Teachers / Educators Information: In-Class Lesson Plans

Lessons and activities for a formal classroom setting.

Elementary Grades 3-5

Food Web

Food Web Background (pdf)
Food Web Lesson Plan (pdf)


  • Food Web Saltwater Organism ID Cards  (pdf)
  • Food Web Freshwater Organism ID Cards (pdf)

Post Activity:

  • Food Web Worksheet-Freshwater (pdf)
  • Food Web Worksheet-Saltwater (pdf)

Freshwater Classification

Freshwater Classification Background (pdf)
Freshwater Classification Lesson Plan (pdf)


  • Freshwater Classification Worksheet (pdf)
  • FW Macro ID Worksheet (pdf)
  • Dichotomous Classification Key: Life in River (pdf)


  • Freshwater Fish Wordfind-Easy (pdf) answers (pdf)

Form and Function 

Form and Function Background (pdf)
Form and Function Lesson Plan (pdf)


  • Form and Function: Fish Anatomy Worksheet (pdf)
  • Form and Function: Fish Parts Worksheet (pdf)
  • Form and Function: Fish Planets Worksheet (pdf)


  • External Anatomy Wordfind-Easy (pdf) answers (pdf)

Go Fish!

Anatomy and Go Fish! Background (pdf)
Anatomy and Go Fish! Lesson Plan (pdf)


  • Anatomy and Go Fish! Cards (pdf)
  • Anatomy and Go Fish! Lemon Fish Worksheet (pdf)


  • Family Matching Worksheet (pdf) answers (pdf)

Middle Grades 6-8

Fish Dissection

Fish Dissection Background (pdf)
Fish Dissection Lesson Plan (pdf)
Fish Dissection PowerPoint (pdf)

Post Activity:

  • Internal Anatomy Crossword Puzzle (pdf) answers (pdf
  • Fish Dissection Worksheet (pdf)

Food Web/Bioaccumulation

Food Web/Bioaccumulation Background (pdf)
Food Web/Bioaccumulation Lesson Plan (pdf)


  • Food Web/Bioaccumulation FW life cards (pdf)
  • Food Web/Bioaccumulation SW life cards (pdf)

Post Activity:

  • Food Web Crossword Puzzle (pdf) answers (pdf
  • Food Web/Bioaccumulation Worksheet (pdf)

Form and Function/Adaptation

Form and Function/Adaptation Background (pdf)
Form and Function/Adaptation Lesson Plan (pdf)


  • Form and Function/Adaptation Worksheet (pdf)


  • External Anatomy Wordfind-Hard (pdf) answers (pdf)

High School Grades 9-12

Invasive Investigators

Invasive Investigators Background (pdf)
Invasive Investigators Lesson Plan (pdf)
Invasive Species PowerPoint Presentation (pdf)


  • Invasive Investigators Game Board (pdf)
  • Invasive Investigators Playing Pieces Images (pdf)
  • Invasive Investigators Playing Card Images (pdf)


  • Most Wanted Posters (pdf)
  • Eurasian Watermilfoil Worksheet (pdf)

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