NYSG's New Web Site Design Launches
Stony Brook, NY, July 12, 2011 - Welcome to the new face of nyseagrant.org. With a nod to social media, our Web site is now more interactive. New York Sea Grant's new online look is just the latest way we're keeping you connected to our coastal research and education news, events and initiatives.

In a single click you can ...

  • "Like" us or recommend a page of ours on Facebook; Tweet out our news on Twitter; "+1" us in Google (which just means you'd recommend us to others; see Google's +1 Info Page for more)

    A rendering of what's featured in the header of each site page ...

    A rendering of what's featured in the footer of each site page ...

  • Reach us through our program's social media platforms - YouTube, Twitter and Facebook (See the "Follow Us" section at the top of the page for links to all - respectively, the red, light blue and dark blue icons)

  • Subscribe to receive updates from our Currents (News), Press Releases and/or Funding Opportunities via our RSS news feeds (See the "Follow Us" section at the top of the page for link - orange icon). Once you click this icon, you will be given the option to add one or more feeds - Currents (News), Press Releases and/or Funding Opportunities - to your feed reader so that you can keep up-to-date on newly added news items and announcements on our Web site. You can click any of the three options to see a list of the related featured news items. What is RSS? Find out more here: www.whatisrss.com.

  • Search our entire site for what you're looking for, using the search box, along with the associated drop- down for news (articles) and research (projects). Or, click through the sections of our site via the "Site Map" link in our navigation bar

  • Access summaries of our four NOAA-supported "Focus Areas" from the related sidebar on the right-hand side of all our pages. From each of the introduction pages are links to NYSG's related efforts and initiatives, which include topical "Related Links" for publications, Web sites, video clips, success stories and more

  • Find our "Fast Links," which spotlight some of the most popular pages on the site, including "NYSG's Resource Sites"

  • Locate answers to problems you may be having while viewing our site (via the "Problems viewing our Site? - Web Guidelines" link in the footer of each site page)

NYSeaGrant.org's new, more socially-minded design follows the release of the first in a series of postcards - one for New York's Great Lakes waters [Click Here] and another for Long Island's bays [Click Here] - that show how easy some fish and other aquatic species have found it is to "Get Social with Sea Grant." The concept is that now that they're hooked, the aquatic critters are sure to share the newly-learned news bites with their respective schools of fish, bolstering the idea of a social media-supported "multiplier effect" method in education.

So, like the fish in Long Island's bays and New York's Great Lakes ecosystem, swim around our site and social media platforms and learn more about New York Sea Grant.

New York Sea Grant, now in its 40th year, is a statewide network of integrated research, education, and extension services promoting the coastal economic vitality, environmental sustainability and citizen awareness about the State's marine and Great Lakes resources. One of 32 university-based programs under the NOAA’s National Sea Grant College Program, NYSG is a cooperative program of the State University of New York and Cornell University.

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