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New York, NY, August 28, 2012 - New York Sea Grant launched a new resource site this past spring to document our research, extension and education efforts in and around New York City - www.nyseagrant.org/nyc. One of New York Sea Grant’s (NYSG) main focus areas in the region for research, extension and education efforts is the Hudson River. Another is the New York - New Jersey Harbor Estuary, which opens into the New York Bight and Long Island Sound, the latter of which is another key NYSG focus area.

Check out pictures and news from some our our recently-attended networking events in NYC, including May's Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance (MWA) Conference at Chelsea Piers and other points along the Hudson River (see the related news item). MWA and its many partner organizations are working together to clean New York City's waters, provide better access, green the port and waterfront industry, create waterfront jobs, and prepare for the new challenge of sea level rise.

“Down” on the Battery, at the southern tip of Manhattan Island, much of New York City and adjacent coastal Long Island to the east lies less than 15 feet above mean sea level. “2-3 million people in the outer boroughs of southern Brooklyn and Queens are at risk for flooding due to storm surge, with little chance for escape,” says Stony Brook University Oceanography professor and New York Sea Grant-funded storm surge expert Malcolm Bowman. For more on Bowman's NYSG-funded research on storm surges, see the related news item. Photo by Paul C. Focazio, NYSG.

In July, NYSG's Web Content Manger Paul C. Focazio provided attendees of MWA "City of Water Day" harbor festival on Governors Island with postcards and fact sheets promoting our social media, educating on rip currents and storm surges. For more on this event, see the related news item. Photo By Kathy Lubner for snapping this pic. Kathy's dad, Jim, is a colleague from University of Wisconsin Sea Grant/Water Resources Institutes who retires this year with over 30 years of experience.

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