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American Water Resources Association
The mission of American Water Resources Association is to advance multidisciplinary water resources education, management and research.

Eastern Lake Ontario Dune and Salmon River Stewards
This blog highlighted what the Eastern Lake Ontario Dune and Salmon River Stewards encountered each day.

Environmental Association for Great Lakes Education
The Environmental Association for Great Lakes Education is an organization empowering local communities to protect the Great Lakes Ecosystem. 
New York State Outdoor Educator's Association
NYSOEA is a professional organization that promotes interdisciplinary life-long learning in, for, and about the outdoors and seeks to inspire appreciation of the environment by all people.

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Bay Watershed Education and Training- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Bay Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) is an environmental education program that promotes locally relevant, experiential learning in the K-12 environment.

Education Publications- New York Sea Grant
Fact sheets, reports and other publications related to New York Sea Grant’s Education initiatives.

Education Resources- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
This portal is designed to assist educators in accessing these materials from one centralized interface. The content here is a sampling of NOAA's education resources and more can be found at each linked location. Materials selected for this site are organized by Themes, topical Collections, and content type that are aligned with common teaching topics and expressed needs of educators.

Envirofacts- United States Environmental Protection Agency
One-stop source for Environmental Information. Information can be found through searching for a location such as address, city, county, water body, park name, etc.

Environmental Education Information- New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Links to environmental information, both on the NYSDEC website and links off of the website.

Great Lakes Adopt-a-Beach™- Alliance for the Great Lakes
Adopt-a-Beach™ is the Alliance's premier volunteer program, with nearly 15,000 participants ranging from individuals and families to schools and businesses. Teams remove litter and enter results into our Adopt-a-Beach™ online system to share with local beach authorities, educate the public and improve beaches.

Great Lakes- Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence
These Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence foster the integration of ocean research into high quality educational materials, allow researchers to gain a better understanding of educational organizations and pedagogy, provide educators with an enhanced capacity to understand and deliver high-quality educational programs in the Great Lakes sciences, and provide material to the public that promotes a deeper understanding of the Great Lakes and its influence on each person’s quality of life and our national prosperity.

Great Lakes Literacy
Great Lakes Literacy strives to develop a Great Lakes-literate public capable of effectively contributing to the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes in My World Curriculum- Alliance for the Great Lakes
Great Lakes in My World curricula were developed in accordance with Alliance for the Great Lakes philosophy that they: Instill a sense of place, provide a positive focus and be inquiry-based, promote problem-solving and learning for understanding, and offer service learning. My World Curriculum is an educator resource for kindergarten through 12th-grade that addresses Next Generation Science, Common Core and Great Lakes state learning standards.

Leaders in Environmental Action for the Future- The Nature Conservancy
The LEAF program provides paid summer internships for students in nature across the nation, and helps educators from environmental high schools share best practices and scientific resources during the academic year. The program has had a tremendous impact on urban youth—opening their eyes to career possibilities, building self-confidence, work skills and conservation literacy.

Nature up North
Nature Up North is a community-based organization whose mission is to foster a deeper sense of appreciation for, and connection to, the North Country environment and in doing so to create a bioregionally literate community that is committed to protecting the wild things and wild places that define this place we call home.

Water Education Collaborative, Monroe County - H2O Hero
In 2007, the Water Education Collaborative set out to develop an awareness campaign that would educate the residents of the Genesee Regional Watershed of Lake Ontario about the enormous impact they can have on the water quality in our area.

Youth Education Resources- New York Sea Grant
A sampling of resources for students and teachers.

New York Sea Grant Home *  NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Home

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