Publication Series: Native or Invasive?
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2011 New York Sea Grant Aquatic Invasive Species Education Series

By New York Sea Grant Resource Educators Greg Chapman and Stacy Furgal

Oswego, NY, October 11, 2011 - This three-part series explores the impacts of aquatic invasive species. Public awareness of aquatic invasive species and their negative impacts on the environment and recreation is on the rise. Anglers, landowners, recreational boaters and others who enjoy our lakes and streams have felt the impact of some invasive species already. Learning to recognize invaders before they overwhelm an area is a crucial part of reducing their impact. Understanding native species, their role in the environment, and the threat of invasive species to them is equally as important.

Part I: Invasives threaten native species (pdf)
Introduces the impact of invasive species on the Lake Ontario ecosystem

Part II: Fishes (pdf)
Focuses on the importance of native fish species

Part III: Aquatic Plants (pdf)
Highlights native and invasive aquatic plants

Fact Sheet: Native and Invasive Aquatic Plants of the Eastern Lake Ontario Region (pdf)
Invasive aquatic plants can interfere with recreation and diminish wildlife and fish habitat. Knowing some of the common plants that are native to our waters may help you spot invasive plants before they grow out of control. Read on for a sampling of our native aquatic plants, as well as some invasives to recognize.

Fact Sheet: Native and Invasive Fish of Eastern Lake Ontario (pdf)
Invasive fishes compete with native fish species for habitat and resources, as well as create changes in food web dynamics. To protect the diversity of native fishes in New York’s waters, you can become aware of the native species that make our area unique and be on the lookout for the aquatic invaders that could threaten them. Read on for a sampling of our native fishes, as well as some invasives to recognize.

New York Sea Grant, now in its 40th year, is a statewide network of integrated research, education, and extension services promoting the coastal economic vitality, environmental sustainability and citizen awareness about the State's marine and Great Lakes resources. One of 32 university-based programs under the NOAA’s National Sea Grant College Program, NYSG is a cooperative program of the State University of New York and Cornell University.

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