New York Coastlines, Fall 2012
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Feature stories (including any Web Extras) in this issue include:

Are Birds Singing a Different Tune? More>
Investigators of a NYSG-funded project examined the birdsong of several songbirds common to New York State as an indicator of effects of exposure to sublethal levels of contaminants such as PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) in the environment.

NYSG at the Forefront of First Annual Long Island Green Infrastructure Conference More>
NYSG was one of several cosponsors of this event, at which municipal officials and engineers, planners, consultants, property owners, landscape architects, and business leaders were provided with information on how green infrastructure can be an effective means of protecting Long Island’s valuable groundwater and coastal resources.

Sea Grant Helps Cornell Document Change, Develop Educational Curricula for NYC Sites More>
Since 2008, Cornell Institute for Resource Information Sciences and NYSG have been developing stewardship education materials to help educators better understand and teach students about coastal change over time in our NY-NJ Harbor-Hudson region’s urban coast and the resulting impacts to its coastal environments.

Stony Brook University Hosts 5th Annual NYMSC Research Symposium More>
The New York Marine Sciences Consortium (NYMSC) met for its Annual Conference in order to review the research priorities for implementing ecosystem-based management in the New York Bight.

New Great Lakes Coastal Stewardship How-To Resources More>
NYSG’s new Great Lakes coastal stewardship how-to resources focus on slowing the spread of aquatic invasive species in New York State.

WWWhat's Trending: Scientists Go ‘Social’ with Sandy More>
Before, during and after landfall of Sandy in late October, NYSG-funded Stony Brook University School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences researchers kept close tabs on the storm.

WWWhat's Trending: Community Supported Fisheries Concept Simmers More>
NYSG partnered with Cornell Cooperative Extension and others for a couple of unique cooking competitions that showcase the importance of local seafood in restoring a healthy ocean ecosystem.

WWWhat's Trending: Currents, NYSG’s E-Newsletter, Makes Waves More>
Keep up with New York Sea Grant by joining our E-mail list for New York Coastlines, our flagship coastal science newsletter, and/or Currents, our e-supplement featuring additional program news and events. Both NY Coastlines and Currents will be e-distributed 3-4 times a year.

Web Extras for this issue include:
  • Seafood is Healthy Food, Researchers Say More>

  • NYSG Shares Resources, Offers Educational Opportunities at NY Metro Fall Festivals More>

  • September 29th National Take Back Day: You Can Help Keep Drugs Out of Great Lakes More>

  • On Air: College students help fight invasive species More>

  • Great Lakes Underwater Presents Historic Weather, Shipwrecks, Scuba & Paddlers Program September 8, 2012 More>

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