New York Coastlines, Spring 2011
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Heavy Metal in the Food Chain More>
A research team from the College of Staten Island led by Dr. William G. Wallace and Sea Grant Scholar Daisuke Goto examine how metals move up the trophic levels of a food chain and effect aquatic predator and prey species.

Bunting-Howarth Becomes New York Sea Grant Associate Director More>
In early April, Katherine Bunting-Howarth, Ph.D., J.D., began her dual role as both New York Sea Grant Associate Director and Assistant Director for Cornell Cooperative Extension—Coastal Programs.

Discover Clean & Safe Boating Campaign a Hit with Industry More>
Helping boaters and watercraft users learn what they need to legally, safely and cleanly boat on New York waters is the mission of the Discover Clean & Safe Boating campaign.

A New Role for 30–Year Veteran O’Neill More>
In his new role as Coordinator of Extension Invasive Species Programs, NYSG Veteran Chuck O’Neill directs the New York Invasive Species Clearinghouse (NYIS.INFO) and coordinates the Cornell Cooperative Extension Statewide Invasive Species Extension Program.

Invasives to Watch More>
Back in 2001 for New York Sea Grant’s 30th anniversary, we asked Chuck O’Neill to compile a list of “30 Invasive Species to Watch.” Now, ten years later, we asked him what new invasive species are the ones to watch now?

Dose of Reality: Sea Grant Educates on Unwanted Meds More>
NYSG has partnered with the Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant programs to help consumers act to keep unwanted medications and chemicals out of the Great Lakes.

Penney Named Coastal Community Development Specialist More>
Using a community-driven needs assessment survey  approach, NYSG's Mary Penney identifies and responds to priority issues of decisionmakers for the Eastern Lake Ontario region and its tributaries, including the Salmon River.

Web Extras ...

Eastern Lake Ontario Dunes and Wetlands Fact Sheet Series More>
This series of eight fact sheets produced by New York Sea Grant focuses on the various components of the Eastern Lake Ontario Dunes and Wetlands Area.

Nearly $2.5 Million for New York Sea Grant in 2011 More>
NYSG received a grant totaling $2.449 million in fiscal year 2011 to fund its research, extension and education efforts on important coastal issues in fisheries, coastal marine habitats, coastal flooding, among others.

NYSG's NY Coastlines Wins an ACE Award More>
NYSG has won a Gold Award for New York Coastlines in the 2011 ACE Critique and Awards Program in the category for writing with a specialized publication.

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