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In this setting of Long Island's bays and inlets, you'll see a dense profusion of marine flora and fauna that could be found along any number of saltwater inlets. Here, microscopic marine plankton form the basis of the food chains that once again lead to big fish eating little fish. But this time many of the shelled invertebrates pictured are not invasive nuisances as pictured in the Great Lakes illustration (click here), but commercially viable species.

To identify the species in this poster, click on the image  below of the key. It will provide you with a numbered list of identified species.

The diversity of the biota and habitat illustrated here is reflected in New York Sea Grant’s research, outreach and education over the last few decades. Some focus topics are related to the biota large and small: from fisheries and shellfisheries — their health, ecology, management and economics — to harmful algal blooms, especially brown tide. Other research projects have focused on the environment itself. Our bays, inlets, and barrier beaches are shaped by the forces of nature leading to the study of coastal processes, sediment dynamics, erosion, and climate variability. Still other topics stem from the impacts of a large human population along a dynamic marine coast: toxicity, environmental stress and nonpoint source pollution.

Poster ordering information
Great Lakes and Long Island Bays food web posters. Two separate 24" X 36" fullcolor illustrated posters with identification keys. Individual poster: $5; one of each: $8. Posters shipped in mailing tube. CD with both images (pdf) to print out 11" x 17": $8. CD and both posters: $15. Call  NYSG Communications at 631.632.9124 for discounts on multiple posters.

About the artist
Jan C. Porinchak comes from a family of artists and art educators and is himself an art teacher on Long Island. In this poster, his detailed work illustrates the exquisite intricacy of such subjects as the flora and fauna of Long Island's bays. An avid outdoorsman and naturalist on Long Island, he also enjoys fishing in the Great Lakes.

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