On YouTube: Dan Rather Reports - Superstorm Sandy (February 2013)
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Dan Rather Reports: Superstorm Sandy (February 2013)

Duration: 21 mins and 12 secs
SBU investigator Malcolm Bowman begins speaking in the segment that starts around 6 minutes 30 seconds into the broadcast. His interview by Rather continues for approximately 10 minutes.

Post-Superstorm Sandy, there are many thoughts by researchers and decision-makers alike on which management response route New York should take: one of resistance (one of precaution and prevention), resilience (bringing back our communities back to their pre-storm state) or re-alignment (evolve and reconfigure what, how and when to rebuild).

In an interview by Dan Rather for "Dan Rather Reports," Stony Brook University School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences oceanography professor and storm surge expert Dr. Malcolm Bowman discussed some of New York's concerns and possible solutions to protecting against future storm surges.

"Given the low elevation of New York City and the surrounding countryside, looking at the historical record, and adding in what we know about storm surges, rising sea level and changing climate, my prediction was this [the aftermath of Sandy] was inevitable," he said. "But, if a barrier system such as the one I've proposed had been built, properly located and working correctly, there would have been no damage. No flooding damage."

In this segment, Bowman explains to Rather his proposed barrier system, adding, "Oh, it'll work. I mean this is not rocket science. It's good civil engineering."

To those who doubt his proposals or are concerned with the hefty price tag (anywhere from $15-25 billion) , Bowman says, "I think we have to decide as a community that this great city is at risk. And we must protect it at all costs."

"I cannot tell you when the next big one will be. But it will come. It's inevitable in the long term. And the sooner we come to that realization, the better. Because the longer you put it off,the more damage and destruction and heartache we're going to face."

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