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NY's Great Lakes: Coastal Processes

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Great Lakes Coastal Resilience
The Great Lakes Coastal Resilience Planning Guide shows how coastal communities are using science based information to address coastal hazards such as flooding, shore erosion, and lake-level fluctuations. This new online resource connects people with the tools and data needed to consider natural hazards and climate change in local planning efforts.

A Guide to Coastal Erosion Processes- NY Sea Grant
This Information Bulletin is intended to give coastal landowners, developers, and government officials a better understanding of natural coastal processes that cause shoreline erosion. Natural erosion control features of the coast, such as barrier beaches and dunes, are also discussed. Finally, the impacts of various human activities upon shoreline erosion are examined.

Low Cost Shore Protection– US Army Core of Engineers
This brochure presents low cost ways for the shoreline property owner to control or slow down shoreline erosion. It will also be of interest to community leaders, local government official, and contractor and engineers involved in erosion control.

Natural and Structural Measures for Shoreline Stabilization- Systems Approach to Geomorphic Engineering
This brochure presents a continuum of green to gray shoreline stabilization techniques, highlighting Living Shorelines, that help reduce coastal risks and improve resiliency though an integrated approach that draws from the full array of coastal risk reduction measures.

Structural Methods for Controlling Coastal Erosion- NY Sea Grant
This Information Bulletin is intended to give coastal landowners, developers, and government officials a means to determine what erosion control alternative might be applicable to specific situations. Information is presented on planning and designing coastal erosion control projects, materials used for such construction, which alternatives are suitable for general types of coastal land forms, and which are compatible with general categories of shoreline use.

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Engineering With Nature; An Overview- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
The Engineering With Nature Program enables more sustainable delivery of economic, social, and environmental benefits associated with water resources infrastructure. Engineering With Nature directly supports U.S. Army Corps of Engineers "Sustainable Solutions to America's Water Resources Needs: Civil Works Strategic Plan 2011 - 2015" and contributes to the achievement of its Civil Works Mission and Goals.

Lake Ontario Coastal Initiative Action Agenda
The Action Agenda is intended to complement and enhance ongoing international, federal and state programs. The Action Agenda proposes remediation and restoration through collaborative practices and programs directed toward the sources of point and non-point impairments—inadequate septic systems; sewage treatment plant and combined sewer effluent; agricultural, urban and road run-off; toxic contaminants; erosion and sedimentation—and mitigation of impairments such as algae blooms, weeds, turbidity and habitat destruction.

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Coastal Consistency Concurrence- New York State Department of State
An applicant, seeking a permit, license, waiver, certification or similar type of approval from a federal agency which is subject to the New York State Coastal Management Program (CMP), shall complete this assessment form for any proposed activity that will occur within and/or directly affect the State's Coastal Area.

Coastal Erosion Management Permit Program- New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
The Coastal Erosion Management Permit is the written approval required to undertake any regulated activity within Coastal Erosion Hazard Areas as shown on the official Coastal Erosion Hazard Area Maps issued by DEC.

General List of Permits: Waterways, Coastlines, and Wetlands Permits- New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Waterways, coastlines and wetlands are related resources. Projects in these areas might require multiple DEC permits. This General List of Permits includes tables to determine your permit needs, and see additional information on application procedures, application forms, and contacts for assistance.

Protection of Waterways Program- New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
The policy of New York State; set forth in the Environmental Conservation Law, is to preserve and protect these lakes, rivers, streams and ponds. To implement this policy, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation created the Protection of Waters Regulatory Program to prevent undesirable activities on water bodies by establishing and enforcing regulations.

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