On YouTube: NYSG@40: A Look at our Extension Program
New York Coastlines, Winter 2012

New York Sea Grant's university-based research is of high quality and chosen to take an unbiased look at priority questions. But, just as important to Sea Grant is practical use of this proven, new information. This takes the research a vital step beyond the mandate of other funding organizations. And, that’s where the extension program staff comes in.

With skills in technology transfer and outreach, extension specialists know who the concerned stakeholders are and can convey the results to them in ways most effective for application conducting business and making decisions. It is truly a unique, effective, and highly-appreciated model.

"I like to think of Extension as that bridge," says Dr. Kathy Bunting-Howarth, NYSG’s Associate Director for Extension, who is featured in this video clip. "We’re there to bring the science from the academic community from our great higher institutions of learning throughout the state of New York to the folks at the coast of Ithaca’s line—whether you’re a government official there, or whether you’re a recreational fisherman or whether you’re just trying to take your family to the beach to go fishing maybe and can’t decide which one to go to."

The Sea Grant extension specialists form advisory committees from the regions they serve. Once issues are identified, a wide variety of techniques are used to tackle them. Extension specialists may work with individuals, collaborate with others to organize workshops, or consult with experts to get needed information from other available sources. This may also involve suggesting new research topics and the research process starts anew.

"In New York, we can work with clients that get that information out to the source at folks along the State's coastline," says Bunting-Howarth. "At the same time, as that bridge we can also bring the research needs from stakeholders to our higher institutions of learning."

New York Sea Grant's extension specialists are located in variety of offices, most on State University of New York campuses, in the downstate marine and upstate Great Lakes regions of New York. These specialists have expertise chosen to meet specific responsibilities assigned to them and take on statewide, regional, and in some cases national responsibilities. 

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