On YouTube: Sea Grant Supports Its 11th Consecutive Summer of Clean and Safe Boating
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NYSG's Dave White frequently appears as a boating safetly specialist on "Bridge Street," a locally-produced daily talk show of News Channel 9 WSYR-TV, the ABC affiliate covering Syracuse and Central New York. Credit: Bridge Street / News Channel 9.

Dave White, New York Sea Grant, Recreation and Tourism Specialist, P: 315-312- 3042, E: dgw9@cornell.edu

Kara Lynn Dunn, NYSG Great Lakes Publicist, P: 315.465.7578, E: karalynn@gisco.net

Syracuse, NY, August 30, 2018 - Learning about environmentally-sound boating practices is a key interest for recreational boaters, which is why in 2008 New York Sea Grant initiated a “Discover Clean & Safe Boating” project. This effort, which successfully debuted at the Boating Industries Association of Upstate New York show, has since become a model industry-partnered educational effort that has expanded from Great Lakes’ venues to sites statewide.

The Discover Clean & Safe Boating vessels, provided by New York State manufacturers and local dealers, drive annual companion programs emanating from their type (pontoon, cruiser, fishing, canoe). They are equipped with all legally-required and recommended equipment.

To help spread the word about the on-going campaign's efforts, NYSG's Recreation and Tourism Specialist Dave White regularly appears in TV segments, on air at various Central New York radio stations and is often quoted in local news stories and on blogs.

Below is a sampling of some of White's television appearances from mid April — late August 2018.

And for more of NYSG's "Boating and Marine Trades" news see www.nyseagrant.org/marina.

On YouTube: Discover Better Boating

A state-certified volunteer boating safety instructor since 1985, White has delivered educational outreach to thousands of New York mariners. He is widely recognized for the “Discover Better Boating” segments he hosts on Spectrum News, which is available on channels 1 and 200 exclusively for Spectrum customers in the Central New York region including Syracuse, Ithaca, Utica, Watertown, Binghamton, Elmira and surrounding areas in upstate New York.

August 18, 2018 | In this edition of Discover Better Boating, Dave White goes along the Erie Canal to tell us about the opportunity to be a remote boater. He explains how anybody can be a remote boater by having an inflatable paddleboard, inflatable kayak or inflatable boat.

July 21, 2018 | In this edition of Discover Better Boating, Dave White talks to an expert about ethanol use, preventing and dealing with the spread of invasive species and trailer maintenance tips.

June 16, 2018 | There are a lot of opportunities for boaters to have a great time while out on Upstate New York waterways. In this edition of Discover Better Boating, Dave White explains how to have fun on the water in a unique way.

May 21, 2018 | Have you thought about getting a career in the boating industry? In this edition of Discover Better Boating, NY Sea Grant Recreation Specialist Dave White talks to an expert about the boating opportunities out there, which include sales, service, finance, insurance, parts and accessories.

White also appeared with Gabrielle Mediak on Spectrum TV in June, encouraging those recreating on NY's waterways to "stay safe this summer" ...

June 11, 2018 | The weather this weekend was perfect for those looking to get out on the water.

The official start of summer is just about a week away and safety experts have a few tips to keep in mind before spending an afternoon or a week on the water.

For starters, they say to use common sense and don't operate boat or jet ski while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

It's also important to make sure the person driving the boat or other vehicle is licensed or, if applicable, has completed the proper safety courses.

Above all else, having a life jacket is crucial.

"Safety really does become something everyone needs to be thinking about and ready for," said Dave White, a recreation specialist with NY Sea Grant. "The most important thing is to have your life jacket and have it on. Under the age at 12 have to have it on at all times. Everybody on board has to have a wearable for each person. It has to be the right type, size and shape."

Don't have a boat or kayak? There are plenty of places around the region to rent one. Start with the Boating Industries Association of Upstate New York, local chambers of commerce and tourism agencies.

On YouTube: Waking Up in Watertown

Since April 2006, White has been bringing Sea Grant's "message" to the morning masses at WWNY TV 7, a Watertown-based CBS-affiliate, during one of the highest rated TV blocks in the "wake-up hours," the 6:30-7 am stretch.

Sea Grant's 'five minutes of fame' - which potentially reaches around 10,000 viewers in New York's Jefferson and Northern Oswego Counties - has featured topics over the years such as boating safety, aquatic invasive species, diving in search of sunken wrecks, the dune and Salmon River stewards program, shoreline land issues, tourism, and marine safety.

July 31, 2018 | NYSG's Dave White discusses maritime history with the hosts of WWNY TV's morning show.

June 22, 2018 | With this year's boating season underway, NYSG's Dave White comes to the WWNY TV's morning show to discuss what it means for those who enjoy New York's waterways.

April 18, 2018 | WWNY TV's morning show welcomes NYSG's Dave White, who offers insights and tips on how to rent a boat as the 2018 boating season gears up.

On YouTube: Raising Awareness During National Boat Safety Week

As demonstrated by NYSG's Dave White and Syracuse-based reporter Laura Hand, as more people are using inflatable watercraft a growing concern is that those boaters need to use flotation and other safety devices while on the water, just like 'traditional' boaters. Credit: Matt Landers, photojournalist, CNYCentral.com/ Channel 3 News Syracuse.

In late May, White made several appearance to discuss important safety tips during "National Boat Safety Week," which ran from May 21-25.

First, he was a guest on "Bridge Street," a locally-produced daily talk show of NewsChannel 9 WSYR-TV, the ABC affiliate covering Syracuse and Central New York.

Second, White spoke with Laura Hand, a reporter with CNYCentral.com/ Channel 3 News Syracuse (an NBC News affiliate station) about rising concerns as "inflate-a-fleet" boats grow in popularity.

May 22, 2018 | National Safe Boating Week runs through May 25th and as Central New Yorkers are gearing up to head out on the water this summer, the New York Sea Grant has some important tips to keep everyone safe.

Often when people think of boat safety, they think it may not apply to them since they don't own a conventional boat. However, there are many non-traditional options available to get everyone out on the water.  Coastal Recreation and Tourism Specialist Dave White showcased two Inflate-A-Fleet vessels, a paddleboard and kayak, that blow up like an inner tube and can be folded up much like a sleeping bag to fit in a car. While these may not seem like boats, they are still subject to state boating laws.

All vessels do require a life jacket on board, but only those under the age of 12 need to be wearing it while in use. White recommends always wearing one regardless of age and also having a whistle or means of signaling for help. Even if you have a life jacket strapped to your vessel, if you get separated from it, it serves no purpose and puts you at risk. There are inflatable jackets that are less restrictive and more comfortable for those that prefer to go without.

Another safety tip White recommends is adding reflective tape or stickers to your paddle, especially when in a low profile vessel such as a kayak. If water is choppy or weather is bad, boaters may not be able to see you in the water. Adding that bit of reflection will increase your visibility and stickers can be found with a lot of marine dealers or parks.
Want to get on the water but not ready to buy a boat? Consider renting. Many local dealers rent all sorts of boats. However, five tips to keep in mind when renting a vessel are: to match your purpose to style of boat and call ahead to check availability; read your rental agreement carefully and learn the operating requirements and safety level needed; verify the safety gear on board and make sure there are enough life vests for all onboard; check the Boaters Forecast online for indicators of water currents, wind, wave, depth conditions; and finally file a float plan of where you are going and when you expect to return.

For more information on safe boating, you can visit the Boating Industries Association of Upstate New York or New York Sea Grant.

Sunday, May 20th 2018 | During this National Safe Boating Week, the safety emphasis this year is on making sure that people who use inflatables are aware that they are boats, and boating safety requirements need to be followed.

Dave White, from NY Sea Grant, showed off some of the inflate-a-fleet models on Sunday morning's Weekend Today in Central New York. He came into our studios with backpacks and other small containers for, among other things, a 12' paddleboard, and a full-size kayak that inflates with a pump, powered from a vehicle's cigarette lighter power port.

White says the inflatables are very popular, reasonably priced and very available, but that in many cases sellers do not tell purchasers that they are real watercraft and that users have to take safety precautions, like wearing flotation devices while on the water, and carrying a sound device (like a whistle).

More Info: New York Sea Grant

New York Sea Grant (NYSG), a cooperative program of Cornell University and the State University of New York (SUNY), is one of 33 university-based programs under the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Sea Grant College Program.

Since 1971, NYSG has represented a statewide network of integrated research, education and extension services promoting coastal community economic vitality, environmental sustainability and citizen awareness and understanding about the State’s marine and Great Lakes resources.

Through NYSG’s efforts, the combined talents of university scientists and extension specialists help develop and transfer science-based information to many coastal user groups—businesses and industries, federal, state and local government decision-makers and agency managers, educators, the media and the interested public.

The program maintains Great Lakes offices at Cornell University, SUNY Buffalo, SUNY Oswego and the Wayne County Cooperative Extension office in Newark. In the State's marine waters, NYSG has offices at Stony Brook University in Long Island, Brooklyn College and Cornell Cooperative Extension in NYC and Kingston in the Hudson Valley.

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