Marine Fisheries Resource Center
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Fishing Knots and Hooks (click here)
Knots are important details in fishing and they serve different purposes. Learn when should you use a Blood Knot as opposed to a Surgeon's Knot and read up on some rules to remember when tying them. Also, when it comes to hooks, did you know they should be matched to the jaws they will encounter and that the angler should anticipate the type of battle that will ensue?

Releasing Fish (click here)
Find out about the "catch and release" process, how to avoid hooking mortality when practicing it, and recommendations for releasing fish.

Ethical Angler (click here)
Tips on "angling ettiquette" ... insights into interacting with industry resources as well as other anglers

Resources (click here)
A list of reading materials used to prepare the Angler’s Resource Kit.

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