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO) support to municipalities promotes healthy fisheries (pdf)

  • New York Sea Grant guidelines on harmful algal bloom toxins are helping to improve dog health safety with pet owners nationwide (pdf)

  • New York Sea Grant partnership with Mid-Atlantic and international colleagues addresses the future of American eel aquaculture (pdf)

  • New York Sea Grant provides climate science teaching resources and hands-on learning opportunities with a Long Island Sound Estuary focus (pdf)

  • New York Sea Grant assisted the updating of the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for the Long Island Sound (pdf)

  • New York Sea Grant expertise is helping to save lives by improving community evacuation planning and fostering local participation (pdf)

  • New York Sea Grant enables stakeholders to make informed, science-based decisions regarding management of marine resources (pdf)

  • New York Sea Grant partnered with diverse supporters to create the Signature Exhibit for the 2014 Great New York State Fair and beyond (pdf)

  • New York Sea Grant’s Discover Clean & Safe Boating Campaign is recognized for helping 1st Responders save lives (pdf)

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