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Oswego, NY, August 16, 2014 - In this edition of Discover Better Boating, which marks the fourth in the series' fourth season, we discuss some of the latest in boating technology.

Dave White, New York Sea Grant's coastal recreation and tourism specialist talks with Stan Zielasko from South Shore Nautical about propane engines, which can make boating a bit simpler and easier.

"Tell me about the new propane engines that are now on the market," asks White.

"This is a new style of engine that is working very well," says Zielasko. "It's clean, efficient and the fuel it runs on, propane, makes it very simple to use."

See the full video clip for more on their discussion, which includes answers to the questions: "What sizes/horsepower do they come in?" and "Are there any safety concerns having a propane tank on board?"

And there's more "NYSG Great Lakes Boating & Marine Trades" News available via the "News/Topics" link in the left-hand sidebar at www.nyseagrant.org/marina.

More Info: Discover Better Boating

In 2011, the Clean and Safe Boating campaign gained a little more acclaim when it became a May-October monthly "Discover Better Boating" segment that aired, and is still on a New York cable television system (Time Warner Cable) reaching 25 counties with approximately 550,000 viewers.

The series of monthly tips is driven by NYSG and sponsored by the BIA of Upstate New York. The content, streamed directly through BIA's Web site, is responsible for an increase in off-season (November-April) vs. on-season (May-October) visitors, which have grown from an average of, respectively, 1,200 to more than 60,000 a month.

Series host Dave White, a coastal recreation and tourism specialist with New York Sea Grant, interviews marine industry professionals about how to enjoy New York’s waters cleanly, safely, cost-effectively, legally, and in environmentally-friendly ways.

The seasonal series began as a result of Discover Clean & Safe Boating campaign created by New York Sea Grant and BIA in 2008.

Shows air the third Saturday of the month from May through October. An archive of previous transcripts for individual "Discover Better Boating" segments, as well as video streaming, can be found via NYSG's "Great Lakes Boating & Marine Trades" resource site, www.nyseagrant.org/marina - click the "New/Topics" link in the left-hand sidebar and check out the "Discover Better Boating" sections on this page.

More Info: NYSG, BIA of Upstate New York, Time Warner Cable News

New York Sea Grant (NYSG), a cooperative program of Cornell University and the State University of New York, is one of 33 university-based programs under the National Sea Grant College Program (NSGCP) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The NSGCP engages this network of the nation’s top universities in conducting scientific research, education, training and extension projects designed to foster science-based decisions about the use and conservation of our aquatic resources. Through its statewide network of integrated services, NYSG has been promoting coastal vitality, environmental sustainability, and citizen awareness about the State’s marine and Great Lakes resources since 1971.

For updates on Sea Grant activities: www.nyseagrant.org has RSS, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube links. NYSG also offers a free e-list sign up via www.nyseagrant.org/coastlines for NY Coastlines/Currents, its flagship publication, which is distributed several times a year.
The Boating Industries Association of Upstate NY is an association of independent marine dealers, retailers and marine-related businesses located throughout Central NY. The February Central NY Boat Show and Fall Boat Sale are annual BIA events at the NYS Fairgrounds in Syracuse. Learn more: www.cnyboating.com.

Time Warner Cable News (TWCN) - part of a network of twelve 24-hour local news channels owned and operated by Time Warner Cable nationwide - began cablecasting as News 10 Now on November 7, 2003. Operating from its headquarters building in downtown Syracuse, TWCN has a huge coverage area, a 15,000+ square mile stretch of Upstate New York. To cover this large area, TWCN provides two separate program feeds - one to Central/Northern NY and another to the Southern Tier - and reaches some 600,000 subscribers across 25 counties. Learn more: http://centralny.twcnews.com.

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