Programs: New York City


Classroom visits are accompanied by a fishing trip at a later date.

Classroom Visits

In New York City, I FISH NY programs are offered free to schools in any borough from grades 3 and up. Classroom visits take place during the school year. In two 45-minute sessions, students receive instruction on fish biology and aquatic ecology. Subject matter can be adjusted according to the needs and ability of the class.

Topics covered for elementary school students may include:

  • Fish anatomy
  • Aquatic food webs
  • Local species
  • Wetlands

Topics covered for middle and high school students may include:

  • Fisheries management
  • Population sampling
  • Safety of consuming local fish
  • Invasive species

Fishing Trips

Trips are normally held at the water body closest to the school. I FISH NY provides rods, tackle, and bait. Fishing trips are subject to availability. Please schedule early!


I FISH NY Policies

  • Schools must provide adult chaperones for the trip. The ideal adult to student ratio, including teachers and parents is 1:5. Adults are expected to provide assistance to students during the trip, not to fish themselves.
  • Schools must arrange transportation to and from the fishing site. Most sites are accessible by subway.
  • Fishing events are held in light rain or shine. Trips are only cancelled due to severe weather conditions. Unfortunately, due to scheduling restrictions, rain dates are not possible.
  • I FISH NY reserves the right to cancel fishing trips based on in-class student conduct.


Professional Development

I FISH NY staff is available for professional development for groups of 10 or more. Educators can learn about local fish biology and aquatic ecology, as well as how to incorporate these concepts in the classroom. Please call for more information on scheduling a class. (click here)


Out-of-Class Programs

Fishing Clinics

I FISH NY offers free fishing clinics to the public. Sometimes we coordinate with other local environmental organizations. Clinics involve an educational component, followed by fishing instruction. Check out our events section for more details.  (click here)


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you actually catch fish?
Yes. Contrary to popular belief, the rivers, lakes, and ponds of New York City are home to healthy fish populations. However, fishing success depends on many factors such as weather, water temperature, and tides. Not every student will catch a fish, but most classes will catch at least a few.

Do I have to be a science teacher?
No. While science class is usually the most appropriate setting, we have taken many other types of classes fishing.

What does it cost?
I FISH NY in New York City is offered completely free!

Can we take the fish home?
No. We always practice catch-and-release fishing at our events. Returning the fish to the water helps preserve healthy fish populations.

Can other teachers at my school participate?
Yes. Schools must have at least two interested classes of the same grade in order to participate. Please share this with your colleagues so they too can take advantage of this free program.

Will we be on a boat?
No. All our fishing is done from shore.

I am not part of an organized group. Can I still go fishing with you?
Yes. Throughout the year, I FISH NY offers fishing events that are free and open to the public. Please check the list of upcoming events. (click here)

Are there other organizations that offer free fishing to individuals?
Yes, check 'Related Sites: Other Fishing Opportunities' for more resources. (click here)

Is I FISH NY available in other parts of the state?
Yes, check Contact Info from our home page. (click here)

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