New York Coastlines, Summer 2010
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Under the Microscope with VHS More>
A NYSG-funded researcher investigates ways to prevent and contain this serious fish pathogen, which causes hemorrhaging, anemia and other signs of illness, has been identified in 28 freshwater fish species in the Great Lakes Basin.

Jellies with an Appetite for Clams More>
Researchers at Stony Brook University are examining the rates at which comb jellies (the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi) feed on the larvae of bivalves in Long Island estuaries. Could these gelatinous predators negatively impact efforts to restore important commercial bivalve species like hard clams?

Online Training Ensures Seafood Safety More>
Ken Gall, New York Sea Grant’s seafood safety specialist, collaborates with businesses, regulatory agencies, the national Sea Grant network and universities to conduct on-site and distance education training programs and workshops to assist the seafood industry in its pursuit of freshness and quality.

Flat Fish, a Flatter Population: How Genetic Tools Help Management More>
Current winter flounder populations in our region, from Maine to the mid-Atlantic, are now at or near all-time lows of abundance when once they were a very common bottom-dwelling fish. An NYSG-funded researcher is using two state-of-the-art genetic approaches to help efficiently manage this economically significant species.

Western New York News More>
The ‘State of the Lake’ is one of the most important programs in New York State concerning the continued well being of Lake Erie. NYSG's Helen Domske helps coordinate the event, which, as Assemblyman Jack Quinn point out, “brings a variety of stakeholders each year, from anglers to biologists, under one roof for up-to-date reports on ecological information, current initiatives, and future plans."

NYSG Partners to Re-launch, Manage NYSMEA Web Site More>
This past spring, NYSG partnered with the New York State Marine Education Association to re-launch the Association’s Web site, a benefit to educators from all levels.

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