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On YouTube: Discover Better Boating - June 2011
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Gas prices remain high across the region and the cost is hurting more than just drivers. In this month's edition of Your News Now's "Discover Better Boating" Series, Sea Grant Specialist Dave White talks about fuel efficiency - how to get the most out of each gallon to maximize your fun on the water.

Syracuse, NY, June 18, 2011 - With gas at marinas this summer topping $4, increasing your fuel efficiency will be important to many boaters. Joining me to provide us with fuel saving tips is Kevin Cooper from Coopers Marina.

Q: What can you do before you hit the water?

A: "Make sure your trailer is in good shape, check the tire pressure and brakes to make sure everything is in good shape," said Kevin Cooper with Cooper's Marina.

Q: What are some things a boater can do while boating?

A: "Follow the recommended RPM for best gas mileage. This should be in your boat's owner's manual. Turn the engine off if you are anchored or at a dock," said Cooper.

Ethanol: E-15 gasoline may begin to appear at gas stations and if used in boats can degrade boat fuel systems, damage engines and lead to high repair bills, and in some cases E-10 can also cause problems.

If using E-10 you will have to change the fuel filter more often; make sure your hoses are for E-10; and do not use fiberglass fuel tanks unless built for ethanol. Unless you have a boat built after 2007 do not use E-15. The pump will be marked with a special warning sign.

Be sure to join us next month as we help put U in boating fun by renting a boat.

Discover Better Boating is brought to you by the Boating Industries Association of Upstate New York, and New York Sea Grant. The Discover Better Boating segments will run on YNN stations every third Saturday through October.

The YNN channel, based in Syracuse, telecasts two separate program feeds, one to Central/Northern New York; one to the Southern Tier. YNN is available to nearly 600,000 cable subscribers across a 25-county, 15,000 square mile area.

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