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Marine and Coastal District Small Grants Program

Updated: November 2019

Welcome to the Marine and Coastal District Small Grants Program resource page, where you will find information to assist with reporting and conducting your field project. 

In this section, you will find the following information:

1. 2019 Guidance Webinar 

a. Main Presentation (PDF)
b. Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
c. Please contact the following staff is you have questions about your award:

Nancy Jones (nj82@cornell.edu)
Antoinette Clemetson (aoc5@cornell.edu)

2. Forms & Templates

a. Interim Progress/Completion Report (DOCX)
b. Project Summary (PDF)
c. Financial Disclosure (XLS)
d. Model Photo Release (PDF)
e. Event Photo Release Sign (PDF)

3. Graphics

a. Marine and Coastal District License Plate Image (JPG)
b. NYS Department of Environmental Conservation logo (JPG)
c. NY Sea Grant logo (JPG)

4. Other

a. Approved Language (PDF)
b. URLs (DMV, Facebook)

License Plate
MCD License Plate available on DMV webpage
Remember to look for the Montauk Lighthouse to avoid confusion with the other striped bass license plate

Social Media
MCD Small Grants Program official Facebook page

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