New York Coastlines, Fall 2009
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Feature stories (including any Web Extras) in this issue include:

  • Exploring the Hudson More>
    Throughout a large part of the year, especially in the summer and fall months, Hudson River Valley (HRV) residents and tourists are, as a new New York Sea Grant publication confirms, out kayaking, windsurfing, motor boating, fishing and even swimming along New York’s most famous river.

  • Harmful Algal Blooms Plague Long Island Waters More>
    Find out the difference among the recent Harmful algal blooms (HABs) in New York waters. HABs, which have increased in frequency, duration, and distribution in recent decades, are a worldwide phenomenon posing a significant threat to fisheries, public health, and economies.

  • Stewards Have Gone Bloggin' More>
    For the first time this past summer, the Eastern Lake Ontario Dune and Salmon River Stewards began regularly documenting their experiences in an interactive blog, continuing their efforts to educate the public about the value and proper recreational use of the area’s vital environmental resources.

  • An Acronym by Any Other Name
    An acronym is an abbreviation formed using the initial components of a name. New York Sea Grant partners with many organizations on our research and extension projects, most of them referred to by their acronyms. Here’s a brief update of some of those projects - and what all those initials stand for.

    • Upcoming events for COSEE (Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence) More>

    • ECWS (East Coast Winter Storms) More>

    • I FISH NY staff discuss the value of new lesson plans and activities for teachers More>

    • MADL (Marine Animal Disease Laboratory)  More>

      In other MADL News:

      Stony Brook Researchers Examine Wasting Disease in Striped Bass More>

      Stony Brook Researchers Gain Insight into Lobster Shell Disease More>

    • NYIS Info (The New York Invasive Species Information Clearinghouse) ... and its "go to" Web site More>

    • NYMSC (New York Marine Sciences Consortium)): Follow-up from their annual Fall meeting  More>

    • What's New with NYSMEA (New York State Marine Education Association) More>

  • New Research, Education Addresses VHS in Great Lakes Fish More>
    In a newly-funded two year NYSG study, Drs. Paul Bowser and James Casey are examining the transmission process of VHSV, the virus that causes Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia, a fish disease that has been found in a wide diversity of species in the Great Lakes Basin. The goal is so that better bio-safety protocols and decontamination methods can be developed.

  • Seafood Corner: Two Cousins' Seafood Stew (with Golden Tilefish, or other firm, white fish) (pdf)
    Tilefish from New York is safe and nutritious to eat.

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