NYSG Staff
Profiles - Jake Anderson

Great Lakes Water Quality Specialist, NY Sea Grant
Email: ja843@cornell.edu
Phone: (585) 672-7065

New York Sea Grant
10-A183 Ross Hall 
10 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY 14623

As a Water Quality Specialist, Jake will adapt and deliver water quality extension programming with a focus on preventing the entry of marine debris, emerging contaminants, nutrients and sediments into tributaries and coastal embayments of our Great Lakes. Jake will educate and engage local and regional communities in sustainable water quality management practices through workshops, outreach programs, and materials. This work will empower individuals and groups to make better-informed decisions that will protect our vital Great Lakes ecosystems.

Current projects include an effort led by the Rochester Institute of Technology that focuses on mitigating stormwater-derived marine debris in Rochester, NY, and more generalized work to promote best practices related to the prevention of nonpoint source pollution into our Great Lakes and their embayments. This work will contribute to the sustainability of clean and healthy Great Lakes water.

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